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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara April 10th 2013

went on a tour of the lava tubes this morning, fantastic, helped by the fact the tour guide was a decendent of the original family who set up here in 1860 as cattlemen.Apart from the story of the lava tubes he gave us a great insight into life around here since the first settlers.The current family run the Endura Experiance which is very eco friendly and whilst aimed at the tourist industary is very well controled. The tour took just over 3 1/2 hrs and involved driving in a bus to the first tubes,private access is not allowed.We were given a commentary all about the formation of this land and how the ancient volcano's played a major role in it's shaping.Much was spoken about the current management of the land and the need to keep a ... read more
lava tubes jackie 036
lava tubes jackie 035
lava tubes jackie 034

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara April 9th 2013

Left Charters Towers and headed for Undara with a thought of maybe stopping over night halfway, a fairly uninteresrting trip along the Gregory development road, which is used by road trains of which we only saw 3 all going the other way. We did see several emu's and a dead pig along with heards of cattle.Stopped off at Greenvale road house for fuel and decided to give the campground a miss and so pushed on to Undara a total since leaving Charters Towers of some 400+ks. Apart from some sections only being single lane with gravel sides for moving over onto to alow someone to overtake or pass in the opposite direction the road was ok and allowed us to travell at 80k with the cruise control on, speed limit is 100k-110k. Arriving at Undara we ... read more
Undara and walk to Atkinson's lookout 031
Undara and walk to Atkinson's lookout 030
Undara and walk to Atkinson's lookout 029

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara October 31st 2012

Marg and Rob have just spent a few days at Undara, and will certainly visit again in the future. The savannah wilderness is such an interesting environment with great seasonal variations affecting the grasslands, birdlife and wildlife in general. If you haven't added Undara to your bucket list yet, then look through the photos and make a booking for 2013. Undara could be seen as remote, but the access roads right to the lodge are main sealed highways, and very well formed roads. The attached pictures tell the story better than I can write, but behind the pictures is a very dedicated team of eco tourist operators who go out of their way to assist in every way they can. There is a great variety of accomadation or camping sites for every type of camper. We ... read more
Undara Central at night
Dinner Menu at Undara Central
Undara Dinner

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara August 5th 2012

4thAugust 2012 We left our Adels Grove campsite at about 8:15am and headed towards Gregory Downs. We saw several wallabies on the way. A road train, approaching us, appeared to be in a rosy halo, with the sun coming from behind the big dust cloud. It’s a very dusty road, we had to pull over to let the dust settle. We got some fuel at Gregory Downs and continued on a back road through Augustus Downs station. There are some very flat grasslands around Gregory Downs and Augustus Downs, the paddocks go on forever and the sky is huge. There was a lot of roadkill, and masses of birds of prey consuming it. We saw a couple of wedge tailed eagles, and a vast number of kites. We also saw six emus, and of course herds ... read more
Archer Creek
Leichardt lagoon campsite
Emus near Gregory Downs

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara July 30th 2012

Today we took the Volcanic Valley Tour, a half-day trip around a number of lava tube sites. It started at 08:00 so we had an early bush breakfast with everything. The tour guide told us about the geology and geography of the landscape in the national park and surrounding areas. It turns out that the east coast of Australia is a long fault line that runs from Victoria in the south along the Great Dividing Range up to north Queensland where we are now. This part was stretched and then pushed together many tenths of million of years ago. Some eight to nine million years ago the same part got pressed together to form the mountain range and this sparked volcanic activity in many places. One of the latest volcano’s to erupt was Undara, some 200,000 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara July 29th 2012

The railway carriages we slept in were as uncomfortable as they were picturesque to look at. Curt was the only one to get a decent night sleep but this did not put of the boys and they surprised us at 06:10 with presents for our wedding anniversary. They had bought some very nice crystal slabs and a fossil stone artwork. We slowly got ready and went to the bush breakfast a few hundred meters into the wilderness. It was a true experience with coffee and tea out of a “billy”, a tin bucket, and bread toasted over an open fire to complement the bacon, sausages, eggs and vegetable stew. After breakfast we went to the reception to see if we could get two rooms next to each other. This was possible and we could even get ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara August 31st 2011

Geo: -18.2763, 144.602Rather than backtrack along the costal highway we wanted to head inland and see a little bit of the Queensland Outback (and spot some Roos in the wild). Having our very own Spaceship allowed us to stop and look around at any point the urge hit us. We tracked a Platypus (unsuccessfully) along a creek in Yungabura, photographed the world's most photographed tree, the Curtain Fig, in a nearby forest, we wandered through the "best mining museum in the southern hemisphere" in Herberton (convincing ourselves in the process that there must be a significant shortage of mining museums in the southern hemisphere) as well as a really nice heritage village in the same town.As we powered our Spaceship along increasingly isolated roads the topology changed dramatically and although we weren't in the Outback highlighted ... read more
Checking Us Out
Our Spaceship

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara August 15th 2011

Coffee Works in Mareeba – chocolate and coffee heaven. Thank God they have a website where you can order more. Tried a Stump Jumper – an espresso shot with whipped cream on top – quite a strong coffee, but worth the effort. Anthony has started his coffee experience – and may find that it keeps him addicted throughout his HSC days. Oh well, maybe he’ll learn how to brew it properly and make his parents one in the mornings. One can only hope! Windy Hill was the first windfarm in Qld. It was cold and extremely windy. Amazing to think that only 20 wind turbines provide power to 3,500 homes. Lunch was at Innot Hot Springs – we stopped by this small bridge that crossed a creek, wondering if this really was the place. But we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara August 20th 2009

DAY 287 Its 5.30am, I can hear a car outside trying to start, I don’t think it is a guest here it is over the way I think possibly has come from the staff quarters, so no doubt someone starting work early. I get back to sleep, with the thought on my mind that today we leave this comfortable and lovely railway carriage to get back into the rough, not that we have a bad bed in the trailer tent, it is just that a proper bed in a proper room is lovely. There is no rush this morning so we lie in a little longer, Andy had already gone to get a cup of tea and then got back into bed, we logged onto the internet to see what was happening on Kangaroo Jack, we ... read more
The Spinifex Dragon

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara August 19th 2009

DAY 286 The light was starting to appear through the window, a glass window, which is unusual I have not been able to do that for a while, usually I can see the light through the mosquito netting. The Kookaburra’s have already been in full chorus this morning, but here we are snug in bed, a proper bed with those lovely crisp white linen sheets, it felt lovely and cosy. I went back to sleep in comfortable knowledge that we were here tonight as well, so we could have a lie in this morning, no pressure to get up, pack up or move on. It was about 6.30 when I was awoken again by heavy footsteps outside on the platform next to our carriage, they walked past our door and bang heavily on the carriage ... read more
oozed or Spewed
Dense Bush land

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