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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania January 30th 2022

Hello everyone. After two years of basically going nowhere from Melbourne, we managed four weeks in Tasmania this January, 2022. I thought about writing a travel blog, but did not bother in the end. I certainly had enough material, with the things we did, people we met, funny situations and Ross's usual ascerbic wit. Anyway, we put my car on the Spirit of Tasmania and arrived in Devenport on December 30. We then spent new year's eve in Launceston, then travelled clockwise around the island. We covered Tamar Valley (wine), Bay of Fires, Bicheno, Freycinet National Park, Maria Island, Port Arthur and Tasman Peninsula, Hobart, Bruny Island, Mt Field National Park, Strahan, Stanley in the north West, Cradle Mountain, and then Loongana (Tasmanian devils and tiger quolls in the wild). For me, it was animal paradise, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 17th 2021

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour ~ Australian Proverb This blog covers Days 2 and 3 of our trip to the far south of Tasmania… to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. Franklin I absolutely loved waking up and taking in the early morning view of the misty Huon River from our attic bedroom window. It was like looking into an ever-changing real-life painting. It was a very special and beautiful start to our 15th Anniversary. By the time we had a quick breakfast and got going, the light had changed rather dramatically – the mist had lifted and the light was clear and strong. The only comparison I can make is the cloudless sunny bright day that magically appears after an early morning frost. I also loved our walks ... read more
franklin streetscape

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 16th 2021

Those who lose dreaming are lost ~ Aboriginal Australian Proverb This blog covers Day 1 of our trip to the far south of Tasmania. The main aim of this trip was to hike into South Cape Bay – the southernmost beach in Tasmania – located along the most southern tip of Tasmania’s South-West National Park. The trip would also take in the western half of the Huon Valley, after which we would drive south until we literally couldn’t drive any further! Tourism taglines in Tasmania often claim superlatives of the tallest, the longest, the oldest etc. While some claims may be accurate, most are quite tenuous… but there’s something rather endearing about it, and we have embraced the concept. We joked about how many ‘southernmost’ claimed places we’d be able to experience in the next few ... read more
summer kitchen bakery pies
summer kitchen bakery custard tart
apple orchard

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 15th 2021

We are all visitors to this time, this place ~ Aboriginal Australian Proverb This is a very different type of blog for us. Firstly, we won’t be writing it in a HE SAID... / SHE I (Ren) will be doing most of the writing with input from Andrew. Secondly, this Tasmanian trip will span the whole year, with day trips, long weekends and possibly week-long excursions being undertaken whenever we have the time. As is our usual routine before we travel, we’ve started immersing ourselves in books, films and TV shows about/set in Tasmania. Tasmania has many faces and moods, but it seems that many writers and directors have chosen to focus on stories about the bleak and austere aspects of island life. It’s even been given a title – Tassie Noir – a sub-genre ... read more
maps and brochures at the ready
worried jasper
carefree oliver

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 8th 2021

May as well be here we are as where we are ~ Aboriginal Australian Proverb Hello people! Between COVID issues sidelining most of the world last year and us being unpredictably crazy busy for 12 straight months, we’ve only just started thinking about travel again. When we returned from our overseas trip at the end of January 2020 (at the start of the coronavirus pandemic), we decided pretty much straight away that 2021 would be the year we focus on travelling locally in Tasmania – the little heart shaped island State at the bottom of Australia. Obviously no one could have possibly foreseen the chaos that has been unleashed on the planet over the last 15 or so months. However, we generally tend to err on the side of caution when making travel plans, because careful ... read more
map of tassie :)
travel viewing
travel reading

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Swansea February 26th 2021

On Wednesday we left Launceston about 9 am and headed to Swansea. I had checked on Google Maps and directed Fletcher to drive south as that was what I was shown was the quickest way. However, we had our first and last "disagreement" when he saw we were on an expressway heading south when we should have been on a scenic route going east. Much silence and grumpiness on both sides ensued until we reached St Mary's where we stopped for a coffee and "breakfäst". This consisted of sharing a quiche which must have been left over from yesterday! From here we headed east and after a quick stop at Fingal for fuel we reached the coast after a very windy road. Here we headed north to St Helen's which had been our original destination. The ... read more
foreshore at St Helen's
Marina at St helen's
The Lobster Shack at Bicheno

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston February 23rd 2021

From Cradle Mountain we set out about 9am and headed north.We were ultimately heading for Launceston, but decided to check out the north coast on the way. Our first destination was Burnie which only took us about an hour or so to get there. We drove into the city and headed towards the Harbour, however, nothing extraordinary struck us so we drove past the port and headed east. Fletcher had a great desire to visit Penguin, one, because he was intrigued by the name, but two, because there was an athletics track there. We drove along the coast road which was very scenic. Penguin was a great little town. We parked on the foreshore opposite a very attractive old wooden church. As we walked along the edge of a grassed area we soon saw how the ... read more
The Tardis
Library inside the police box
Giant Penguin

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston February 22nd 2021

We woke in Cradle Mountain to another glorious day. We have had beautiful weather during our trip and today was no exception. At about 9am we drove to the Visitor Centre at the entrance to the National Park, parked and walked to the bus stop. Here we boarded the bus which takes visitors to the various locations around the park. We decided to go first to the furthest destination which was Dove Lake. We alighted, signed in and then walked along the boardwalk to the shores of the lake. The scenery was breathtaking having the actual Cradle Mountain as the backdrop and we enjoyed sitting at the edge and taking in the view. We then walked towards Lake Lilla and were able to see the vista of that lake nestled in the mountainside.. But we are ... read more
Cradle Mountaiin Visitor Centre
Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain
Views of Dove Lake

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 21st 2021

Another early morning, as we had to drive into Queenstown to board the West Coast Wilderness Railway, which was scheduled to leave at 9am. We headed out on the road at 7-15am. The sun was just coming up and we had to drive straight into it, but the trip was uneventful and took about 40 minutes. We found a park and walked across to the station where we quickly were given our tickets and then made our way to Tracks Café for a coffee. We were told we were in the Heritage carriage, which was the premium one, so we looked forward to a great trip. We boarded at 8-45am and were greeted with a glass of bubbly from our hostess, Brooke. The carriage soon filled up with 16 of us altogether. There was also several ... read more
Enjoying our complimentary bubbly
Good Bubbly
Inside our carriage

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan February 18th 2021

Yesterday we left Hobart about 9-15 and set out on the Brooker Highway. We first travelled north but soon turned onto the Lyell Highway for our journey to the West Coast. The scenery along the way was ever changing. Along the Derwent river were beautiful spots, dotted with houses along the edge of the water. Then the outlook became rolling hills, some with vegetation but others glowing yellow in the morning sun. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and a mild temperature. Further along we entered dense woodland, with tall trees closely knitted together. We planned to stop at Derwent Bridge where Lake St Clair offers spectacular walks and interesting scenery/ We turned off the main road and after 5 Kms we came to the entrance to the National Park. We only planned ... read more
Mt Lyell at Queenstown
Ocean Beach
On board the Spirit of the Wild

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