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Oceania » Fiji » Denarau March 5th 2008

Here are those Fiji and Travel pics I've been promising :)... read more
Bulla Bus
Crabs on Island Walk
Palm Tree

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau February 28th 2008

Amazingly enough all of our flights yesterday left on time - we flew from Toronto to Detroit to LA to Fiji, clocking in about eighteen hours in the air (with plenty of time waiting in airports in between). I think Jason enjoyed his first commercial flight experience - although much preferred the shorter two flights! We arrived in Nadi, Fiji at 5am on February 28 (losing Wednesday February 27 entirely in our travels). Our hotel was about a 20 minute cab ride from the airport, and it’s very much a tropical paradise. We can even see the ocean from the back porch of our room. The temperatures are lovely - particularly compared to the snowstorm we left behind in Canada. We’re hoping to avoid the sun in the peak hours today as even the 9am sun ... read more
Monorail at Detroit Airport
Air Pacific Plane
Breakfast in Fiji on Feb 28

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau October 18th 2007

Think this has to be the friendliest place in the world! The people here are lovely and have genuine smiles and welcomes for the masses of tourists who pour into their laidback way of life. We stopped here for 5 days as we had to change planes here anyway en route to LA and as it only cost a few bucks more to stay we thought it'd be rude not to! We also thought that after 3 weeks in a campervan in NZ we would probably want a few days just chilling in the sunshine, and would you believe, we were right! Just what the doctor ordered. We also needed to get a bit of a tan before going home showing the effects of a down-under winter (not quite as blue as a Scottish winter would ... read more
A Fijian telephone
The fire lighting crew
A firelighter on duty

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 24th 2007

Bula from a far-away place called Fiji- Unlike other blogs some of you may have been reading recently, our flights were on time, we made our connections and our luggage found us when it should. So much for the travel part. There were, however, a few interesting sidelights to our trip over. When we got our boarding passes for the long flight from LA, we did not have seats in row 32, 45, 57, but 69! A negative being our seats did not go back very much, which didn’t stop the people in front of us doing so, making for less than ideal sleeping conditions. A positive was that we earned a few coins as bathroom attendants as we had adjoining walls. On our first flight, the movie was “Blades of Glory”, which should not be ... read more
First journey
Highspeed Catamaran

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau June 9th 2007

hello all and a warm welcome to the latest entry on my blog, the site that critics are calling the second most popular blog site only just behind but anyway i digress as i have some explaining to do and it gets a bit complicated. now despite the title i am actually currently in Philadelphia about 5,000 miles from Fiji. It is a measure of how busy i have been and also to be fair how lazy i have been that this has been the first chance i have had to update you all on whats been happening. and also i am currently in the city library of Philadelphia and you only get 30 mins free inet. ne way il fill you in with as much info as poss and the rest will have to ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau March 10th 2007

01/03/07 - 10/03/07 After our whistle-stop adventure tour of New Zealand, we were looking forward to some serious relaxing in Fiji - most of our time was spent relaxing by the pool, looking out over the beach, or playing table tennis or volleyball. Unfortunately this plan was partly scuppered by it being the rainy season, so occasionally we had to abandon the sun deck and run for cover as the torrential rains hit us. We took a local bus into Nadi Town and another into the village of Sigatoka to see the real Fiji outside of the resort complex. As usual we had to dodge the raindrops and waited at the bus station for the rain to subside before heading out round the market and shops. In the market we bought some fruit - mini bananas ... read more
Paint splashed girl
From the back of the bus

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau February 2nd 2007

Hi all, We stayed at Beachcomber Island on 2nd and 3rd. Must admit we were very dissapointed. It's a real backpackers place with the operators packing them in in 90 bed dorms. We paid $391 per night for a private bure on the opposite side of the island (can get quite noisy at night otherwise). It was OK, but for the money we expected alot more. And then they had the cheek to charge $7 for every 15 minutes on the internet as well as $7 to rent out a sun lounger to lie on the beach. The beach itself is sharp sand with lots of broken shells and coral underfoot so its not that nice. The water looked rough and choppy on the two days we were there so that wrote of snorkelling too. My ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau January 31st 2007

Serenity can be found on a raft under the sun just off the shore of the Pacific. That’s exactly how I decided to spend my last day in Fiji…The Truth, however, lies in a bottle of Absolut purchased from Duty-free... 3-1-1. Three ounces per container max, one quart Zip-lock, one Zip-lock per person. Unfortunately, the bottle of Vodka Gene and I procured at the airport in Fiji upon our arrival was certainly not going to pass security on our way out of the country. Hence, what better to do than share it with new friends on our last night at the resort. Dave and Haley (just engaged), Heidi and Joel (on a belated honeymoon), Judith (a German traveling solo for one year), Tui (a native employee) and the Dutch (whose names I cannot recall), joined around ... read more
Absolut pose!
Strike a pose
Absolut Gina!

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau January 27th 2007

We departed Rarotonga at 11:40PM on Friday, January 26, 2007 - neither of us happy to be moving on. After all, the Cook Islands had spoiled us after our debacle in Tahiti and we were hesitant to let paradise slip through our fingers. Gina dug in her bag and found an Ambien for us to split. We gulped down some water, slid our sleeping masks down and fell into a slumber for the four hour flight to Nadi, Fiji. As the plane powered Westward over a calm Pacific evening, the one hundred odd passengers aboard experienced the least stressful day of their lives. Our newly painted 737 silently crossed an invisible line on the planet known as the International Date Line and like that, January 27, 2007 expired before it even began - we had stepped ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau May 16th 2006

At Easter, we took advantage of those amazing airfare deals with Pacific Blue to take a family holiday in Fiji. Because we saved a bundle on the airfare we decided to check-out the new Sofitel on Denarau, 10 minutes from Nadi. Being brand new, everything was in good shape. We had a family room, which has a seperate section for the kids. In their room there was a bunkbed and a Play Station. In our room was the TV and a Queen-size bed. We all loved the pool which is huge. The kids particularly enjoyed the waterslide. On Denarau (which is an island connected to the mainland by a causeway), there is a free shuttlebus that runs between all the resorts and the marina. At the marina is a small restaurant called Cardos. Near the entrance ... read more

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