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fredrik eriksson

Male, midd-40's, wife, children, dog.

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Noordwijk aan Zee February 16th 2014

A walk in the sand dunes of North-western Europe before we head of to the sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula. Weather is sunny, cool and windy.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport August 2nd 2012

August 1 We woke up early and had a simple breakfast at the hotel before checking out. We decided to go to the Tjapukai Aboriginal centre close to the airport as we had heard that it was very good. Unfortunately we had just missed a tour that would have been interesting but we had a look through the exposition and the shop. The boys got a free lesson in Didgeridoo playing and we bought ourselves some souvenirs before going to the airport. As we left Cairns we had a beautiful view of the rainforest covered mountains and the curing cost line, a beautiful reminder of our time up here. In Sydney we took a taxi to the hotel and check-in to a nice family room. After a typical bar dinner with a very special Chinese piano ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara July 30th 2012

Today we took the Volcanic Valley Tour, a half-day trip around a number of lava tube sites. It started at 08:00 so we had an early bush breakfast with everything. The tour guide told us about the geology and geography of the landscape in the national park and surrounding areas. It turns out that the east coast of Australia is a long fault line that runs from Victoria in the south along the Great Dividing Range up to north Queensland where we are now. This part was stretched and then pushed together many tenths of million of years ago. Some eight to nine million years ago the same part got pressed together to form the mountain range and this sparked volcanic activity in many places. One of the latest volcano’s to erupt was Undara, some 200,000 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Undara July 29th 2012

The railway carriages we slept in were as uncomfortable as they were picturesque to look at. Curt was the only one to get a decent night sleep but this did not put of the boys and they surprised us at 06:10 with presents for our wedding anniversary. They had bought some very nice crystal slabs and a fossil stone artwork. We slowly got ready and went to the bush breakfast a few hundred meters into the wilderness. It was a true experience with coffee and tea out of a “billy”, a tin bucket, and bread toasted over an open fire to complement the bacon, sausages, eggs and vegetable stew. After breakfast we went to the reception to see if we could get two rooms next to each other. This was possible and we could even get ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 28th 2012

Today we leave Port Douglas for Undara and the outback bush. We packed our bags and had a last breakfast of egg, sausage, baked beans, fried tomato, and toast before we got going. We drove on a small winding road up into the highlands that lay only a few kilometres from the coast. Once up on the Atherton tablelands we headed southwest and past through Mareeba and stopped for lunch in Atherton where we also visited the Crystal Cave. It is a nice shop and display of all type of stone and crystal materials. As we continued the landscape changed and the soil got a strong red colour, the vegetation changed to a savannah type with open grassland doted with trees. The distance between houses and fuel stations got longer and it was clear that we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas July 27th 2012

We woke op early to get ready to for the trip to the Great Barrier Reef. At 08:00 we arrived at the marina and boarded the Poseidon catamaran. We met a Dutchman, Herald, who lives and works as a dive master in Port Douglas and we had a nice chat with him. The weather was beautiful with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. On the way out to the reef we stopped a couple of times to watch humpback whales. It was a beautiful sight to see the whales bask in the sun and splash with their fins. On the reef we stopped at three different sites to watch the varied marine life. We saw hard and soft corral, anemones, and fish of all kind from small guppy like fish to a shark and a moray ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas July 26th 2012

We have spent two days at the beach in Port Douglas. It has been very nice to just swim in the ocean and lay on the beach. The boys got a beach rugby ball and played a lot with it. They also rented a large rubber tyre and a paddleboard and had a great time with it. We ended the day at a nice fish restaurant and tried some local fish and seafood. Among other things we had bay bug, a kind of clawless crayfish, which tasted very well. Tomorrow we will go to see the Great Barrier Reef and do some snorkelling.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas July 24th 2012

The weather was fair this morning, nice and warm compared to the last couple of weeks in the south. Curt and I went for a run on the beach and then we all had breakfast in the restaurant. As we ate we looked at things to do around Port Douglas and decided to go visit a rainforest and scenic railroad. For a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, which we really want to do, we need to book a few days in advance. It will have to be later in the week. The rainforest tour begun with a sky-rail, a type gondola, taking us above and through the rainforest canopy and ascending some 300 meters up into the highlands. There we had two stops to watch specific plants and we took a half-hour walk with an ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas July 23rd 2012

Alarm went at 3:15, there was no traffic as we drove to the airport and only 6 degrees outside. The check in went well and we managed to score a nice cappuccino before we took off. On the plane we all fell asleep again and arrived in Cairns at 9:15 am. On our way to our resort we made a stop at a Crocodile farm/zoo. It was very impressive to see how big they get and to learn about the different types of crocks. The most fearsome is the Salty, which is not really a correct name for it since they, like all crocodiles, mainly live in fresh water. The oldest and largest at the farm was a male of about 5.7 meters. He is the third largest in the world and has no teeth ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda July 22nd 2012

We had a nice breakfast in the hotel and went to see St. Kilda’s Sunday market after that. It was a nice art and artefact market, which we ended with some very nice ice cream. Then we took the train to a nice park where we did some Geo Caching and finally could leave a travel-bug that we took all the way from home. We did three of them al together and at three thirty realized that we missed lunch and went for a bite overlooking a lake where boats were sailing. When we came back to our place we saw the sun setting and went straight to the pier to hopefully see the little penguins come on land. There were lots of people and as it got dark we saw them coming on to the ... read more

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