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July 28th 2020
Published: February 13th 2021
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MY APOLOGIES- I have stalled on writing this up- I did finish! 49 days this time. Just as speccie as the first time- hope to finish writing up at some point!

Day 5

Denmark to William Bay 20km

Breakfast prep in the Caravan parks' camp kitchen is unhurried, luckily, as it takes about 15 minutes to work out how to get the induction stove turned on for my egg boiling fiesta. Very nice to have a toaster and kettle too although I don't miss these things at all when I'm on the trail. Farewell Geoff under a bright blue sky at 9am, the trail head is directly opposite the caravan park, zero chance of getting lost. The first 6.5 kms for the day is spent exiting Denmark through a series of bush tracks, footpaths, wooden bridges and bitumen roads. Quite a few very nice houses on display. A couple of friendly waves. It's surprising to me how much I actually enjoyed this bit- last time walking north to south I remember this same 6.5km as absolutely tedious, it was such a let down of back streets and suburbia (after the beauty of the forests
Denmark to Nornalup Rail TrailDenmark to Nornalup Rail TrailDenmark to Nornalup Rail Trail

Showing signs of last night's heavy rains
and coast before it) and was a seemingly never ending trudge at the end of a long day, this time it was the beginning of a day and the beginning of a new stretch heading into the forests and coastline. Completely different perspective. People often ask if the walking of a trail twice is boring on the second time- I think it differs completely, this morning is a case in point.

I made dot point notes on my xl planning spreadsheet- today's points were

• interesting traverse through Denmark
• granite
• mountains (WA style)
• multi terrains
• ducking showers
• kangaroos
• footprints
• NO mosquitos
• absolutely magical view from granite boulder near the shelter

It was a really great day and I'd highly, highly recommend it as a day walk if anyone's actually reading this. The hike up to the Mt Hallowell summit was superb (see dot point - granite), a beautiful jumble of shady granite boulders. I found it well marked but pretty challenging, mainly due to the slip factor. There is a section where there is some metal railing to get down a boulder, the railing isn't actually very secure and I did a fairly uncontrolled swing through the air. Met a group of 4 up on the summit, had a bit of a chat, some photos were taken of the stellar views, said goodbye and enjoyed the breeze up there before the descent. The descent was well shaded albeit pretty wet with intermittent showers, very slippery requiring focus. Not ideal trying to keep the umbrella up, balance the pack and take a few steep sections with 1 trekking pole. Got down to the Monkey Rock car park (didn't detour to the actual rock this time as it was still raining but if anyone's reading this - do it, speccy spot, great for a picnic on top of) and had a well deserved coffee and snack under my umbrella, chatting with a stream of dog walking young couples. Only 9 kms to go for the day.

A dip into farmland with bright green pastures and big black cows in the rain was followed by coastal vegetation and Lights Beach where I dumped my rubbish in the bin and had a bit of my lunch, quite a few people around. Onto the sand and crossed a little creek into the dunes, following lots of footprints. Met the owners of 2 sets of prints on their return to the car. We had the typical conversation- what are you doing/where are you going/all the way to Perth?????/are you by yourself???? Most people are quite astounded when I tell them it's my preferred way of hiking. So, back to the footprints, I get to a single set- fresh today and heading my way, I feel slightly disappointed - I think I'm going to have company tonight.

Another beautiful interlude in the karri forest and more granite and the hut sign pops out of the bush, so do the footsteps. Pull into the hut at 4pm and... it's deserted. No one has signed into the book, I go wander to the viewpoint... no one. Silently celebrate. Back to the hut where I set up and finish my lunch (which has now become dinner), dinner is a chocolate bar (absolutely nothing wrong with that!). The hut is great, I love the limestone rock floor, so clean. Really love the viewpoint. Spent a peaceful hour up there while the sun went down. The down jacket made its first appearance.

Great day. Really great.

Snake Count- 0 (0)

Tick Count- 0 (5)

Fall Count- 0 (2)

Step Count- 34 470

Other People in the Shelter Count- 0 (0/5)

PS- good Optus mobile reception on the viewpoint rock

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Ascent CommencesAscent Commences
Ascent Commences

The Sheila Hill Memorial Trail and the Bibb Track are shared

Mt HallowellMt Hallowell
Mt Hallowell

AKA Kooryunderup- place of many kangaroos

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