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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan February 18th 2021

Yesterday we left Hobart about 9-15 and set out on the Brooker Highway. We first travelled north but soon turned onto the Lyell Highway for our journey to the West Coast. The scenery along the way was ever changing. Along the Derwent river were beautiful spots, dotted with houses along the edge of the water. Then the outlook became rolling hills, some with vegetation but others glowing yellow in the morning sun. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and a mild temperature. Further along we entered dense woodland, with tall trees closely knitted together. We planned to stop at Derwent Bridge where Lake St Clair offers spectacular walks and interesting scenery/ We turned off the main road and after 5 Kms we came to the entrance to the National Park. We only planned ... read more
Mt Lyell at Queenstown
Ocean Beach
On board the Spirit of the Wild

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan September 12th 2018

It blew a gale last night, bit of damage around the town but it looks like it blew itself out. The van certainly shook all night long. We had to be up and ready for the Gordon River Cruise. Fantastic ship, great crew and running commentary and we were well looked after. We saw the Sarah Island Penal Colony and did the journey out to Hells Gates at the mouth of the Gordon River. Great trip. Once we got back we had to hit the road straight away to make some miles, but first I wanted to go to Ocean Beach Road just outside of Strahan. Like Arthur River the ocean just roars in from the west all the way from Argentina. The afternoon turned gloomy again and it made Queenstown look very desolate and almost ... read more
Gordon River
Gordon River
Ocean Beach, Strahan

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan September 11th 2018

Well the plan was to take the gravel road from Arthur River to Corinna and save some time and go through some pretty remote country. But wiser heads prevailed and we went back the way we came to Wynyard and then travelled south via Rosebery where we stopped for some much needed cakes and coffee. We walked the track to Montezuma Falls. Great little trek, and learnt about the history of its making by the railway workers. Incredible the effort that went into the construction of the line. Running out of fuel we made it to Zeehan where there were no open bowsers and the automatic keypad was stuffed! I nursed the bus into Strahan on diesel fumes! Typically good caravan park at Strahan. We made it early enough in the day to have a wonder ... read more
Deer Farming West Coast Tasmania
Montezuma Falls, Roseberry
Montezuma Falls, Roseberry

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan December 23rd 2016

We had a really fabulous Christmas break travelling over to the West Coast. We spent our days walking, watching the sunset, and visiting Hydro dams. Very peaceful and relaxing. It's a special place, the West Coast of Tasmania and the people are a special group too; very resilient and capable. Of course, it cops a fair amount of criticism for the weather (lots of rain) but when you get a patch of good weather, there is hardly a place where you would prefer to be. Our first night was a bush camp near Derwent Bridge. From there, we drove ever closer to Queenstown, but this time with a difference. Previously, it has always been a rush getting from one place to another. This time was different - no rush. So we stopped and did all the ... read more
Sunset at Ocean Beach Strahan
Lake Mackintosh near Tullah
Mackintosh Dam near Tullah

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan July 23rd 2014

We had an early start this morning for our Gordon River Cruise because we were due at the cruise office down at Strahan Wharf at 8.00am for an 8.30am departure. The alarm was supposed to be set to go off at 6.30am, but didn't. Fortunately Bernie woke up at 6.31am anyway. He must have a Jack Reacher-like inbuilt alarm clock in his head? The weather was absolutely beautiful as we walked from Risby Cove around to the wharf. The sky was blue and the sun was rising into the sky behind Water Tower Hill. We could not have chosen a better day to be taking a Gordon River Cruise. As the Lady Jane Franklin II made her way out into Macquarie Habour the only blot on the horizon was a band of low cloud hanging over ... read more
Fish Farm
View from Sarah Island
Sarah Island

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan March 19th 2014

The people of Tasmania face an interesting and somewhat difficult situation, and it affects politics in parliament and talk over a beer at the local. Much of Tasmania is locked up against future development, particularly forestry. The result is that once busy timber milling and or wood chipping plants and their support towns have died. One small, remote coastal town, Strahan, seems to have survived rather than succumbed. The population there is only half what it was in its heyday, but is a living museum supporting 21st century enterprise. It seems odd that we talked to locals who have never ventured outside the Strahan, Zeehan and Queenstown region. One man said he avoids going to the bigger centres (Hobart or Launceston) because he finds the four lane roads too difficult to navigate. It is like they ... read more
Morning sky
Did you enjoy?

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan March 18th 2014

A driving adventure unfolded today as we headed north west from Hobart, aiming to reach Strahan over 2 days. Not many kilometres I hear you say, and as a bird would fly, a relatively short trip. The roads are great too, so, why so slow? Well, there are lots of things to look at along the way, and the roads are the opposite of the Nullarbor run. On the Nullarbor we kind of counted the few corners we drove around. On this trip, one is hard pressed to find a straight piece of road more than 200 meters long. It really is a fantastic drive, just slow. Much of the road winds through hills and forests, passes through little towns, and some interesting things to see off the main road. The aim was to be at ... read more
The road to Queenstown
Nelson Falls
Eagle on wall at The Wall

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan March 5th 2014

Thursday 5th March 2014. Heritage Cruise of MacQuarie Harbour & Gordon River, Strahan, Tasmania, Australia We had a cup of tea in our cabin and walked down to the jetty in Strahan. The boat was called The Eagle. We collected our boarding passes and went straight to our allocated seats inside the lower cabin. The Eagle is a fast, quiet, spacious and environmentally designed cruise ship for the Gordon River. The hull and engine design ensure minimal impact to the pristine wilderness, whilst the interior features create the best possible experience for passengers. There were interpretive facilities including maps, photographs and guidebooks and plenty of deck space to enjoy the freshest air. Once we had set off we managed to bag a couple of prime seats at the back out of the wind. We sailed off ... read more
4. D on the World Heritage Cruise Boat, Strahan
12. Bonnet Island Lighthouse, Gordon River Heritage Cruise
18. Entrance Island Lighthouse, Heritage Cruise Boat Trip

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan March 4th 2014

Wednesday 4th March 2014. Hobart to Strahan, Tasmania, Australia. We checked out of the hotel and made some enquiries as to whether we could have a different room when we returned on Friday. The guy on reception found us an en-suite in the middle of the building at the back which will hopefully be much quieter. There is no way we could sleep in that same room again. We set off in search of the place where we had breakfast in 2008. It is called the MacQuarrie Street Foodstore and we found it fairly easily. D had a stack of pancakes and a coffee while M settled for a bacon and egg roll and a cuppa. Replete, we set off on our drive to the wild west of Tasmania. First we headed towards Ellendale. On the ... read more
4. M at a Viewpoint Outside of Ellendale, Hobart to Strahan Drive
6. D Just had to take a photo of this Sign
7. View from Tarraleah Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Strahan November 11th 2012

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