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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania February 15th 2019

Ab jetzt geht es für mich alleine weiter und das nächste Ziel stand an: Tasmanien… oder besser gesagt: Die europäische Variante von Australien. Zunächst mal wurde es kühler und obwohl es Sommer war und die Sonne schien, ging ein kühler Wind in Hobart, der größten Stadt in Tasmanien. Schuhe und Socken waren plötzlich notwendig. Glücklicherweise kam ich in ein ganz herzliches Hostel mit sehr viel Socialising, d.h. mit vielen Langzeitgästen, die Work&Travel machten oder in Hobart arbeiteten und dadurch dieses Hostel zu ihrem zweiten Zuhause gemacht haben. In Hobart musste ich mich erst einmal ein bisschen zurecht finden. Es ist eine unheimlich süße Hafenstadt, die ganz im Zeichen des Segelns steht. Das Klima hier ist rauer und es erinnert alles an den Norden Englands, Schottland oder Irland. So unternahm ich in den ersten Tagen erst einmal ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 27th 2018

As the saying goes, things never go according to plan. Our trip to Tassie started off that way, as our transit flight to Melbourne got delayed, resulting in a later flight to Hobart, and a 4 hrs layover at the Airport. First of many such to come? You bet! After finally reaching Hobart Airport, we made our way to collect our 6-berth caravan, a pretty fuss-free experience with Maui. After which we went to Hobart CBD for some light sightseeing and supermarket-ing, before the weather turned for the worst. Downpours and lightning fills the sky. We ended up having dinner by the wharf, at Fish Frenzy, while awaiting for the rain to stop. We made our way to Hobart Discovery Park for the night thereafter. 2nd incid... read more
We did it! Dove Lake Trail
After Dinner at Hobart's Wharf
Berries and more berries

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 7th 2018

Tasmania 21 November - 7 December 2018 The excitement of the seahorses had hardly subsided before we were on the road again heading for Narawntapu, a National Park on the north coast just west of the Tamar Valley. Not really sure what to expect we were enticed there by it's description of itself as 'the Serengeti of Tasmania'. Rather an ambitious claim! When we arrived we met a couple in the car park who were experiencing a problem with their solar panel. It did not seem to be sending a charge to the battery. Jim had a look but I don't think there was anything they could do about it other than hope it was charging but not showing on the gauge. They asked us if we were going to stay overnight which was our plan ... read more
Narawntapu National Park at dusk
First venomous Copperhead snake
Second one squirmed across path

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Beauty Point November 20th 2018

Beauty Point, Tasmania 12 – 21 November 2018 Our flight from Melbourne to Hobart was early, 7.20am, so we had to book a taxi for 4.45 and we were at the airport by 5.15. We checked our bags in and the young lady taking them from us looked at our boarding cards and said that as Jim is tall would we like a free upgrade to an exit row and to share three seats between us to give us plenty of space. For a moment I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming. But no, it was real, and we had a very comfortable and short flight of just over an hour. A short taxi ride to TasCamper depot and we collected our Toyota Pop-up vehicle and by 10.00am we were on the road to ... read more
Another view of Tesselated Pavement
Hope he is going to wipe his paws
Big Joey

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bay of Fires October 21st 2018

I would have liked to see the Tasmanian Devils but on the day when I was in Bicheno and wanted to see Devils in the Dark the tour wasn’t going ! Well that seemed to be my fate here in Tassie.... but if a tour isn’t going do it yourself became my motto . Originally I was going to do a 3 day mini bus tour of East Coast sandwiched between hospitality offered by two lovely ladies from 5W organisation. Then that tour was cancelled so nothing daunted I rented a car and set off myself and enjoyed stopping wherever I felt like it including a stop for Kate’s Farm famous berry pancakes. Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park was the target and after a long drive down the peninsula to Coles Bay the sun was ... read more
Coles Bay
Southern tip

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania September 9th 2018

Off to a latish start but made good time today. Bit of a miserable day but can't really complain. First stop was the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm for all thing delightful and raspberry! They were doing a roaring trade there. We stocked up on some raspberry jams, clothes and bought some ice creams. On leaving we noticed Van Diemans Land Ice Creamery. I have heard good things about them, so even though we were literally finishing off our raspberry ice creams as we drove in we just had to give these a go. OMG simply heaven in a cone! Every flavour known to man and some odd ones as well. We had heard from friends in Brisbane about the best place for scones is in Sheffield at The Old Scone Shop. Sadly they closed their doors ... read more
Dove Lake
Cradle Mountain
No pictures!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston September 8th 2018

We got stuck into the washing today at the Big4 Caravan Park, chatting to the other campers there and getting ourselves better organised. The Launceston Big 4 is huge although this time of year fairly empty. Like all the other van parks we've stayed at, it's pretty clean as well. I read about a Farmers Markets in the city centre and thought it would be a good idea for breakfast. We of course tried some cider. And why wouldn't you. We liked the Champagne cider from Bradys Outlook, a new entrant to the ever increasing number of cider makers in Tasmania. Bought a tallie for later. One of the things I had planned was a walking foodie tour of Launceston. I phoned to reconfirm and was told it had been cancelled as they wanted to get ... read more
Cataract Gorge Launceston

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania September 7th 2018

We took our time getting up today as we were heading over to the Mount Elephant Pancakes Shop which like alot of places in Tasmania don't open till 10.00am. It's a little out of our way, in fact we are going backwards but one of Katies clients highly recommended it. We had a chance to look around the caravan park here at Scamander and spied a few glamping tents. We agreed we are so trying these mini palaces next time. The owner was saying they intend to expand further up the hill and put in quite a few more as they should be popular. Nice trip up the range through to St. Marys. And the food at Mount Elephant Pancakes was totally worth the trip. Quite a quirky place, in a good way. We were the ... read more
Mount Elephant Pancakes!
Just another fantastic breakfast
Havin' a chat

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Freycinet National Park September 6th 2018

Well it went pear shaped from the word go. After checking yesterday that the Wineglass Bay cruise had plenty of spare seats, it looks like a busload of Chinese tourists rocked up and took all the seats! Another lesson learned, don't delay when booking. Unfortunately, they only run 1 cruise a day at this time of year and we didn't want to hang around or backtrack so we headed over to the National Park and went for a decent walk up to the top of the mountain. We were advised against doing the big walk up to the lookout by the ranger, as they had had some rain and the walk involved a far bit of scrambling over the granite boulders. The view from the top was incredible. Even though the weather was a bit iffy. ... read more
Walk up Freycinet National Park
Walk up Freycinet National Park
Walk up Freycinet National Park

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Port Arthur September 5th 2018

Off to a good start in the morning. We are getting much better organizing ourselves packing up beds and having breakfast, showering etc. First stop is up to Richmond to see the famous Richmond Bridge. The trip up was interesting as we saw what Hobart called peak hour traffic! Our GPS took us a round about way to get there, so saw many sheep properties and orchards. Still a bit nippy when we got there, so after a much needed cuppa we rugged up and went for a walk checking out the bridge and then a walk through a couple of old cemeteries and the Anglican church. Richmond does tourism very well. Hat tip to Ian Brown for the recommendation of Scallop Pies at the Richmond Bakery. We scoffed through a couple plus way too many ... read more
Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge
Richmond Bridge

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