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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark October 7th 2019

The last day of school before the holidays meant a school assembly hosted by my niece’s class. They were performing a classic Banjo Patterson poem called “A Bush Christening” and she was playing a bailiff, complete with a drawn-on moustache. Through luck more than planning, I was back in Denmark and could go along to watch. With nieces and a nephew on the other side of the country, I don’t get many opportunities to see these kinds of things, so I was glad to go. But I had the rest of the day to myself so once I had finished my photos and blog from Margaret River, I had a relaxing afternoon reading and a nap before everyone came home from school and work. It was then time for a long weekend, giving me three more ... read more
Descending to Knapp Head
The Organ Pipes
Driving up the sand track

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark June 19th 2016

Day 46 - 52 Walpole to Denmark (Semi-amusing cut and paste from my Facebook page version; long winded day-by-day version follows below plus lots and lots of photos) Walpole to Denmark via Peaceful Bay, aka Section 7 and a bit (of 8- eek), encompassing the karri, sheoak and giant tingle forests, the Frankland River, Conspicuous Cliffs, scaling and falling off Mt Hallowell, various inlets (open and closed creating another long track diversion), whales (!!!!), 74 kangaroos in 1 day, 100 000 sand hills (mostly going uphill), pristine white beaches and kilometre after kilometre after kilometre of rugged coastline. And 1 snake. Quite a different experience on this part of my trek, mainly due to one factor- my trekking party has doubled - one of my oldest and dearest friends, @Meg Pike, has joined me. And... at ... read more
Coalmine Beach
Giant Red Tingle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark March 13th 2014

Arrived in Denmark and chose to stay at a caravan park out of town and next to the sea,very peaceful and away from the crowds.Again some stunning views from the cliff tops just out of the caravan park.Denmark derives it's name from the river that runs through it and provides opportunities for a variety of riverside walks.Only a small town it still provides the traveler with all the essentials.Within only a short distance from the town are several iconic attractions, Greens Pool,Elephant Rocks,Tree top walk and of course the Wineries. Greens pool is a safe sheltered pool protected from the ocean by an array of rocks of varying size and shapes and has a large clean beach, this is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.The water is something to see with contrasting colours and so ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark December 16th 2013

….. its nearly the end of yet another year in human counting terms. Time is a strange thing indeed. Sometimes there seems oodles of it other times it appears like the seconds just run through our fingers at an amazing pace. But here we are looking back and looking forward and most importantly being right here, right now. Whilst travelling we have been bombarded with beauty and surprises continuously. The senses get overstretched at times and it happens that we get a bit blaze, desensitised about another beautiful vista, another breathtaking sunset. So it's good to stop somewhere for a while and contemplate, say over a blueberry, get back to the small things in life and find appreciation within. Hence we are now working at a pleasant vineyard near the hamlet of Mt Barker. Biiig Vineyard ... read more
that's how windy it is over here
our camp at Fremantle. We got a free cabin

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark April 9th 2013

Part two of our road trip sees us heading further East along the coast through Denmark to just past Albany then back on ourselves up to Margaret River before returning home. DAY 5 20/03/13 We were well rested after our night in the cabin and the next morning set of fresh faced to visit the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. There are a few similar tree in the region but this 60m tall Karri tree is the tallest in the region which has a lookout platform at the top. Originally used as fire look outs the trees are studded with metal pegs which create a sort of steep spiral staircase around the trunk. There is however quite large gaps between these pegs and nothing to stop you falling through and whilst no-one has died going up one ... read more
Up they go..
Helllloooo down there...
Made it!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark November 13th 2012 With two of Joan’s sisters living on farms near Denmark it was time for a change from all tourist activities to some family time. Christine has lived in the Esperance/Denmark area for 30 plus years and Yvonne in the Denmark area for 12 years. We have seen them very little during this time so a visit from us was well overdue. Armed with a scanty map we tackled the gravel road in the rain to find Christine’s farm. Both Chris and Yvonne live 25 – 30 kms out of town. Finding their farms was an interesting challenge. Our map omitted Denmark so we had to make a sudden exit from the highway when we came across Parker Road much earlier than we had anticipated. Fortunately the roads were well marked as we had a number ... read more
Joan & Chris at Greens Pool
Joan and Yvonne at Willoughby
Simon and Susan

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark August 11th 2012

Today Michael and I were up at 400am, however never really got out of bed until 500am. Michael wanted to run and I wanted to walk. I left the apartment and walked for 15 minutes and it began to rain. Interestingly enough even at 500am there were still bars open in town. The drinking age is 18 years old. Michael back to the apartment at 630am soaked in rain water. I put his wet clothes and shoes in the dryer; he needed to wear for the day of touring. Cindy’s Dad came to our apartment around 730am and then we went to breakfast the same place that Michael and I had coffee at last evening. Breakfast is awesome at Henry’s however very expensive. The Flat White coffee was the best part of the meal for me. ... read more
Tree Top Walk from a distance
Michael on the Tree Top Walk
Cindy's Dad and Michael at the Tree Top Walk

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark July 22nd 2012

Today we are making our way back to Perth via the tree top walk in Walpole– one of the favourite things to do in this leafy part of the world. It takes about 20 minutes along suspension bridges hung between the canopies of the great Tingle Trees. They are huge old souls with red bark and cavernous trunks - some hollowed out and as wide as 16m in circumference. They look (and indeed even their name suggests) like kindly old fairy tale characters from a story book waiting to come to life at any moment and start talking. The walk is incredibly peaceful – its a gorgeous sunshiny day and Teresa and I stand on one of the bridges and regard our shadows cast onto the canopy of tree tops below and around us. We then ... read more
shadow selves
A tingle tree
The lakehouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark March 8th 2012

C'est notre avant-dernier jour qui commence, en effet on s'en va samedi matin. Nico tient à me montrer Buffy, le water buffalo qu'il nourrit tous les matins, car elle lui fait la fête quand elle le voit, remue de la tête et danse. La pauvre bête remue effectivement de la tête mais pas de danse, encore moins de moonwalk !! Je ne suis un peu déçue, je retourne à mes lapiots, qui eux aussi me font la fête quand j'arrive avec foin et carottes. Un bunny en profite pour s'échapper, mais blasée je ne cherche même pas à l'attraper, je sais que Fergus le chien va me le ramener. Deux cochons d'Inde sont mourants, mais ce n'est pas grave, il y a une telle flopée de nouveaux-nés pour assurer la relève! Pendant qu'on nourrit les koalas, ... read more
Sur les nombreux rochers
Balade le long de la plage
Oiseaux au long bec rouge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark March 7th 2012

Temps drizzly ce mercredi matin (eh non grizzly comme on a entendu la 1ère fois !), c’est sympa de travailler avec cette brise et les petites gouttes de pluie.Les tâches sont assez tranquilles, après le nourrissage habituel des bêtes, on enchaine avec les plantes, on arrose les bonnes et arraches les mauvaises. Enfin façon de parler car Nico arrache un plant de tomates et 2 de pommes de terres ! Le déjeuner est constitué de sandwich, comme d’hab. L’après midi on part faire une rando à Monkey Rocks qui se trouve juste à côté. Elle fait partie du Bibbulmun Track qu’on retrouve décidément partout dans ce coin. La marche est dans la forêt, à l’ombre au moins on n’attrapera pas de coups de soleil. Rapidement on atteint les premiers rochers, qu’on grimpe pour aller admirer la ... read more
Nico arrose les fleurs
Monkey Rocks
A l'assaut du rock

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