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Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 8th 2017

Well, we are just over a week away from heading off on our next big adventure and are very excited! The cruiser and campo have been given the tick of approval and most of the techo stuff/comms. are in order (sat phone, hand held radios….still deciding on the new mobile!!). Merlin has started his list for what to bring with him – novels, drawing books, games and of course, lego, bathers and his running gear. The biggest challenge now is how he fits it all in his bag. Chris is busy doing more research on where we can see all of the beautiful birds we want to see. He is downloading his bird apps, reluctantly working out which bird books have to stay home and packing all the camera gear. Of course I have multiple lists ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 3rd 2017

Day minus 1. No need to panic as the last moments approach because Lee is doing that for me. I think I'm pretty right as far as organisational details go. That means I'm either OK or in a state of denial but judging by financial outgoings lately I must be well and truly prepared. Let's get straight down to it. It's Quiz time. Who am I walking with? I will be walking in 4 countries. Name them (and I don't mean rename them! The names they have already suit me just fine.) Good.... read more
Paid. (The toughest part!)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 3rd 2017

Hi. This is a drop of a previous entry which utilised a different format. I think the new one is better but it may enable some readers (note I now have readers plural!) to catch up on recent ancient history. Better get used to the oxymoron use, someone unkindly mentioned the blog is written by an Aussie moron! Again have a read, have a catch up and get ready to go! Hope you enjoy this Travel iBlog entry.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD July 2nd 2017

One of my Mothers' day presents this year was High Tea at Melbourne's awesomely historic Windsor Hotel. Since 1883, the Windsor has served over two million afternoon teas. The hotel is located in Spring Street, across the road from Victoria's Parliament House and the Old Treasury Building. (Side note: if you ever get the opportunity, pop in to the Old Treasury Building. The displays tell the story about Melbourne's journey from the first white settlement, in 1836 through Victoria's gold rush of the 1850s and on to becoming reportedly the richest city in the world in the late 1800s. They best things about the Old Treasury Building? Firstly, it is totally free to visit, and secondly, being able to walk on floor made up of gold ingots (under perspex) with a ticker tape style display announcing ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong June 27th 2017

Noosa/Tewantin was a welcome break from watching the water tanks, checking the batteries and emptying the cassette. It came with the added bonus of Marg’s sister and brother in-law Alan having just arrived back from the gulf where they had been fishing – very successfully. We did our best to empty their freezer of the freshly caught barramundi, ‘finger mark’ trout, and of course the gigantic mud crabs, and Geoff even got to the point of asking when he was going to see meat again. The hospitality was great and the fish ...well, something you don’t get in Melbourne very often. Oh, I forgot to mention the prawns! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we were back on the road again heading south, as SWMBO was missing the girls and the central ... read more
Borumba Dam
Noosa River at sunset
Noosa River

Oceania » Australia » Victoria June 24th 2017

During the weekend, in the Dandenong Ranges, my middle son married his beautiful fiancé after 9 years together at Silvan’s Gum Gully Farm. I have been to Gum Gully Farm and came from different directions each time. It seems like it is in the middle of nowhere and mobile coverage is limited, but it's so worth it. There is a chapel where the service took place, the reception was held in the mud brick building that kept warm by two huge open fire places fuelled by massive logs of wood. Have a look at the website... I was too busy enjoying my son's wedding to take 'generic' photos. Speaking of photos, the wedding party went off for their photos, (ladies in gumboots) to the paddocks and to meet to animals, including a day old lamb. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 20th 2017

Just a quick post to round up the 2016-17 trip. The trip as a whole started in October and went like this: Bukit Fraser (Peninsular Malaysia) to Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) to northern India, then to Sri Lanka for a month (as an add-on due to the demonetisation disaster in India) and back to India for a couple of months (going south to north), then to Thailand briefly and through Cambodia for a couple of weeks to Vietnam where I stayed for three months. Ending the trip I headed back through Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia, for about a month total, and then flew to Melbourne where I spent just a few days before returning to New Zealand. I didn't spend long in Melbourne or do a lot whilst there, largely because Australia is so expensive. I mean, ... read more
Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) at Melbourne Museum
Megalania statue at Healesville
Burton's Legless Lizard (Lialis burtonis) at Healesville

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Sunbury (Australia) June 3rd 2017

Well it is time for the Last post for this Trip. Day 16 is the day we arrive home. We started this final leg in Renmark South Australia. Normally we would stir at around 7.30am but we had agreed the night before that we would leave by 7.30am. Well we had a great and warm night sleep in spite of the outside temperature plummeting to -3 degrees. Thanks to the well insulated cabins we did not suffer the rath of this freezing temperature. Anyhow we left the cabins at 6.45am. Everyone, including the grandchildren had some sort of final burst of energy to get going early. By 9am we had reached Mildura and had crossed the border to Victoria with little fuss. Mildura had those famous arches and we could not help ourselves and stopped at ... read more
My sister Tracey and breakfast
My brother in law Xavier and his bird friends
My son Paul in his usual pose

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Williamstown May 31st 2017

Two more sleeps before the Four Amigos start their epic adventure traversing the "Land of the Free". Visas and Insurance in order. We've all selected our "stallion" of choice. Degreased and cleaned. New shiny bits bought. The biggest question to answer still, do we use Road cleats or MTB? We've organised accommodation in LA, not sure if we have a car yet? Plenty of time for that. The nerves are starting to tingle as it sinks in that 5000kms is a bloody long way to pedal. Especially as we have 3 mountain ranges to cross before hitting Baltimore 5 weeks later. So let's introduce the Amgos . . . Amigo #1: Jeff Hilder: Age: Younger than he looks Description: Hasn't been big on training, except the one he caught back from Frankston last week. He will ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Sunbury (Australia) May 18th 2017

Hi everyone, we here we go again. Tonina and I are going on another 4X4 driving trip to the Red Centre of Australia. We will be taking our trusty Troop Carrier (Troopy), which by the way sleeps two comfortably in its expandable roof. We will be travelling with our son Paul, his wife Lisa and our three grandchildren. Also on this trip will be my sister and Tonina's brother and for those who don't know they are married to each other (in other words brother and sister married brother and sister). Anyhow with these three four wheel drives leaving on this trip we will be away from home for 16 days and in that time we will be travelling over 5,500 kilometers round trip. We will be travelling to the centre of Australia through mining country ... read more

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