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The Gott Family are on an 8 week extended trip through Australia's Queensland and Northern Territory. Imagine 8 weeks in a caravan with 3 boys!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bathurst September 17th 2011

The Final Hurrah - Week 8 of our adventure. The final week was all about heading for home. Along the way we visited a number of interesting cities: From Yulara (Uluru) to Cadney Homestead in SA. Coober Pedy - home of underground homes & opal mining. Port Augusta - Back to the coast. North coast of Australia to the south coast completed. Broken Hill - from Pro Hart to Sunset sculptures and 50s diners Cobar - overnight. Bathurst - overnigt. And finally home to Sydney. So many experiences ... lots of memories ... ... read more
Lunch in SA, somewhere
Welcome to Coober Pedy
Big Smiles heading underground in Coober Pedy

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 10th 2011

Greetings from Central Australia. Week 7 of our great journey has taken us to some weird and wonderful and spectacular places in Central Australia. We started the week driving past the Devil's Marbles (Karlu Karlu) ... on our way to the over hyped Whycliffe Wells (UFO Capital of Australia). On Father's Day, we headed to Alice Springs. Great place. We stayed 3 nights there. Finally we headed for Yulara - Ayers Rock Resort - the jumping off point to seeing Uluru and Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas). We are well and truly on the home stretch. But this was a major week in what should be a part of every Australian's destination file - almost a pilgrimage of sorts. One more week to go ....... read more
Anthony at Devil's Marbles
Family at Devil's Marbles
Aliens we found at Whycliffe Wells

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory September 3rd 2011

This week has been very much a Top End of Australia adventure. We were joined in Darwin by Judith (aka Mum, and Grandma). It was great to share our adventure with another person in the family for a few days. Saturday saw us drive from Katherine to Darwin, and pick up Grandma from the airport. Sunday was a day in Darwin - seeing the Darwin Museum, enjoying the Wave Lagoon, and finishing the night with sunset over Mindil Beach Markets. Monday was our Litchfield National Park adventure - diving in beautiful waterfalls, and visiting the Lost City (and breaking down). Tuesday was fixing the car in Darwin! Wednesday - the day of jumping crocodiles, and into Kakadu with an amazing sunset from Ubirr Thursday - we spent most of the day in Kakadu - visiting Yellow ... read more
Crowds at Mindil Beach
Sunset over Mindil Beach
Anthony & Dad at the Darwin Airport

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles September 3rd 2011

The Devil’s Marbles (also known as Karlu Karlu (round rocks) and Rainbow Serpents Eggs) are found in a slight diversion of the main Stuart Highway about 50k north of Whycliffe Well. It was a good place to stretch our legs after the 450+kms of driving through the morning and early afternoon. I was surprised at the beauty in these granite formations. Everywhere I looked, there was another formation with a boulder precariously leaning on another, or looking like it was just a round ball balancing on a flat piece of ground. After we had walked through and past a number of these formations, we drove off, wondering if this was it. We rounded the bend, and found the information billboard, which explained the significance of these to the local aboriginal people. These formations were much more ... read more

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Kakadu dreaming. Off we go from Darwin, happy to have enjoyed such a great time there. We headed toward Kakadu National Park. Our first stop along the way was the Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River Queen. As we cruised down the river, crocodiles would approach the boat, in the hope that they would get a treat of a hunk of pork dangled over the side of the boat. The tour operators had learned over the past 27 years that if you entice them enough, the crocodiles would jump out of the water to grab the meat. We fed about 15 crocodiles before turning around and heading back to the jetty. On our way back, we noticed a number of hawk like birds in the sky following us. That number increased ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin August 30th 2011

A tale of great service … Up early to check the car again. Once we turned off the previous evening, it wouldn’t restart. Nothing I could do would make our beloved Sonja Kluger restart. After checking with the office, and adding another night to our stay in Darwin, I started calling auto mechanics and auto electricians to try and book the car in. Most were booked solidly until Friday or even the following week. It wasn’t looking good. I called the NRMA road assistance line, and was put straight through to AANT. Within an hour, they had a contractor at the gates of the caravan park. He started our car, and verified that the battery was dead. It would have to be replaced. He asked me to follow him to his shop, and he’d get the ... read more

Today we headed to Litchfield National Park, about 130km south of Darwin. We had our lunch packed for a picnic, and our swimmers ready to explore some of the waterfalls and rock pools that had been recommended. Our first stop were the magnetic termite mounds. The magnetic termite builds these 2 metre high mounds and a blade shape. This is done to best take advantage of the environment in which they live – the sun beats down on the mound only in a few places, and it also catches the cooler wind currents. There were hundreds of these mounds in the field we could see. Across the road were the taller and more rounded cathedral termite mounds. The tallest we saw was over 5 metres. These have the appearance of a dribble castle that you might ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory August 27th 2011

Sunday the 21st of August found us in Mt Isa.....yes, there was Kmart which we were looking forward to(!) however, being Sunday it was closed! Monday was then the day for shopping, and the School of the Air visit. Tuesday the big day as we moved on and crossed into the Northern Territory via the Barkly Highway....long stretches of nothing except roadhouses to make sure you have petrol and have somewhere to stop over! Overnight at Barkly Homestead (caravan park out the back but they use a generator for electricity....runs all night!) Next day, 180kms to the Stuart Highway then left at Three Ways Roadhouse to head north to the Daly Waters Historic Pub (via only a few more roadhouses and the small town of Elliot). Interesting travelling so far when signs can only indicate hundreds ... read more
A long way from home...Mt Isa
Camooweal - small 'town' on the Qld/Nt border
And Roadhouse  signs kept coming from here...

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 26th 2011

Thursday, 25 August 2011 Driving even further today to Katherine. Thankfully today was a shorter drive and arrived into Katherine just after lunch. The boys are getting quite adept at setting up quickly. Katherine is NT’s 3rd largest city and full of modern conveniences, like Woollies (feels like home), and Macca’s. We visited the Tourist Information Centre to see what there was to do in this town. The Katherine Hot Springs were a hit – well manicured and landscaped. The hot springs flowed at about 32 degrees (so like a luke warm bath), over some rocks to make a small waterfall. The lower pool was deep enough to dive in. It was a nice spot to relax and rejuvenate the muscles. The Big 4 Low Level caravan park was another great park to stay in. Amenities, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland August 20th 2011

And so ends another exciting week on the Gott family adventures ... This week we ... Drove from Cairns to Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation Left Cairns and headed to Undara (and the Undara Experience) - walked through some lava tubes. Then we headed West to Karumba and the Gulf of Carpentaria Finished the week with Anthony's 16th birthday. All in all another great week. Enjoy the photos.... read more
Daintree Dreaming
Cape Tribulation Beach
Cape Trib Beach again

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