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May 27th 2013
Published: May 29th 2013
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Last month the MYKI transport system changed and we were totally confused when catching our first bus in Bendigo, but we survived and ended up in the the big smoke. Its a very large regional centre, that has every facility and service you could imagine. It was quite nice just walking around playing tourist and admiring the sights. One thing we did notice, was a very large colony of flying foxes roosting in the park in the centre of town. There must have been thousands of the buggers all squabbling to find the best spot, and this was in the day time, when they should have been asleep. It was a tad scary walking under the trees, but we survived unscathed and more importantly, unmarked.

There is a lot of history around this area and underneath the city is honeycombed with all the old gold mines from years gone by.

Another day, we rode two up on Heidi to Bridgewater, then left the main highway and travelled the backroads to Logan and Wedderburn. The roads were generally excellant if not very narrow and the scenery wonderful. It is amazing how the scenery can change from one area to another in a relatively short distance. All up we did in excess of 200kms, just cruising around the relatively small area of no more than 100 by 50km square. We made sure that we got back to camp before the afternoon chill settled in. (It cuts down a days ride when you wait for the frost/fog to disappear then ride and return before the afternoon chill arrives)

Our next big dilemma is where to head after here that isn't too cold or wet, as the forecast is for rain again in the coming days.

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2nd June 2013

Spirits sound high
It's great to hear you sounding so chipper and upbeat witht he great riding and relatively good weather. I hope it continues. It's great isn't it tyravelling without a set agenda so you can adapt to weather and desires. It seems so long since we've been in a big down that your talk about Bendigo made me a little jealous and home sick. Tomorrow we are of to dip out toe in NT (just a photo op) and then off to MT.Isa for a few days. Cheers stay well. PS, sorry I got a few blogs behind. I was in the dark zone.

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