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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo April 7th 2015

3 BIG days at Bendigo was the best fun. They put on a great festival there plus the weather was perfect! Face painting, rides, kids activities, parade ect. From Hollys place (thanks Holly) in Bendigo to the Ladds in Mildura via Swan Hill on the 6th. Rained and cold in Mildura which was unusual and luckily we stayed inside at Linda, Olly, jack and dougs. Just one night in Midura and was great to catch up with the Ladds. The kids hit it off and played so well and Freya and Jack were like besties! In the morn went to Woodsies crystals. Kids had a ball in the crystal cave. Then off to Berri via Renmark. 1st bush camp! 2 nights at Martins Bend was so good. Checked out Berri and Renmark over 2 days. Next ... read more
Bendigo swing ride
Swan Hill

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo March 19th 2015

Day 26 – 18/3/2015 Went for a short drive to Kennington. Small reservoir with a beautiful walking track all the way around & opposite a shopping centre. Tried fishing for a short while with no touches. Water was dead still & not the greatest conditions for fishing. Hopefully will get another chance for a few casts, weather permitting. Spend the bulk of the rest of the day at Bendigo Hospital, having treatment on a growth on the bottom of my foot. Got some wonderful painkillers so hopefully things will improve quickly. Went for an evening walk down the road; with those brilliant painkillers I never felt a thing & was able to go quite a distance. Had noisy people on one side of us in the caravan park, so not the greatest night for sleeping. Day ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo March 17th 2015

Day 25 – 17/3/2015 Fuel top up at Echuca: 263.0km 34.54L $1.29.9/L Avg 13.1L/100km Departed Echuca at 9.30am. Arrived Bendigo at 10.55am. Spent nearly 2 1/2 hours driving from caravan park to caravan park, from one end of Bendigo to the other finding that almost all the parks were booked out due to a bowls tournament (will have to keep my eyes out for erratically driven cars with bowls hats in the back)! There ended up being 3 parks only with any vacancies. We ended up staying at the Central City Caravan Park. Sites are a bit tight, but it is quite neat & at least it is closer to facilities (under 5km from a nice trout lake, so might manage to get a bit of fishing in) than the others were (10 & 16km out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo November 23rd 2014

Wow so only 18 days to go! Getting super excited! My sister Jen and I have been counting down since 100 days so we are stoked to be at 18 already! I've started packing and gathering some final bits and pieces, making it seem all too real that we are actually going. We've been planning for about 2 years so it's definately been a long time coming! So for anyone who doesn't know I'll run you through the basic outline of our trip. We are heading to the US and a little bit of Canada over Christmas and new year, spending a white christmas in Whistler and new years eve in New York. These are the places we are going to in order: 1. Los Angeles 2. San Francisco 3. Whistler, Canada 4. New York 5. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo January 5th 2014

Tuesday 31st We drive a short distance to Albury/Wodonga and pull in at Australia Park by the Murray River. We take a walk along the bank and then return for lunch. We then drive to Dennis and Robyn’s house in Wodonga for New Year. We meet them and a few minutes later Tom and Dawn, Dennis’ cousin and wife arrive and we spend some time talking before their daughter and family arrive and we all take to the pool. Early evening and about 10 more people arrive and then the BBQ is started up. We talk to many of them and have a long chat to a couple, Frank and Pat who are English and moved here 45 years ago. All goes well and we only have our legs pulled a few times about the Test ... read more
Robyn, Dennis, Dawn & Tom
Farewell dinner
Lake Mulwala

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo May 31st 2013

It is never nice waking up in the middle of the night to a loud clap of thunder, especially when you are camping. But, we did and survived. We also booked in to stay a few more days while it poured over most of Victoria and NSW. The Weather Bureau forecast a nice start to Sunday, so we held on to the hope that their 'chocolate wheel' was in fine form. It was, Sunday morning was beautiful for packing up. We finally left Bendigo about 10am and started our trip towards home, through Shepparton and Benella, eventually getting on to the Hume Highway and travelling north. The Hume is an absolute beautiful piece of divided road. Great road surface, lots of rest stops and facilities and 110km speed limit. A great way to get from A ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo May 27th 2013

Last month the MYKI transport system changed and we were totally confused when catching our first bus in Bendigo, but we survived and ended up in the the big smoke. Its a very large regional centre, that has every facility and service you could imagine. It was quite nice just walking around playing tourist and admiring the sights. One thing we did notice, was a very large colony of flying foxes roosting in the park in the centre of town. There must have been thousands of the buggers all squabbling to find the best spot, and this was in the day time, when they should have been asleep. It was a tad scary walking under the trees, but we survived unscathed and more importantly, unmarked. There is a lot of history around this area and underneath ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo October 31st 2012

On our second day here, we began with breakfast at The Pancake Kitchen in downtown Ballarat. Scott and I both ordered the Country Breakfast which featured eggs, stewed tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, pancakes, and “an entire rasher of bacon,” which, as it turned out, is more bacon than I could even finish! A cute side note: when we asked the waitress where the maple syrup came from, she responded “Oh, it’s organic Vermont maple syrup from Canada.” From the lovely Pancake Kitchen we headed out of Ballarat, hitting the highway towards Bendigo, another gold mining town about the size of Ballarat two hours away. On the way we stopped for water at Castlemaine, a small town with some cute stores (these small towns remind me of the small towns in the mountains of Colorado – quaint, old, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo February 11th 2012

Friday 10th February - having had no reply from our friends at Nuggetty yet, we decided to travel to Castlemaine and Maldon anyway as today, was an ideal day for touring round. We can afford to hang around Bendigo for one extra day but, with a limited number of days left in our adventure, and still a lot we can do, we need to keep to a bit of a schedule. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up with them tomorrow. Today started gloriously although the forecast for the end of the day and the weekend isn’t so good. We made our way through the heart of Bendigo to get onto the Castlemaine road and it made us realise just how big Bendigo is. We passed through Kangaroo Flat and were soon on the outskirts of ... read more
Lunch and a healthy banana for Graham - making good use of a very ornate seat in Castlemaine
There's nothing like a cup of Bushell's tea!
Maldon - just as it was in the mid 1800s

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bendigo February 9th 2012

Tuesday 7h February started dry and bright although there was a fair bit of cloud about. We woke quite early because the exit barrier at the caravan park makes a noise when a vehicle travels over it and our current site is close to the exit/entrance. Many people in the park are residents and obviously start work early - we were aware of the barrier noise from about 6:00am onwards. We had no major tasks today except to get ready for a trip away from Melbourne – possibly our last trip on this voyage around Australia. We thought to head towards Bendigo tomorrow and to drift around North West Victoria before returning to Mansfield where the car and caravan would be put into storage. With that in mind, we decided to buy some covers for the ... read more
Back out in the Victorian courntryside
Sweetie on the road again after about 7 weeks in Melbourne
Example of the fine architecture in the centre of Bendigo

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