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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 27th 2018

As the saying goes, things never go according to plan. Our trip to Tassie started off that way, as our transit flight to Melbourne got delayed, resulting in a later flight to Hobart, and a 4 hrs layover at the Airport. First of many such to come? You bet! After finally reaching Hobart Airport, we made our way to collect our 6-berth caravan, a pretty fuss-free experience with Maui. After which we went to Hobart CBD for some light sightseeing and supermarket-ing, before the weather turned for the worst. Downpours and lightning fills the sky. We ended up having dinner by the wharf, at Fish Frenzy, while awaiting for the rain to stop. We made our way to Hobart Discovery Park for the night thereafter. 2nd incid... read more
We did it! Dove Lake Trail
After Dinner at Hobart's Wharf
Berries and more berries

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 7th 2018

Tasmania 21 November - 7 December 2018 The excitement of the seahorses had hardly subsided before we were on the road again heading for Narawntapu, a National Park on the north coast just west of the Tamar Valley. Not really sure what to expect we were enticed there by it's description of itself as 'the Serengeti of Tasmania'. Rather an ambitious claim! When we arrived we met a couple in the car park who were experiencing a problem with their solar panel. It did not seem to be sending a charge to the battery. Jim had a look but I don't think there was anything they could do about it other than hope it was charging but not showing on the gauge. They asked us if we were going to stay overnight which was our plan ... read more
Narawntapu National Park at dusk
First venomous Copperhead snake
Second one squirmed across path

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Beauty Point November 20th 2018

Beauty Point, Tasmania 12 – 21 November 2018 Our flight from Melbourne to Hobart was early, 7.20am, so we had to book a taxi for 4.45 and we were at the airport by 5.15. We checked our bags in and the young lady taking them from us looked at our boarding cards and said that as Jim is tall would we like a free upgrade to an exit row and to share three seats between us to give us plenty of space. For a moment I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming. But no, it was real, and we had a very comfortable and short flight of just over an hour. A short taxi ride to TasCamper depot and we collected our Toyota Pop-up vehicle and by 10.00am we were on the road to ... read more
Another view of Tesselated Pavement
Hope he is going to wipe his paws
Big Joey

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires October 21st 2018

I would have liked to see the Tasmanian Devils but on the day when I was in Bicheno and wanted to see Devils in the Dark the tour wasn’t going ! Well that seemed to be my fate here in Tassie.... but if a tour isn’t going do it yourself became my motto . Originally I was going to do a 3 day mini bus tour of East Coast sandwiched between hospitality offered by two lovely ladies from 5W organisation. Then that tour was cancelled so nothing daunted I rented a car and set off myself and enjoyed stopping wherever I felt like it including a stop for Kate’s Farm famous berry pancakes. Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park was the target and after a long drive down the peninsula to Coles Bay the sun was ... read more
Coles Bay
Southern tip

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bruny Island September 4th 2018

A very cold start today, not helped that we aren't fully settled into our van with organising beds, making meals and packing. We'll get there. Headed off to Kettering to catch the ferry, plenty of time to regroup and work out what we are doing today. We saw the sign for Bruny Island Cheese and enjoyed the talk from one of the girls about the different cheeses. She's one of the many people we met who are originally from Brisbane/QLD. She was happy to put some of the freshly baked bread aside for us. Great range of local cheeses, beers and ciders and jams. We met up with our friends at the cruise centre where we were advised to put on the cold weather clothing provided by the operators at Bruny Island Cruises. Thank God for ... read more
Maybe Too Cold
Cold Weather Gear - We'll Need Them Later!
Sea Cave

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Huonville September 3rd 2018

Kevins breakfasts are a fulls days eating. Our waistlines have already increased! Early start today to pick up the campervan. This involved a bus out to the airport and then a short taxi ride. We used Go Cheap Campervans as they accepted the RACQ discounts. When I got there they said the van I wanted was unavailable and they gave me a upgrade to one that was only 1 month old! A 2 berth Toyota Hi Ace. Think Maxi taxi with a top. In and out within 30mins. Off back to town and in hindsight should have thrown the GPS out the window. "Yolla" we nicknamed her, only because the GPS took us to a small village called Yolla, in the middle of nowhere one late night, miles from where we wanted to go. Anyway Yolla ... read more
Who's for a snow ball fight
Loving my Icelandic Beanie
Mt Wellington - Snow Clouds Coming In

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart September 2nd 2018

An enormous breakfast from Kevin our host, washed down with 3 or 4 cups of tea and coffee, we enjoyed a lively chat with our fellow house guests. Before strolling back to the docks again to get our first tour underway. It was a hop on/hop off trip around Hobart. Highlights would have to be the incredible architecture of the houses and buildings from the early convict period of 1830 to 1860. Houses that you probably couldn't give away 30 yrs ago and now worth big money. Hobart is a very clean town. No litter or graffiti and no homeless people on street corners. Our tour guide kept up a lively conversation throughout. We got off and toured the Female Factory, Botanical Gardens and the Museum & Art Gallery. After the tour we stopped off for ... read more
Botanical Gardens
Daci and Daci Bakery
Hop on hop off

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart September 1st 2018

Up at stupid o'clock and finished packing. We got flight down to Melbourne and had 30 minutes to get to next flight to Hobart. Things went by clockwork. Caught the Skybus to the city centre. Hobart is built around the bay and it's quite hilly so the views would be fantastic. From Constitution Dock we booked the Reddecker tour for tomorrow. We decided to walk the 15 or 20 minutes to the bed and breakfast. On the way we passed some very interesting bars and restaurants. One of which, Institut Polaire we planned to hit later. Our accommodation at Lowena is a 5 bedroom older house. Kevin our host is a Chinaman from Shanghai made us feel welcome and gave us the rundown on where to eat etc. Local wines and cheese platters at Institut Polaire ... read more
Institut Polaire

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania August 31st 2018

Well we are off tomorrow for a trip around Tassie. I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Tasmania. We start in Hobart, a couple of days there and then we pick up the campervan and head south through Huonville via Mt Wellington. We'll go as far south as we can go before returning up to Kettering. A full gourmet day on Bruny Island with a couple of hours cruising the waters. Overnight in Hobart and off to Port Arthur via Richmond. Next up the East coast taking in Freycinet and Bay of Fires before we go over to Launceston. A couple of days around Launceston and we go to Cradle Mountain and then Stanley. Down thru Tarkune and then Strahan for a couple of days. Homeward stretch includes Lake Saint Clair, Mt Field ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart June 26th 2018

Festivals are my thing. The Dark Mofo festival, surrounding the two weeks of Winter Solstice, is an intense celebration of art and humanity. A mix of performance art, electronic thumps, sculpture, theater, in the streets, on the streets, under the streets. Read about the festival, including the man who was buried under the main road for three days, in this great BBC article: Dark Mofo The provocative festival changing Tasmania's reputation. The Center of the Festival is the Winter Feast Hall, where the food and drink vendors were trying to out craft each other. Each booth something so unique, fresh, local, and reasonably priced served under sparkling neon lights in a giant dock house draped in red velvet. In the distance, a four-piece band plays jazz from an elevated cutout in the velvet. Craft beers, local ... read more
Cheers! All reusable cups too.
Matthew Screiber
Loved this guys tunes

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