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June 9th 2007
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hello all and a warm welcome to the latest entry on my blog, the site that critics are calling the second most popular blog site only just behind keepparishiltoninjail.com. but anyway i digress as i have some explaining to do and it gets a bit complicated. now despite the title i am actually currently in Philadelphia about 5,000 miles from Fiji. It is a measure of how busy i have been and also to be fair how lazy i have been that this has been the first chance i have had to update you all on whats been happening. and also i am currently in the city library of Philadelphia and you only get 30 mins free inet. ne way il fill you in with as much info as poss and the rest will have to wait for another time.
So anyway it all transpired that myself and Gaz left NZ and boarded our flight to suny Fiji, the flight was most notable for the fact that the stewardessess kept plying us with alcohol for the entire flight, not that i was complaining of course. it got to the stage that as soon as the empty can as placed on your tray table a fresh one waas waiting for you, now thats what i call service.
Upon arrival and meeting up once again with Josh we decided that we were gonna stay at our resort hotel for the duratuion of our time (6days). this was mainly due to the boys lack of money and the fact our resort was beachside, hasd a great pool, top food and everything you could want. so the 6 days were spent lounging around relaxing and vainly attempting to turn our pasty white bodies into something resembling a tan. needless to say we all ended up looking like lobsters. when not broiling in the sun we took it upon ourselves to cause as much havoc and mayhem in the resort pool and genuinely annoy as many of the other guests as possible. just imagine yourself enjoying a cocktail as you watch the sun go down and then yo get hit by a wet volleyball, and a pasty englishman approaches uttering the immortal words of "please can we have our ball back". Its fair to say we were very popular.
So good times were had in Fiji and i can definitely recommend a visit to enjoy the traditional Fijian drink called Kava that despite tasting like bacteria infested water is the Fijian way of welcoming you into their community.
But anyway myself and Gary left Fiji and Josh for that matter, who had 4 more days there and flew to L.A. Sadly that story will have to wait for another time as my time is running out, and the security guard is eyeing me suspiciously as my phone just rang with my Thundercats ring tone blaring for all to here. whoops a daisy.
I promise i will update you all on my American adventures asap and all the new photos will be put up on the site as soon as Josh puts the on his and i can steal them.
Take care all


10th June 2007

Kiwi racism
You went eaten then? They still do that in the islands you know. Eat a white mans heart and it makes u a god. True story
11th June 2007

The Home Comming
The Grass Awaits, .......Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday next, enjoy NY.

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