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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Werribee February 25th 2015

On 14thJanuary we departed Mockinya to travel across to Werribee South for our first relief caravan park management assignment. On the way we travelled through Hamilton and Colac and had an overnight stop at Meredith Park on the northern shores of Lake Colac. At 17 degrees, with a strong wind blowing across the lake we found it difficult to remember that we were still in summer. Meredith Park is a really lovely spot and in better weather conditions it would make the perfect spot to spend a few days enjoying evening campfires. Werribee South Caravan Park is owned by the local council and has been under the Management of Brett and Julie Leech for 9 years. They have really cleaned the place up over that time and it is now quite a lovely little park. There ... read more
Peter's friend 'sitting' in the tree above our van

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat February 22nd 2015

Sunday, 22nd February 2015 A nice easy morning today and just after 0930 we drove into Ballarat about 8kms away from the caravan park. The road into town is named Remembrance Drive and it is lined with trees on both sides of the road, each with a plaque recognising a soldier who served in World War 1. It is 22kms long and has 3912 trees planted as an Avenue of Honour. Of these 528 were killed during or from their wounds. Our destination was the Sovereign Hill Outdoor Museum. This tells the story of the goldrush at Ballarat after the discovery of gold in 1851. Covering 25 hectares of a former gold mining site it has some of the original buildings still standing plus period replica buildings to make a village of the time. Activities such ... read more
Sovereign Hill
Wendouree Lake
The Australian Prisoners of War Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 22nd 2015

Melbourne is famous for its variable weather - one minute it is blistering hot and within minutes the temperature has dropped by 15 degrees and you're left shivering in the summery clothes that you had optimistically thought might last the whole day. Invariably when I see glimpses of the Melbourne Open, held in late January, I see some poor tennis players melting with heat and the debate is focussed on at what temperature should the games be stopped. However despite having visited Melbourne dozens of times, no matter what month I have been, I've been cold. My friends in Melbourne have noticed my luck with the weather rather gloomily in the past and when I visit it's not uncommon for them to say, "Well Rachael's coming, the weather is bound to be terrible". Well friends, the ... read more
Port Melbourne graffiti
Sherbrooke Forest
Beach at Port Melbourne - one of my favourite pieces of art

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 21st 2015

Spontaneous VS control freak I love being called crazy and spontaneous and I get a kick from the unexpected.I constantly seek of my drug and sometimes it's easy to get sometime I have to try harder or go further. To get a silly tattoo over a coffee, to jump out of an airplane or just go with the simple yet so hard art of flirting. I constantly need to be in the move and have a new plan ahead even if I rarely follow them up. My hart pumps fast when I tell my friends I booked a flight to The Philippines and Vietnam. Even though I loved every trip I made in it's own way I don't take it in until I'm there or its over. Even though after a year of traveling, seeing incredible ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 20th 2015

Well little did I know that my passport had to be valid for another 15 months and it expires after 14 months, oups. With 2,5 weeks left on my OZ visa and no chance of getting a new passport in time, the only reasonable thing to do was to call mom in the middle of the night in a panic attack. After a minor breakdown I started thinking where I should go instead, fb friends you have your moments. This was 2 days ago and today I'm sitting in partybox103 in South bank, Melbourne with flight tickets to The Philippines for a month and Vietnam for 3 weeks before I touch down in Sweden again after 15 months overseas. And I will depart in a week and a half, my ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 17th 2015

The weather is good, thank you Melbourne much appreciated, and we got a car so Partybox103 is going on another roadtrip. As the great planners we are we didn't really have any idea where to go, more a direction. And will you look at that we ended up in a maze literally and a freaking adventure forest. Still can't believe that this is my life, cruising 2.0. Next tattoo? Also fun to test out my driving skills after a year in the shades, driving on the left side is no problem, I got this! Okay so I might have been a tiny bit close to the edge sometimes but I can't even drive on the right side aka right side so you shouldn't expect t much. And all this before I started work and still got ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Port Melbourne February 15th 2015

G'day from down under, wow another hottie, but not complaining, lovely lovely lovely. Today we had arranged to meet a couple in Melbourne called Steve and Sue. Steve went to school and is a good friend of Steve the brickey who is Stu's friend and Steve the brickey and his wife V live a few doors down from us (are you still with me ?) So we had never met Steve (I'll call him Aussie Steve and Aussie Sue) and Sue before, so after getting in touch, met them in a pub called Young and Jackson in the city. Aussie Steve was wearing his Saints shirt so that we could recognise him. After chit chatting and all getting to know each other, the 6 of us (Brian and Sue) went to a roof top bar where ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 15th 2015

Saw quite a few of these type of campers on the road and also parked along the sea front at Apollo Bay and Lorne. This is the economy end of the camper range . . . we saw a lots more with inappropriate signage mentioning sex, drugs and rock & roll that could not be published !!!... read more
taken in Apollo Bay

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 15th 2015

Fran drove along the Great Ocean Highway to Apollo Bay which was full of twists and hairpin bends as the road followed the coast line. Every few kilometres there was a scenic pull in to view the lime stone coastline and blue colours of the sea. The Twelve Apostles was a rock formation tjat jutted out into the sea, but overvtime there were now seven Apostles, but still a good place to take pics. Apollo Bay was a small seaside town with shops on one side and beach on the other. As the accommodation did not have WiFi we sat next to the Tourist Information Centre and used theirs. We went to see the Koala Bears living in the trees and had to dodge the Japanese and Chinese tourists as they stopped anywhere to take pictures. ... read more
Spot the Koala in the tree
some more Koalas
our free WIFI spot in Apollo Bay

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 15th 2015

Hi, forgot to say that when we visited the public house called Young and Jacksons, we were told to look at a beautiful painting called 'Chloe' as it is very famous and is a Melbourne icon. The pub itself is lovely, nice decor, modern and old. We went upstairs to see famous 'Chloe', which apparently has been hanging there since 1900's. Yep, there it was, very impressive, not the sort of thing you would think would be hanging there, but very nice. There is history about Chloe, turns out she was a parisian's artist's model called Marie, aged about 19 years old and committed suicide. Not sure if that is true as it turned out she threw a party, boiled a soup of poisonous matches, drunk it and died, something to do with unrequited love !! ... read more

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