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( ASo the plan I had come up with during the night was to ring the only mechanic in the Kimberleys (Over the Range Tyre and Mechanical) and hope they aren’t the same outfit Chevy Chase used in Vacation. Then call NRMA and get them to authorise repairs and tell them about the sat phone bill they had. No one answered at 7am at the mechanic probably because there was no need to start so early because not many people were dropping their cars off for a service before work. The first Greg came sauntering across to see how we were, he had also waited for us last night Emu Export Lager in hand to make sure we made it. He thought the station might have some spare wheel studs and we could use some wheel ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys August 19th 2016

Well this is the part 2, The Kimberley and BE WARNED THIS IS A LONG ONE! So if you are busy leave it, if you have time for this get a cup of tea and sit down. Well firstly thank you to anyone who took up my appeal for prayers as they have been answered many fold, we left Broome, headed for Derby and turned onto the infamous Gibb River Road. It needs to be pointed out that we are travelling in a Ford Territory called Bruce and this is considered by most people to be "marginal" or not up to it. Well apart from 1 dead tyre (more about that later) we are through and out the other side. There are roads up to Mitchell or the Drysdale road that we knew were out of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 18th 2016

Bell Gorge to Widjana Gorge Back along the Gibb River Road 100kms to the Windjana. Passing through the Napier Range and the Queen Victoria rock face again. We reached the Windjana Gorge Turn off and the sign said the road was still closed. A Film Crew on the corner, we went towards Windjana Gorge. Arriving at the Gorge for an early lunch and set up, we took in the escarpment. We meet the Brazilian film crew who were filming an adventure documentary and the spokes person informed us he had been the filming manager on 13 serious of 'The Amazing Race' series. Interesting character. Windjana Gorge forms part of the Lennard River. It is 3.5km long gorge said to be an ancient limestone reef. We tackled the 3.5km walk and not just the short time walk. ... read more
Flooded creek bed

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 15th 2016

Derby to Bell Gorge on the Gibb River Road. Derby is the gateway to outback adventure. We started our day getting information from the information center, re-gassing the gas bottle, filling with water, jerry cans with fuel and tying up odds and ends, up to 7 days with out re stocking supplies. According to all the tourist brochures a journey along the Gibb River Road is one of the last true Aussie Adventures Originally constructed in the 1960's to transport cattle from outlying stations to the port of Wyndham and Derby Today, it travels some 660kms through the central Kimberly Plateau from King Sound in Derby to Cambridge Gulf Wyndham. The road depends heavily on weather conditions and having rained heavily a week prior to our entry, the Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek road remained closed. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys October 14th 2014

After leaving Cairns we hit the Savannah Highway heading eventually for Broome. First night stayed at van park in Mt Surprise, very small town with usual pub and store. Nice park Was surprised how dry the Atherton Tablelands were, usually very green but now the grass is yellow and crunchy. . Next day Croydon which is a very interesting place but as we'd been there before we just stayed overnight. Passed through Normanton also worth a visit from previous trips and then spent 3 days in Mt Isa catching up with friends. Headed out along the Barkly Highway and overnighted at Barkly Homestead bit of an oasis along the dry and dusty Barkly Tablelands. As the temperature climbed towards 40C we were glad to stay at Dunmara Wayside Inn on the Stuart Highway, just a roadhouse ... read more
Bar at Dunmara Wayside Inn. N.T.
Caravan Park at Dunmara.NT.
Rig at Kimberleyland Caravan Park Kununurra.WA.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 20th 2014

Day 9 Kimberly Exploration 20 May 2014 Montgomery Reef, WA We were about to see, what is sometimes is unofficially titled the 6th wonder of the world - Montgomery Reef. It was named by Phillip Parker King, a key explorer of the region, in recognition of Andrew Montgomery, the surgeon on his 1821 voyage. We hopped in the zodiacs again after another beautiful breakfast. The weather was overcast, and in fact it rained just before sun rise. I didn't see or hear the storm but saw sunrise. It is a true spectacle to behold as the entire reef appears to rise from the ocean on a falling tide. With tidal differences of over 10m over a single spring tide cycle, nearly 5 m of reef gradually emerges from the ocean, as water cascades down numerous channels. ... read more
David & Tom with ochre face painting to remove evil spirits (1)
Hugging a boab (4)
Montgomery Reef  (4)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 19th 2014

