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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley December 4th 2015

Getting to Tasmania from Adelaide involved a silly-o-clock get up to get a taxi outside the hotel at 4.00 am. Some people were still wending their way home after a night out and we were up, packed and ready to catch a plane! Richard Branson has quite an empire in Australia, and we caught one of his flights to Melbourne and transited to another from there to Hobart in Tasmania. There was another time change en route but there had been so many of these by now that I had given up trying to figure out the time back at home - I just kept my mobile on during the night so that I could see the time and turned it off during the day when I was pretty sure everyone at home would be asleep ... read more
Only us there - at Adelaide Airport
The Blue Meanie
New Norfolk, Tasmania

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley March 23rd 2014

We often comment on how time flies, and in an odd way the journey from Strahan to Stanley was rather like that. Not time based, but rather we were uncertain if we were flying through cloud with turbulence or driving through road works on an ultra wet and windy day. The showers slowed from time to time and we got the occasional glimpse of what would be a pilot's worst nightmare; rugged craggy mountains just visible through the clouds. Our intention was to go to Cradle Mountain, but we thought better of that and drove on to Burnie. It was still wet there off and on, and as the afternoon progressed, more on than off. Rather than stay there, we did a weather check (Elders Weather) and saw that Stanley was coming out of the fug ... read more
The Nut
Rocky Cape

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley February 4th 2013

After leaving the caravan park at Devonport this morning, we drove into town, first stopping at the Australian Weaving Mills. At their shop there were all sorts of towels, handtowels, washers, etc, curtains, sheets and doona etc., some with well-known brands. I bought some towels, quite reasonably priced. We then found a supermarket to do a foodshop and then drove out to where the Mersey River flows to the sea. It’s a deep river and a busy port nearby to the mouth, making it easy for the ships to get out to sea. Last time we were here, we parked at the same place and saw the Young Endeavour in full sail coming into the river. It was quite a low tide, which we hadn't seen there last time. We left Devonport and drove west along ... read more
Pretty country along the north west coast
Boat Harbour Beach
The Stanley Nut

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley November 7th 2012

This morning we headed west across Tassie's top end to the historic village of Stanley. Any visitor from the UK would have felt right at home in this neck of the woods with the cool air, grey skies and rolling green hills and paddocks. The purpose of the drive was to see 'The Nut', an ancient volcanic plug. On the outskirts of Stanley there were incredible views of The Nut. We soon moved to the base and decided to take the hike up and around this distinctive formation. There was no easing into it as the path took us up incredibly steep inclines from the get go. The energy spent making it to the top, and not taking the easy option of the chairlift, was well worth it as there was a panorama of the surrounding ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley November 7th 2012

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley February 1st 2012

What a lovely sunny morning! After a leisurely start, we climbed the Nut. It is a 152m high volcanic table-top formation that is about 13 million years old. It was a very steep, but only 15 minute, climb to the top. We walked the 2km circuit which boasts impressive views of the coast, village and surrounding countryside. We took the chairlift back down before heading down to Stanley Wharf where Dean did a bit of fishing.Alas, no bites today… We drove a substantial distance in the afternoon, all the way to Rosebery where we intended to stay the night. This mining village didn’t feel particularly safe, with everyone driving by in utes staring at the strangers, so we found a small rest area outside the village to park our van. Out came the sandalwood sticks as ... read more
120201 - dean and jax on the nut
120201 - stanley harbour fromt he nut
120201 - chairlift down the nut

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley January 31st 2012

What felt like day one (but, we suppose, is technically already day two) started off pretty cool. I got dressed in thermals and a woolen hat… but by mid-morning it was a lovely 20-something degrees. We decided to “do” Tassie anti-clockwise so we headed West through the seaside towns of Ulverstone, Burnie and Wynyard, to Stanley. Stanley is a fisherman’s village with a population of less than 500. Think old Victorian style, with Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe and many many cottages. It has an impressive rock formation backdrop called “The Nut” which we plan to climb tomorrow. It’s been VERY windy since we’ve arrived in Tassie… but the fact that it’s sunny makes that ok.... read more
120131 - burnie
120131 - stanley seafood
120131 - stanley architecture

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley February 18th 2011

We had a great back-to-basics start to our trip, spending 3 nights in the Snowy Mountains, cooking on an open fire and going on various walks. Driving on almost-deserted roads, we caught the chairlift up from Thredbo and walked to Mount Kosciuszko along the steel mesh pathway across the bog. We were prepared for the weathered mountains and low vegetation, but not having been here in summer before, we didn't expect to see so much water oozing out of the hills and running away. It is a fascinating landscape. We carried all the essentials - water, sunscreen, insect repellant (unfortunately no beer though) - but unfortunately left our commonsense behind, so we managed to get quite sunburnt anyway. Luckily the following day was overcast and drizzling a bit, so while it curtailed our walking a bit ... read more
Blocked road near Khankoban
Leven Canyon
Chairlift from Thredbo

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley December 9th 2010

"Launceston? Dont go there. Its a hole." Well im happy to report Launceston actually isnt a hole, contrary to what people have told me. I found enough to keep me entertained for two days while I worked out getting a car. I visited Cataract Gorge, which was cool. Also, I went to the park where the japaneese monkeys are... random, i know. Im not sure why or how they are there. (but they are in a cage, thankfully. Monkeys are so creepy.) I Did some wine tasting and saw alot of the countryside, thanks to my new friend Jacqui. So all in all it was pretty good. From there I headed north to Stanley. (sorry- Im about to sum up the last week in one entry) So I made it up to Stanley, a little seaside ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 8
Photo 4

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Stanley January 20th 2009

From Cradle Mountain, we drove up to the north coast and stopped briefly in Wynyard. We then went up to Table Cape Lookout before stopping for lunch (barbecued sausages) at Sisters Beach on the edge of Rocky Cape National Park. It was a lovely warm day, so after lunch we went for a swim at the beach, which had a few small waves and was also located next to an inlet, so was nice and sheltered too. Annelies and Thomas tried out their new boogie boards, bought with some of their Christmas money. We headed west again around mid-afternoon to stay for three nights at the Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park, located near the base of The Nut. That evening, a cool southwesterly change came through and the wind started blowing a gale, literally - a ... read more
The Nut, again
Two more nuts!
Marrawah-Green Point

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