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October 20th 2013
Published: October 20th 2013
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We had a wonderful stop two days ago on the island of Druvani, Fiji. Only 150 people, white sand beaches and a wonderful warm, clear blue-green water day. We just tendered ashore, had a stroll around in the morning and then went back to the ship for lunch. In the afternoon, we returned to buy some of very special forks they used to use on very special dinners (think Alferd Packer) and found some. We'll see if we have problems getting them back home though - Australia and New Zealand are very stringent in their rules on bringing organic material into their countries, so we have to have them vetted on the ship. Hope it works. Anyway, also had a tour of the little three-room school and a wonderful talk with the kindergarten teacher. The kids all live on the island - not ferried over from others in the area. Great day!

Next day we were in Suva, the capital of Fiji, and we had a longboat ride and visit to a native village where we had lunch (we did not have to use our special forks!) and drank Kava, the traditional drink of Fiji. It has a reputation for being a mild anesthetic and anti-depressant. It didn't taste bad, kind of blah, but my tongue did go a little numb for a few minutes (because I had only a small portion).

We got soaked on the longboat ride - hit several patches of white water and they love to go fast through those areas - everything was soaked and then it also rained on us as we were going to the waterfall and pool where we could have had a swim. Honestly, I felt like I'd already done my fair share of absorbing Fijian waters!

Today is another relaxing day at sea. Walt and I were laughing over people around who are starting to get testy with each other due to long days in tight quarters - so we had a squabble over the laundry! Mind what you laugh at.

Tomorrow is Vanuatu - very different from Samoa and Fiji. We're looking forward to our tour around the entire island.

More later!


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