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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta December 29th 2019

As was the case last year on enforced holidays over the Xmas break I needed to find somewhere to go for a multi-day hike, but where? I looked at a lot of places overseas (prohibitively expensive for just a week) and then over east- Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Way or anything at all in Tassie, but travelling east was also really, really expensive (Perth to Hobart was about $1200 return!!!!). Then there were widespread fires across almost the entire east coast so it was definitely out. So, resigned to the fact that I would self implode, I got very lucky - a weather window of opportunity opened up for doing the Cape to Cape again- highest temp for the week was predicted to be 27C - bearable. Once again it only took a day or so ... read more
Sign In Ledger
After The Rain

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta December 28th 2018

With almost 2 weeks of leave over my least favourite season (summer) for the Xmas and New Year break I was going a bit stir crazy. What to do? Where to go? Where could I go that wasn't going to cost much and wasn't going to kill me with heat stress? Well... with lowish summer temperatures down south for the following week, a very impromptu 7 day solo 135 km trek from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin seemed to fit the bill. ... Impromptu, as in... decide on Wednesday night, prepare on Thursday and leave on Friday. I'm completely kitted out for this style of trip now and usually have a few homemade dehydrated meals kicking around for last minute trips like this so it just took a small amount of preparation to be ready. On ... read more
Cape Leeuwin Start Point
Clean and Ready to Go
Post Boardwalk Section Coastal Views

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta November 30th 2017

After the rain this morning, we say goodbye to our animal friends at Donnelly River and the Karri forests and head towards Augusta and the most southern point in Western Australia, Cape Leeuwin. There are stretches of road in this part of the country, where during any given hour of driving, we saw more emus than other cars. We are wary of potential kangaroo appearances but luckily we have no car-kangaroo meetings. It does happen a lot though, judging from the dead carcasses on the side of the highways. Cape Leeuwin (where the Dutch landed in the early 1600’s) is a cool place in that this is where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, and combined with some rocky islands, this makes for a pretty turbulent sea. After a visit to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, ... read more
Cape Leeuwin
Lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin
Windswept hair and sea

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta May 5th 2014

It wasn't quite the introduction either of us had been hoping for. We had met up in Brisbane over the Easter long weekend - Linda, the wide-eyed 22-year-old working holiday-maker from Germany; and me, the 34-year-old eternal wanderer from Australia – and then flown to Perth together in time for Anzac Day, where we wound up at the Wicked Campers' Perth depot on a Monday morning (28th April) and handed over almost $3000 to secure one of their famous brightly-painted camper-vans for 43 days. To say that the paint job on our van left a little to be desired would be an under-statement – it was pretty clear that 'Jolly Roger' (as our van was known) had fallen from the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down. Linda and I immediately agreed ... read more
Transport and accommodation rolled into one
Secluded Splendour
Good enough for dolphins; good enough for us

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta January 19th 2014

...and we are on the road again Had such a great time at the vineyard. Packing and picking 6 1/2 tonnes of blueberries, dreaming about berries at night, working up to 9 hours a day, because when the berries are ripe there is no holding back. Great people to work for and work with. New friendships made and it was somewhat sad to pack up and leave. Spent my birthday camping at the vineyard, on “castle hill”, spent Christmas with the Managers at the wonderful vineyard homestead and Geof finally got his cold Christmas ham and salads and home-baked cakes and ….. we had a beaut thistle Christmas tree in the bush and I played my Ukulele Christmas songs over and over. New Year we watched the Sydney fireworks on TV because not much banging going ... read more
Geof the writer
my indian birthday dinner

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta November 15th 2012

Geo: -34.3159, 115.16Margaret River is something of a Mecca when it comes to tourism in WA but a big part of that draw is the many surrounding wineries that dominate this SW section of Oz. With neither of us drinking, and having done a number of winery tours in other parts of the world (once you've toured a Cambodian winery, you've pretty much seen it all?), we spent a couple of hours wandering the town itself. It's another of those Aussie towns that has done a great job of maintaining their heritage buildings and it makes for a wonderful visit.The Jewel Cave was the third and final cave of the Big Three in this area so we were off to spend a little more time underground. DH is really getting into this spelunking thing after these ... read more
Squadron Of Pelicans
Are They Mooning Chris M
Beach Walker

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta July 19th 2012

Day 7 had dawned and we were very pleased with the new tent! It was perfect, exactly what we wanted! No more worries about getting drowned during the night anyways and the tent came down ten times quicker than it went up as well, good spirits all round. Into The Seaside Rover only to find the battery was dead! Now at this point I should hold my hands up and mention that I had my phone charging in the car while we were taking down the tent and packing the gear so I’ve taken full responsibility for the flat battery. We got jump leads form a cleaner guy and got a jump start from a surfer guy. Happy days again! Over the road to Margaret River we went basically for a haircut! It was badly need ... read more
Best Photo I got of a whale
Captain Colman
Tae & Biscuits!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta July 18th 2012

Awaking to the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks on Day 6, we quickly got up, showered, cooked a hearty breakfast of beans and bread and flattened the campsite. About two kms from where we had camped were Niglgi Caves! First tour was at 10.30 and sure enough we were ten minutes late for that so we had to wait another hour an hour for the next one! We were quite excited to see these caves as we’ve all seen how much fun and mischief Fr. Ted and Doughal got up to in “The Really Dark Caves”. The caves themselves were impressive enough with two kilometres of unground to be trekked looking at stalagmites, stalligtites, stacks and straws which were between 3000 and 6000 years old, but the icing on the cake was “The ... read more
40 Minute Return!!!!
Us Lost
The "Scenic View"

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta January 28th 2012

Alexandra Bridge Camping Site and the Blackwood River 20th to 28th January 2012 The Blackwood River is a major river and catchment in the South West of Western Australia. The river begins at the junction of the Arthur and Balgarup Rivers near Quelarup and travels in a south westerly direction through the town of Bridgetown then through Nannup until it discharges into the Southern Ocean at Hardy Inlet near the town of Augusta. Hardy Inlet has a number of islands - namely Molloy Island and Thomas Island. The mouth of the river has attracted interest in its various points of opening and closing over the last 100 years, Duke Head at the west side being a benchmark location for the shifting mouth. The river has 41 tributaries including Dinninup Brook, Balingup Brook, St John Brook, Boyup ... read more
Alexandra Bridge
Alexandra Bridge
Alexandra Bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta January 11th 2012

Augusta 11th January 2012 Leaving Pemberton we headed directly for Augusta with plans to free camp some 30+ Klms north of Augusta on the Blackwood River at Alexandra Bridge. With nothing between Pemberton and Augusta we made a bee line through the forest to our next destination. Augusta is on the south western tip of Australia, situated on the banks of the Hardy Inlet, overlooking the mouth of the Blackwood River and the waters of Flinders Bay. Just beyond it lies Cape Leeuwin which divides the two oceans; the Southern Ocean to the south and the Indian Ocean to the west. Settled in 1830, Augusta is the State’s third oldest settlement. Augusta is a popular tourist and fishing destination and appeared to also have a population (pop 1200) that could best be described as spending their ... read more
Blackwood River
Blackwood River
Blackwood River

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