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Oceania » Australia » Victoria August 20th 2015

From Werribee to Wyong Before leaving our Victorian base we were able to help out with some rubbish clearing as well as enjoying several bonfires. Having a commitment for 1 week’s work in Werribee in Winter-time had us questioning our sanity, but with Peter’s health checks all done and clear we set off to go via the scenic route (of course!) Travelling through country Victoria we made a beeline for Avoca. We have been here before; it’s in the Pyrenees Mountains area, which is one of the many wine-growing regions of the state. The weather was bitterly cold but some of the locals were getting around town in short sleeves. Avoca is a pretty little town with many well-preserved old buildings with storyboards to explain the history of each one. The area has a rich gold-mining ... read more
Clearing the "Creek Lease"
Avoca Chinese Gardens
Talbot Post Office

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Caulfield August 2nd 2015

Here! I have arrived at my destination in Melbourne! It seems as though I've lost a day. I've also lost my luggage. Well, the airline lost my luggage. Thank goodness I dressed warmly for the flights because it is much colder than I expected here, and I've been wearing the same outfit for three days. The airline got my luggage back to me yesterday along with $120 Australian for the trouble. I'm quickly realizing that $120 doesn't get you very far here. Regardless, they were very helpful throughout the entire process. Getting Here I met some great people along my way here. The first person I met was a world-travelling nanny from Prince George. I met her on my flight from Prince George to Vancouver and we chatted about child care and world travel the ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 31st 2015

..that's what license plates in Melbourne say about the state of Victoria. I've mentioned previously that most of license plates in Aus have different "definitions" of the state they belong to. Queensland is the Sunshine and Smart State, Northern Territory is the Outback Australia, South Australia is the Festival State. And Victoria is among others: The Place To Be, The Garden State, On the Move, and a worrying one saying Stay Alert - Stay Alive. I spent this week in the southern state of Victoria. Most of the time I was exploring Melbourne but also went for a day trip to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade with a friend. After the sun sets, penguins come to the shore and you can see them passing by quite close. Luckily for us the day stayed dry ... read more
Toy-like fairy penguins of Phillip Island
Altynbek and his girls :)
Yummy dinner with my new Kyrgyz friends ;)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Dandenong July 29th 2015

Well all good things have to come to an end, and so it is with this trip. We have been asked which was the best place we went to, and that has been a really hard question to answer. The fact of the matter is that Geoff would say that this was one of the best trips over all that we have done. At the end I will put in all the figures (so those that do not find that interesting can skip it). Suffice to say here that we have been pleased with the trip on a number of fronts; we are still talking to each other, the caravan performed well, the car performed well (mostly), and we visited places and stayed in places that we have not done before. We left you in Lightening ... read more
 Pilliga State Forest Sculptures track
Pilliga State Forest Sculptures track
Pilliga State Forest Sculptures track

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool July 15th 2015

My Great Ocean Road holiday on Australia's southeastern coast was an amazing experience. This road winds for 150 miles through the state of Victoria. The trip gave me the opportunity to enjoy nature, learn about Australia's history, shop and sample local cuisine.My adventure began when I landed at Melbourne Airport in Melbourne. I then headed southeast along the Great Ocean Road to Warrnambool . I chose a car hire as my means of transportation ( full list of all car hire providers in Warrnambool here ). This allowed me to stop at any place ... read more
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Tullamarine July 2nd 2015

Off again, this time to Croatia, Central and Eastern Europe, a cruise down the Danube to the Black Sea Delta then onto Turkey to see Gallipoli and home.... Out to the airport tonight for the long haul to Croatia via Dubai, Vienna, Split then hopefully to Hvar Island (off Split in Croatia) late on the 3rd July for 2 days (3 nights) of sun and fun. Will keep up blogs where I can get free WiFi so hopefully the Eastern Bloc is connected to the interweb these days (probably will have better connectivity than here.........). Hmm, how things can change. D day was meant to stand for departure day, but that all turned to shit and became disaster day. T the airport in plenty of time, in the lounge - all good. Until departure came and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 2nd 2015

The plan was to use Melbourne as a hub to get to the Great Ocean Walk and maybe into the nearby mountains as well. But given the sparse and expensive accommodations along the one-way trail (I decided not to take my tent) and the cold/wet/windy weather, I decided to spend 6 days in the city itself - walking to different neighborhoods, running through the parks and along the rivers, and eating at the many inexpensive Asian restaurants in the city center and Chinatown. It's not the most photogenic city and there aren't many sights, but I really enjoyed my time there. While the metropolitan area is sprawling, most areas of interest are in walking distance of Federation Square, where I stayed. I walked to each neighborhood, but there's a free tram that makes a loop near ... read more
Me at AFL game
Birds on field
The gallows in the Gaol

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool June 29th 2015

Well we are so close to the end. We have had a lovley couple of days here at Warrnambool, albeit very cold. But no rain so thats a bonus. We left Horsham for a nice drive down to Warrnambool. Only dampner was a stop over at Hamilton for lunch and the only thing opened was a noodle bar. Worst ever! A container full of 2 min noodles with out the flavour sachet, one prawn and one skinny bit of broccoli! Out of character for me, I went back in and asked the guy how he had the audacity to charge $13.50 for one prawn! Ha ha , he went right off at me! 5 prawn. my wife put in, you ask any body 5 prawn! Silly old buggar! I told him I know he's lying but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Horsham June 27th 2015

Greetings from Victoria! Yes we are officially back in our home state! And its getting colder and colder..... Brrrr Before we headed off from the beautiful city of Adelaide, we visited the Adelaide Zoo, just across the road from our digs, amongst the picturesque botanical gardens. Its not the biggest zoo we've seen but for the space they had available, it was pretty good. Apparently their sister zoo, at Manarto, houses all the larger range animals, lions, zebras, giraffes etc. But we managed to see a fair bit and its a stunning environment. One thing I especially loved was a giant Morten Bay fig that they planted there in 1878. It was a real ripper and formed part of the monkey enclosure! We visited the meer cats, otters, cassowaries, and hippos. The baboons were their usual ... read more
Adelaide zoo
Adelaide zoo
Adelaide zoo

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Cheltenham June 25th 2015

It is just 5 days until Leanne, Nathan and I head off on our 7 month adventure to Europe and South America. We have been thinking about this trip for ages, but never got the chance to make concrete plans until quite recently, so I guess that adds to our excitement. There is not much left to do; pack some more boxes, send the cars off to their new homes and hop on a plane on the 30th June. Even so, I know we will be busy until the very last minute. That is just the way we are! The plan is to spend over three months on each continent. We land in Heathrow first and have 6 days in England. Then off to Greece for about a month, but we have nothing booked anywhere so ... read more

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