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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong April 21st 2008

Day 326 (16.2.08) and Day 327 (17.2.08) Saturday was filled with various jobs such as food shopping and rent paying so on Sunday we decided to make a day trip out to the Dandenongs so at least we felt like we’d made the most of our weekend. It turned out to be more of an afternoon trip as we enjoyed a bit of a lie-in before heading out! It’s said that, on a clear day, from the top of Mt. Dandenong you can see all the way back to Melbourne so we thought we’d find out if this really was the case. At the summit is a set-up called SkyHigh which enables you to enjoy the views whilst spending some money - tourism at it’s finest! The views from the top were spectacular as we found ... read more
In the maze...
Big Chair

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong April 4th 2008

Firstly we would like to apologise for the amount of time it has taken to create a new blog, but i'm sure you are all very patient people and don't mind the wait! We have done a lot in the last 2 weeks so we will put it all in this blog to save time. After a 6 hour flight with no sleep we arrived in Melbourne to be greeted by Adam (2nd Cousin). We were taken back to his house where we met Hanna, Rob and Emma and of course Angel the hyperactive dog! After a much needed sleep and shower we were treated to a huge lunch with Beer to help wash it down. Still feeling a little tired we felt the only way to reinvigerate ourselves was to use the hot worked ... read more
Our first Kangaroo
Before the Rain

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong April 27th 2006

Well we've both taught the last of our classes for about 10 weeks so now it's time to break loose! I hope we can manage to work out how to load photos etc. and that someone will read what we have to say. Also that it's not too much hassle at internet cafes. We'll see. Wonderful to hear from you Maria... more to follow. We are not going anywhere near the trouble in Egypt so yeas we are still going. Time to finish packing!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong April 26th 2006

Well Ed and I have two days of teaching to go then we have Friday off to do the last of our packing. Hopefully the kids are ok to take us to the airport on Saturday...given the amount of times we've taken them! Can't wait to land on foreign soil and begin our adventure! Weather in Paris looks fine, only 21 degrees but seems to be getting warmer.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong February 24th 2006

From any high point in Melbourne you can look to the east and see a range of mountains, the abundance of gum trees give them a hazy blue look so they are often called the blue Dandenongs. In this area are found some of Victorias favorite tourist sites , we were to visit three of them. The Dandenongs are rich in spectacular sights, massive trees, large tree ferns and pretty picnic sites where you can feed the local birds. As you climb higher into the mountains the scenery becomes very dramatic with deep gorges and rocky outcrops. Our first visit here was to the William Rickets Sanctuary. This is a fascinating place, which was the home of the late William Ricketts, a sculpter, who spent most of his life living with an aboriginal tribe. His work ... read more
William Ricketts sculpture
Puffing Billy

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong February 24th 2006

After our short break in ”Paradise” we landed in Melbourne, Australia, and were greeted with horrendous queues to get through customs. Two hours and a bit of queue jumping later, we met up with Duncan (June's son) who took us to June’s house in the Dandenong Mountains. The skies were grey as we drove through the suburbs and it felt very much like we'd returned to England. Fortunately it was just a blip and the weather went on to improve immensely. During our time here we spent most evenings sipping a cold beer and talking with June, Chris and Janet (June's daughter.) In between hospital visits our days were filled with walks in the nearby forest listening to the strange noise of the kookaburras and searching in vain for Lyre Birds. One day Melanie and Pud ... read more
Puffing Billy
Healdsville Sanctuary
Healdsville Sanctuary

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong February 20th 2006

Well, the day has finally arrived on which we take off across the seas, and, hopefully, land in the depths of Cambodia to start our thre week trek through (some of) South East Asia. It all started one night at Ricci's in Healesville. My little sister, Eva, my best friend, Helyna and myself were out for dinner, and Eva decided to start quizzing us on what we are going o do with our lives this year. Leens was about to take a job at the Healesville Sanctuary (don't know how she would have gone planning functions around kangaroos), and I "wanted" to buy a pad in the city and open a book shop/cafe St Kilda style. Picki told us what she thought - get real guys - and we ended up having the biggest heart-felt session ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong January 9th 2006

January 9th A beautiful day spent in the being, taking it as it comes, but now it is time to head for the hills, My Healseville mission is needing. Visit friends in Belgrave and ponder this locality even for my future studio. January 10th Healesville, Yarra Glen and surrounding plains, checked em all out as potential homelands. Healesville turns out to be Hicksville really…. far less alternative than I pictured, in fact not alternative at all. Returned to the burbs, I am lost again… and even in my awareness of this coming from seeking outside myself. A few hours to wallow but why do I doubt you my angels? Gratitude for confest friends, their open arms, and their welcoming, blessed temple home. Love & light to you T, I’m so totally chuffed that Ishi knew where ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong December 31st 2005

Vonnie's birthday, excruciating 44 degrees Celcius. Going up to Dandenong Mountain didn't help, the temperature was only a couple of degrees lower and the sun still burnt. Headed to Miss Marples' Tea Room, very quaint and rustic. Felt like I should be wearing a corset and sipping my tea very very lady-like. I didn't of course. Didn't even order tea. Checked out the shops there - the teapot shop. Okay, so I don't remember the exact name of the shop but it had damn a lot of teapots. Really cute animal ones too. Antique shop was interesting, like a big treasure chest. Shops here cater to very specific needs: lolly shop, coffee shop. ... read more
Inside the Tea Room.
Get ready for some real finds.

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