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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini May 5th 2016

Small shower of rain overnight and we were awoken around 5.30am by a feral cat and a dingo, less than 50 meters from our van. With the dingo howling and the cat growling very close Tom opted to get out of his swag and come inside to sleep on the lounge, nervous! All awoken by the commotion we got up and had breakfast and packed up early. We drove 60km to Hancock Gorge our first stop on our way out of Karijini National Park. Hancock Gorge is a Level 5 walk, steep incline of natural steps and 2 ladders to get to the bottom of the giant chasm, with lots of slippery walking and swimming through water, plus climbing.of rocks. There are three main sections to the gorge, the 'amphitheatre', 'spider walk' and 'Kermit Pool'. We ... read more
Hancock Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini May 4th 2016

Karijini. 'Jewel of the Pilbara' Set in the Hamersley Range, in the heart of the Pilbara, Karijini National Park is an ancient landscape of massive mountains and steep escarpments cut by spectacular gorges more than. 100 meters deep. Within these shear-sided chasms hide the crystal clear rock pools, cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation. The only way to see Karijini is to walk it. Up early, we spent the day investigating Dales Gorge, not far from our camp. We first took the 3km, difficulty level 4 walk. Only some boulders to climb over making the walk really difficult. The initial natural rock steps down were steep and uneven, reaching a ladder we climbed down to the base of the gorge. A deep chasm with stunning changing rock layer colours. Blue asbestos fibres clearly visible between some layers, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini May 23rd 2014

Leaving Exmouth we head out toward Tom Price although we have already decided not to make the full journey in one go. Our journey takes us to a roadside rest area provided by the WA roads dept, toilets are provided but no running water or power.By the early evening there are about 8 other travelers nestled in among the undergrowth we are not overcrowded.With no light pollution the sky gives us a stunning spectacle of bright and shimmering stars, if only I knew the constellations and some of the names of these beautiful stars.No need for an external power source our on board battery will provide all the power we need and our water tanks are full.Dinner under the stars how good is that.Moving on next morning we head for Tom Price a mining town on ... read more
House creek bridge rest area
House creek bridge rest area
House creek bridge rest area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini August 3rd 2013

Back on the road again, and we are driving through the ranges towards Mt Tom Price, there is no scenery so far on this trip that can better it. Mountain ranges full of iron ore, some are showing signs of mining with the tops neatly sliced off. We drive into Paraburdoo in convoy and find the caravan park which is beautifully set out. One of the caretakers apologises to us, saying she is sorry, there are no trees, they haven't arrived yet! This park is run by the mines and we are all impressed, with the cups of tea while we wait for our washing to wash, and dry. All free. We all troop down to the Mess to eat dinner with the miners at night which is a new experience for us all. The food ... read more
On the road to Mt Tom Price
On the way to Karajini

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini June 30th 2012

Hi there everyone. Well we drove to Karajini the next day and stayed at a place called the Dales campground. It was very quiet and bushy. We went for a bushwalk through Dales Gorge. It had a nice waterfall and of course Dad and Mum carried on and on about how beautiful it was. But the real good part started the next day. We drove about 40 kilometres over this really bumpy road to a place called Weano Gorge. Dad said we had to do two bushwalks here so I wasn’t real happy. But I was in for a surprise. The first walk went right down into a gorge called Hancock’s Gorge but the river was still flowing and it slowly got steeper and steeper. Then some backpackers coming from the other way told us we ... read more
Dales g 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini June 28th 2012

Hallo again!!! O.K. Still a lot to tell from down under!! Before we left Exmouth to Karijini we drove along the coastal area of Exmouth and finally we found our first Kangaroos alive and a lot. Cute but still with a dump face and especially behaviour around sunset they hopped arround. Very often they jumped out of the bush so driving was quite dangerous with these suicadal animals. The beaches around Exmouth with Tuorquoise bay are stunning, extremly stunning, and quite remote and isolated. The sunsets are full of all the coulors of the rainbow. Then we went inland heading towards Tom Price next to Karijini National Park. On our way there we had our first flat tire, on a saturday nearly dark. With a little help from the road assistance we called, we could manage ... read more
Trekking in Dales Gorge - Karijini NP
Lazy driver
Roadtrains along the red centre!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini April 20th 2012

We had pancakes for our breakfast today to give us energy for a day of swimming and walking in the gorges of Karajini. It was a short drive to our first stop which was at ??? It was a steep decent into the gorge and then a short walk to the first pool in which we could swim. It was only 9am by the time we got to the gorge but it was already 30 degrees! So we took shelter in the shade whilst some of the group took a swim in the pool. We opted out of swimming in this pool as it looked a little murky and Jo spotted a worm and a big spider also having a swim in the pool! From here we then walked to another pool called ???? but we ... read more
Will looking into Knox Gorge
Knox Gorge
Knox Gorge 2

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini April 19th 2012

We had a bit of a lie in until 7.30am this morning and then had a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked on the barbie. Today was our first day exploring the gorges in the Karijini region. We stared with a stop at the Visitors Centre to learn a bit more about the nature in the area as well as how the Aboriginals used the land and how this has changed over time. We also got to meet some of the local wildlife outside the visitors centre as there were a few large spider webs and spiders along the pathway to the visitors centre. It was then time to start the descent into the gorges. We walked down a steep track which brought us down to the floor of the gorge and then walked along ... read more
Jo posing on a tree!
Fortuesque Falls
Fern Pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini April 18th 2012

Today was going to be a day of driving up to Karijini National Park, although the day started on a downer as we lost the Norwegian girls from our group as one of them had a badly infected foot and needed to remain at Exmouth hospital for treatment. Along the way we stopped in Tom Price for groceries and alcohol (to help us sleep!). Interestingly the town is named after a wealthy mining company; so clearly you can buy anything if you have enough money! The drive into the park was picturesque with Mount Bruce a particularly prominent feature being the biggest in west Australia. After turning off the asphalt and driving along dirt tracks for a while we were at our camp for the next few days. As there was another western xposure tour group ... read more
Will at the Dogs Dunnie
Sunset at camp

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karijini August 31st 2011

Hello again! Inland from Exmouth in the Hamersley Range in the heart of the Pilbara is the beautiful 60 thousand hectare Karijini National Park. And if you were to wander through Dales campground right about now now, you would find me sitting in the shade of a Windsor Rapid caravan under a cloudless blue sky. You'd see that the sun is shining and that the thermometer is reading a glorious 32 degrees. You'd see that I am gazing upon spinafex grass and low trees with a deep red soil beneath my feet. You'd see butterflies dancing past and would hear nothing but the rustle of the breeze through the leaves and the tweet of little birds as they fly past. And would you see a contented, relaxed smile upon my face? Sure would!! Everything now is ... read more
Carnarvon Car Wash (he needs a spelling lesson!)
Ningaloo Reef
Where the desert meets the sea - Cape Range National Park

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