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Oceania » Fiji » Denarau October 13th 2015

Inno is about as stereotypical as a Fijian can get. Substantial in size, loveable, a broad grin tattooed on the front of his melon and if any more laidback he’d be comatose. Inno’s job was ostensibly to mow the lawns of a little resort in Fiji’s Muscat Cove. Whipper-snipper in hand, he would loll around the grounds, regularly stopping to chat with guests, disappear for the occasional nap and every now and then he would even get around to cutting some grass. Watching Inno one day actually carrying out his job description, he came across a lone coconut in the middle of the lawn. You could almost see the cogs turning inside his head as to what might be the most energy-conservative action to take. He could have bent over, picked up the offending coconut and ... read more
And again
Muscat Cove
Tropical layers

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau April 7th 2013

First blog entry! Internet is limited here on Fiji, but wanted to just put something out. Went out on a 2 dive trip to South Sea Island. Really nice! Diving in 82 degree water sure is the best... First time in warm water diving. No wet suit needed! Great experience. Jim and I were going to do another 2 dives this morning, but when we got to the place in Moni, the boat wouldn't start. Boo! So unfortunately no more diving for me in Fiji, as my flight to Melbourne leaves tomorrow at 5:30pm. So today is probably gonna be hitting some inland stuff. A hike would be nice... Well, off to some adventures!... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau September 5th 2012

Fiji. My home away from home. Ok so my first trip there last year i was there a whole of 6 nights. But that is all it took for me to fall in love. I fell in love with the culture, the beautiful blue waters and greenery, and most of all, the people. I have been to Samoa once before and as much as i loved it, it didn't leave such an impact. I remember boarding the flight back to Australia with my two friends. As much as they loved their holiday, all they could talk about was how excited they were to get back home. Me on the other hand, i couldn't help but feel as though i shouldn't be leaving. I felt something, i don't know what, in the pit of my stomach as ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau August 8th 2012

Nous avons pris un bateau depuis le port de Denarau pour nous rendre sur un ilôt paradisiaque pour quelques jours. L'ilôt était magnifique, les chambres un peu roots mais nous avons réussi à nous reposer un peu malgré les nombreux jeunes Néo-zellandais venu fêter la fin de leur semestre.... read more
Sur le bateau

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 23rd 2012

Fiji continued, this entry is based on the trip report I wrote for the 4wd club. Adrenaline junkie A nice easy start to the day, everyone being a little tired from the long day of travel yesterday. A hearty breakfast was taken in the open air tropical surrounds of our environment, but it was soon time to get down to the business of the day and that was to find sunbeds for 10, the biggest decision being which pool to sit next to as the choices were endless, the final decision was based on the one with the least number of children. It was clear that not having access to a 4wd over here was not going to deter anyone’s fun, investigations took place into some ... read more
One of the Swimming Pools
Bridge over the Pool
Another Swimming Pool

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau July 21st 2012

Finally the long awaited 4wd club girls trip to Fiji, when I say long awaited, we only planned it a few months ago, but all 10 of us were very eager to get there. Various methods of travel, trains, coaches, planes and cars, the 10 of us eventually group together at the Sydney International Airport Inn for our overnight stay in Sydney. We had 2 rooms for the 10 of us which was cosy to say the least, the important thing was for us all to be together in preparation for our early flight in the morning. Dinner at the rowing club and in no time at all we had returned to the hotel for a cup of tea party in one of the rooms, only to find that some of us had a text message ... read more
Getting the snorkel ready
Awaiting our Transport

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau April 29th 2012

Fiji : The Islands Fiji is around 1331 miles from Auckland travelling North along the same timeline. The total number of islands constituting the Fiji Islands is 332 of which only 110 are inhabited. The two main islands of the Fiji Islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. We arrived in Nadi (pronounced Nandi) 3 hours from Auckland. Fiji has just gone into it's winter period with temperatures a cool, low 30s. With the heat comes a slowing of pace, it's called 'Fiji time'! On the 3rd of April the military government declared a state of emergency due to severe flooding throughout Nadi and loca areas, 5 people died and hundreds were evacuated from their houses flooded to the rooftops. When you look at the area you can understand why. The flat plains around Nadi and ... read more
First sight of the ship- Reef endeavour
Sacred Islands
Sacred Islands

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau April 8th 2012

Not the greatest idea to get the tube to Heathrow on a Friday night at 5pm, pretty much standing the entire way there. However our fortunes changed when our upgrade to Hong Kong came through, sweeeeet! The flight was rather painless, well apart from the shock of moving back into economy from Hong Kong to Auckland. On arrival we went straight to Nic & Quentin’s new place in Onehanga to meet our new niece Tui and catch-up with Hugo – whom we had not seen since he was around Tui’s age. It was great to hang with the whole Reade clan. While in Auckland we had a lot of park, cafe and zoo time with the kids and Nic which was excellent fun. The trip back to NZ really was focused on catching up with family ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau September 28th 2011

Captains Log: Distance Run: 219 nautical miles in 23 days 06.09.2011 Southern End Waya Island 07.09.2011 Kuvu B ay 08.09.2011 Natovalo Bay 10.09.2011 Port Denarau 14.09.2011 Wayasewa Island 15.09.2011 Kuvu Bay 17.09.2011 Narewa Bay 19.09.2011 Blue Lagoon 21.09.2011 Narewa Bay 22.09.2011 Off Drawaqa Island 26.09.2011 Port Denarau The Bigger Picture Our time with John and Sharon, as always, was very special. They only had a limited amount of time left of their holiday before they were due to fly back to NZ so we spent the time retracing steps they had taken last year when sailing with the Captain. I mentioned Navadra Island in my previous blog – this would have been one of Sharon’s favorites I think and where we headed after picking them up from Mana Island. In fact Navadra and Vanua Levu islands ... read more
Sharron and John arrive at Mana Island
Looking west from Vanua Levu Island
Looking south from Vanua Levu

Oceania » Fiji » Denarau September 13th 2011

Captains Log: Distance run 223 n miles. Total distance to date 1480 n miles (2740km). Date: 20.08.2011 Suva to Tradewinds 21.08.2011 Tradewinds to Lawaki Beach, Beqa Lagoon 28.08.2011 Lawaki to Yanuca Island 28-29.08.2011 Yanuca Island to Western Fiji via Navula Passage to Saweni Bay 30.08.2011 Saweni Bayto Port Denarau 03.09.2011 Denarau to Navadra Island 05.09.2011 Navandra to Mana Island and return The Bigger Picture: Leaving Suva and heading over to the Beqa Lagoon in brisk south easterly trade winds we were all pretty keen to start experiencing the Island lifestyle. Anchored off Lawaki Beach Resort was an awesome start to doing this. The Resort itself is not flash, a backpackers haven. You can have a room or pitch a tent. Meals are taken in the communal area and usually in the company of Sam, the brains ... read more
Lawaki Beach
Our little home.
Lawaki Beach from on high

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