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April 4th 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Sonaisali Resort FijiSonaisali Resort FijiSonaisali Resort Fiji

4 star Resort 20mins from Nadi, but peaceful and tropical
A much needed short getaway to Fiji before our around the world trip in July, we decided to escape for 5 days at Sonaisali Resort. Arriving late and departing early we wanted to keep it close to the mainland, yet have a part luxury and 'traditional' experience.

Tash had visited fiji in November with a Flight Centre Conference, but the last time i stepped onto Fiji soil was 15yrs ago! Phew time does fly when your getting old! We also took Tash's little brother Greg, his first trip out of NZ and we all had a real blast hanging out.

Sonaisali Reost did really look after us, Tash being an agent maybe helped, but either way is was nice to be treated a little special. We arrived to find we had been given a free upgrade to the best room in the resort. This resort is perfect for those who want a short getaway, no beach but beautiful pool and swim up pool bar, friendly service and purchasing the meal plan is a real must! We ate all the dishes we could not usually afford and there was no constant reaching for the wallet.

March is the last
Beachfront BureBeachfront BureBeachfront Bure

Got upgraded to the best room on the resort! Tash's travel agent perks are the best! Ha.
month of the rainy season, moments of un predictable cylonic weather, torrential down pours but lets not complain, we're on holiday! We did see some sun and did enjoy the warm temperatures!

Two days into our holiday i ended up with some random ear blockage, too much swimming we think, but i was partially deaf. Panicked as you can imagine, we rejected the offer for a Doctor to come to the resort (FJD 200.00) and headed into Nadi in search of Doctor Ram Raju.. Definately nervous, as 3rd world as ive seen, we ended up in some run down, tin roof, public clinic. Maybe the $200 wouldn't have been so bad after all!!
But the 'procedure' was all pretty simple, qualified at Otago University Ram dislodged the blockage (after 3 tries!) and i escaped for the most part, unhurt!

Booked on a Treasure Island excursion the same day, we rushed to get back to Denerau Marina in time only to be caught in torrential rain. And arrived as drowned rats to find out the trip had been cancelled.
Disappointed, but the day had been eventful enough and we were craving the warmth and safety of our little Bure
Sailing Fijian Style!Sailing Fijian Style!Sailing Fijian Style!

Seaspray Day Sailing adventure, singing, beer, bbq's can't complain!
so headed back to the resort.

Our sailing trip on the Seaspray went ahead and we ventured off much more better prepared for the weather, and after a free upgrade to'the captains lounge' on our boat transfer we got aboard the sailing ship and headed for the Islands. An 'all inclusive' trip we were able to drink as much beer, wine, softdrinks as we could fit in and the BBQ lunch was great! Sailed past the main Island resorts: Treasure, Beachcomber, Mana, South Sea and snorkelled on Cast away (yes the location of the the Tom Hanks film) as well as a traditional village visit and Kava Ceremony.
All in all a good, worthwhile day.

After Greg's 7th visit to 'Jacks' an overpriced souvenier shop we headed back to NZ refreshed and counting down the days to our 'big' trip in July - 110 days to go by my count!!

Til next time... Bula Vinaka
Tash and Tash x

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Beachfront Spa Bure Beachfront Spa Bure
Beachfront Spa Bure

The beds were great! Big, tonnes of pillows! Bures very spacious.
View from deckView from deck
View from deck

Outlooking the Wedding Bure, beware of falling coconuts!!
Happy holiday picHappy holiday pic
Happy holiday pic

Us, happy, relaxed and loving Fiji right now!
Greg getting into the spiritGreg getting into the spirit
Greg getting into the spirit

Maybe not quite as good as the locals...
I love swim up pool bars!!I love swim up pool bars!!
I love swim up pool bars!!

Who said a beach is a must, on a tropical holiday!!?
Life is tough..Life is tough..
Life is tough..

Frangipani's.. my favourite
Me and you..Me and you..
Me and you..

A little too much Duty Free Absolute Vanilla led to guilty faces and crooked smiles!
Happy hour at sunsetHappy hour at sunset
Happy hour at sunset

Certainly not a bad place to be.. where the local people are always smiling, the wine flows, and there's always someone singing..
Village visitVillage visit
Village visit

700 Village people
Simple lifeSimple life
Simple life

Cute local kids welcoming us with 'Bula' everywhere we went. The lollipops we gave them went down a treat!

Fiji Bitter goes down a treat!

6th April 2008

Yay - i'm the first to put a comment on your blog!!! Can't wait to see you guys in the Big L. Good luck with the planning! xx anna

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