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Oceania » Fiji » Denarau September 9th 2010

We stayed anchored off the Royal Suva Yacht Club till Saturday arvo on 28th. After a last visit to a supermarket, the fresh veggie market and a petrol station for more engine oil for Hakura, we were ready to head out of Suva Harbour. One slight problem, it was going to take 6 hours motoring to get to Beqa Island and we had less than 6 hours day light left, so we headed to the Bay of Islands (the site of the former “Tradewinds” Hotel) for the night and then an early start on Sunday for Beqa. We arrived in the Bay of Islands about 1500 and were able to pick up a mooring for night. Motored out of Suva Harbour heading south to Beqa Island, leaving at 0750, 29 August. Arrived off Lawaki Beach House ... read more
Lawaki Beach House, Beqa
Pancakes at Lawaki Beach House on Beqa
Doug & his mate

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau August 2nd 2010

It's my second day in Fiji aboard Bold Spirit and oh boy, I'm exhausted! Boat life is tough! Today we worked on getting the boat ready to sail. As in I scrubbed and rinsed the deck, getting all the mold off the 'teak' while Kathi cleaned the 'head' and Jeff worked on mechanical things. Quite a change up from yesterday which involved hanging out on the boat while my room was cleaned out and all the items were stuffed into other cubby holes. It really is nice to have my own 'cabin.' I can tell already this trip will be fantastic! This morning Kathi and I caught a taxi into town ($2 FJ) then walked to the market and bulked up on fruit and vegetables: carrots, lettuce, ginger, tomato's, lime, banana, papaya all for only $20 ... read more
Earning my keep
My own personal cabin

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 21st 2009

OK, we were in Fiji for 2 weeks, however, it was not quite what we thought (read in to that “not impressed“). So I’m not going to regurgitate the day to day stuff that we did but instead, just put a few photo’s up for your perusal (however, if you're on facebook, you'd have already seen these). ... read more
The Pool at Night
Paul chilling
The Bula Man

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau November 2nd 2008

Pacific Airways FJ 930 to Nadi from Melbourne. FINALLY we take off. The overlyloud aircraft music was all harmonised lilting voices and plucked polynesian ukuleles, flight attendants had cream frangipanis tucked behind their ears, drinks were plentiful and multicoloured - it was South Pacific HolidayVibe overkill. Wasn't Halloween a couple of days ago already?? This was just scary! - in a charming twilight zone sort of way ... It's past midnight, I smell of airport, am jetlagged and sleep deprived, still tightly wound from arranging hectic schedules in my absence back home... Ok - deep breaths - 4 counts in, hold for 6, 7 counts out... Fiji Beach Resort & Spa on Denarau Island just off Viti Levu is operated by the Hilton Group. It reminds me a lot of the old Hilton Beach Club in ... read more
Fiji Hilton Beach Resort
Off To See The Amazing Technicolour Dreamfish
Ellington Wharf :)

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau November 1st 2008

We arrived on the mainland Fiji on October 31. It was so sad to leave the place. For my birthday, Jeff got us a couples massage on the beach. It was such a nice way to end our stay there. We took an hour long boat ride from the island to Port Denarau. What a difference! The pace here is much more like the city life. As we boarded the bus to take us to our hotel, we couldn't help but notice there were more people on the bus than we had seen on Matamanoa all week! We were definitely spoiled in our little paradise. We took a taxi from our hotel to the downtown area, which is just 1 main street so it's hard to get lost. There are many shops there and the taxi ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau October 28th 2008

‘Bula’ everyone. This saying is used frequently throughout the Fiji isles to say ‘hello’. The people have been extremely friendly and seem genuinely pleased to meet us. Fiji has been wonderful. It really is quite an idyllic island (despite having hosted ‘Celebrity Love Island’ on one its 350+ islands). Needless to say we did very little here - just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine on ‘Fiji time’ (another local saying). We thought the words of the Morecambe and Wise song ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ summed up Fiji for us (for those youngsters among us, I suggest you ask your parents to sing the song to you - they’ll definitely know it!). Bring me Sunshine, in your smile, Bring me Laughter, all the while, In this world where we live, there should be more happiness, So much joy ... read more
View from room 2
View from room at dusk
View from pool 1

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau August 19th 2008

BULA! As they say in Fiji, not only does this mean hello but seems to encompass all that Fiji stands for; joy, excitement, surprise but most of all happiness something that Fijians seem to have in abundence. Fiji is definitely the most welcoming country I have ever been too. The flight from LA to Fiji was probably the worst I have ever been on. I later found out from an English guy that lives over here that the Air Pacific planes we traveled on were old Singapore Airline Boeing 747's that had clocked up too many miles so they decided to sell them off cheap to Air Pacific! Cant complain too much, we did make it here in one piece! At the airport we met two girls from Birmingham (Rachel & Kerry) who had been staying ... read more
Dragged up to Dance
El Grace & the Sligo lads

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 13th 2008

Wow, time has slipped by so fast we haven’t had a chance to do more of our blog but here it is - better late than never: 14th June. Our trip by train was very long, approximately 7 hours, but we had some interesting company, with 2 people from Columbia, who had just got off a cruise ship, in our train compartment. At their home in Columbia they have maids and a chauffer and while they have being cruising they have a taxi driver for the day when they have time in each port. We don’t hold that against them. They were a very nice and an interesting couple who provided us with some good info for our journey. On arrival in Munich or Munchen in Germany, and completely different in Italian (Monaco di Baveria)! This ... read more
Venice to Munich by train
Munich (Germany)
Munich (Germany)

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau April 4th 2008

A much needed short getaway to Fiji before our around the world trip in July, we decided to escape for 5 days at Sonaisali Resort. Arriving late and departing early we wanted to keep it close to the mainland, yet have a part luxury and 'traditional' experience. Tash had visited fiji in November with a Flight Centre Conference, but the last time i stepped onto Fiji soil was 15yrs ago! Phew time does fly when your getting old! We also took Tash's little brother Greg, his first trip out of NZ and we all had a real blast hanging out. Sonaisali Reost did really look after us, Tash being an agent maybe helped, but either way is was nice to be treated a little special. We arrived to find we had been given a free upgrade ... read more
Beachfront Bure
Sailing Fijian Style!
Beachfront Spa Bure

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau March 5th 2008

Here are the final pictures from Fiji - apparently you can only upload 50 at a time - think I took too many? Lol. ... read more
Sheraton Fiji Resort 10
Sheraton Fiji Resort 2
Sheraton Fiji Resort 3

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