Day 8 Monday 19 May 2014 Talbot Bay & Horizontal Waterfall. One of the wonderful features in the Kimberley has been caused by the positioning of the cliffs and hills. Today was going to be one of those experiences. We were going to see these unusual Falls as well as go on a fast speed boat through a section of them. Just to give as bit of background, the Horizontal Falls is on the edge of Talbot Bay which is located within the King Leopold Mobile Zone. Approximately 1800 million years ago the Kimberley continent collided with the Australian land mass. The ensuing collision caused a massive heating along the boundaries of contact - in effect, the Kimberley's land mass became welded to Australia and thus the Kimberley Region of Australia was created. This caused a ... read more
High tide mark at 12 metres in Talbot Bay
Horizontal Waterfall in Talbot Bay (1)
Horizontal Waterfall in Talbot Bay (2)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 18th 2014

Day 7 Kimberly Expedition 18 May 2014 Hunter River & Mitchell Falls Today was going to be a BIG day - Hunter River zodiac tour, Mitchell Falls in a helicopter, Listening to a presentation on "Cataclysmic Cyclones & Terrible Tides", seeing a movie "The Big Wet", attending Trivia (!!!), dinner and then a Show put on by the Philippine Crew. at low tide We got up at 5.30am (ouch!), had breakfast and hopped on the Zodiac for the Hunter River Tour. More SPECTACULAR scenery. Mitchell River National Park, which is 115,300 hectares is one of the Kimberley's two newest national parks. The park lies in one of the most remote and inaccessible country in Australia. It's about 350km north-west of Wyndham. We saw crocs (several who came right up to our zodiac very inquisitively), some birds, ... read more
Hunter River (131)
Hunter River (39)
Hunter River kingfisher Kimberly Sunday 18 May 2014 (119)

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Day 6 Kimberly Cruise 17 May 2014 Vansittart Bay, Western Australia We again had breakfast in the Outdoor Cafe in the deck. The choice of what to have is difficult but all is magnificently presented. The crew who serve us in the Cafe, Restaurant and bar, and in fact all the non-exploration/National Geographic staff and Captain, are Philippino. They are all fantastic, friendly, great fun and 'bend over backwards' to ensure our experiences on the boat are faultless. It has an entirely different feel compared with the only other cruise we have been on (the Pacific Dawn). It is smaller therefore has more of a 'family feel', and more personal. We love it! We continue to ensure we meet all our fellow passengers, sitting with different people for meals. On the exploration tours, in the zodiacs, ... read more
Jar Island Kimberley & Bradshaw Art 17 May 2014 (74)
Jar Island Kimberley & Bradshaw Art 17 May 2014 (76)
Jar Island Kimberley & Bradshaw Art 17 May 2014 (67)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys May 16th 2014

Day 5 Kimberly Exploration 16 May 2014 King George River & Falls This was another day we were really looking forward to as we were off to see the King George Falls. Our plan was to hop into the zodiac, motor up the King George River and when we arrive at the falls, to walk up the cliff face so that we can see the falls from above and at different angles. We were looking forward to a swim as well. All that happened. The scenery along the river was spectacular. The sun was shining on the massive cliff faces, with brilliant reds, ochre and black (from the algae). The weather was hot but we had hats and sunscreen on and the breeze was lovely as we motored along in the zodiacs at differing speeds. The ... read more
2 King George Falls Zodiac cruise and hike 16 May 2014 (15)
3 King George Falls Zodiac cruise and hike 16 May 2014 (16)
4 King George Falls Zodiac cruise and hike 16 May 2014 (11)

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