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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba October 2nd 2016

Saturday we planned to take a picnic lunch and drive around to some more beautiful spots in the town of Toowoomba. First Robert wanted to take me to a few more of the classic old Queensland style homes. One of these can be rented for special occasions such as parties, dinners and weddings. It is called "Gabbinbar House" and was once a private home and estate. Wandering around the grounds I said to Dwain, can you imagine living in a place like this about 100 years ago and wandering around the grounds?? It must have been fantastic. Then we visited the University of South Queensland which reminded me of the University of Victoria with the beautiful gardens surrounding the buildings. This is also where we wandered through the Japanese gardens.... read more
Queensland style home
Japanese Gardens
 Japanese Gardens

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 30th 2016

The city of Toowoomba, Queensland is located on a major highway into the interior from Brisbane, with heavy truck traffic right through the middle of town on the old main highway. For several years the government has been developing plans for a bypass highway to climb the escarpment by going around the city, and work has just recently commenced on this massive project. The bypass will not be far from Rob & Marge’s home, so we were able to observe the work and trace the process of cutting through the gum tree forest to build an 800 meter long viaduct and four-lane highway to climb the hill and get around the city. The entire project will be 41 km long and should be finished by the end of 2018.... read more
 Bypass excavation looking from Rob's house
 Bypass excavation through sitting room window
 Bypass excavation

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 30th 2016

Last Tuesday we packed our bags and moved from Yvonne’s house to Rob’s place in Toowoomba where we will stay for the rest of our time in Australia. Their house is up on the bluff where they get an expansive view over the escarpment toward the east. They graciously moved out of the master suite to give us the privilege of staying in there where we are very comfortable and able to enjoy the expansive views from the bedroom and sitting room windows. While here we have had opportunity to take day trips around Toowoomba and the surrounding area. I have enjoyed some of the old Queensland style homes that have been kept in good condition over the years. They have such character with the verandas and wrought iron work. We have also seen more modern, ... read more
Rob and Marge's home 02
Water tank and clothes line
View from Robert's House

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 28th 2016

On Sunday we had planned to meet up for lunch at Picnic Point in Toowoomba. It was a beautiful day, so we left Yvonne’s early to give us time to wander through Queens Park in Toowoomba and the beautiful gardens there before meeting for lunch. The more we drive around here, the more beautiful parks and gardens we see. Toowoomba is a city full of parks. The site for what is now Queens Park was originally used for grazing and a brick pit. In 1874 Mayor Groom launched a campaign to establish a botanic garden in this area. The Botanic Gardens were established in 1875. The site has evolved over the years to become today's beautiful Queens Park Gardens. Each year Toowoomba Regional Council’s gardener meticulously plans and plants a mix of favorite blooms and exotic ... read more
Picnic Point (3)
Picnic Point (4)
Picnic Point (1)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 26th 2016

As part of the Flower Festival a special excursion train ran from Toowoomba Central Station to the little station at Spring Bluff where steam powered coal trains used to stop halfway up the escarpment to take on water. The little station and stationmaster’s house have been preserved and beautiful flower gardens have been planted. Picnic tables and well-manicured lawns welcome day-trippers from the city. We enjoyed this little trip with Yvonne, Robert & Marge. The trip also gave us a clear perspective on the huge bypass highway being built to take truck traffic up the escarpment without going through the city. Ravensbourne is a National Park, and also an administrative area containing two man-made lakes: Lake Perseverance and Lake Cressbrook. In this quiet countryside setting we ran across kangaroos again, and a number of campers out ... read more
Gardens at Spring Bluff station
Sign at the station
Goana (2)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 22nd 2016

For 10 days from September 16 to 25, Toowoomba comes alive with flowers, food and fun. The Carnival of Flowers plays host to a whole series of fantastic Festivals, concerts, displays, special events and tours. On Saturday we joined thousands of people who lined the street to watch the Carnival Parade wind its way through the heart of the city, ending at Queen’s Park. This year’s theme is “Carnival Comes to Town – Laugh, Play, Hooray!” The parade did not start until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so we arrived in town to find a good viewing spot by 2 o’clock. We were entertained by performers, carnival characters, community groups and floral floats on their way to Queens Park. It was good to see how involved the community is in this event and interesting to ... read more
 Flower Festival parade
 Flower Festival parade
 Flower Festival parade

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 22nd 2016

Flower Garden Competition Around 100 stunning private gardens enter the Chronicle Garden Competition and are open for public viewing throughout the festival. Of course it was not possible to visit all of these gardens so we chose a few of the top prize winners. The patriotic and unique garden of Kevin and Dianna Drew won the title of 2016 City Reserve Grand Champion. We were amazed as we wandered through this beautiful and unique garden. Apparently Kevin is a collector of antique motor cars and had several on display in his garage. We also met Kevin’s sister, Bev who had a display of her beautiful quilting and “needle and thread painting” pictures for us to enjoy. It was a pleasure to talk to her and learn more about this new and unique art which involves sketching, ... read more
 Grand Champion garden
 Grand Champion garden
 Grand Champion garden

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba September 17th 2016

After spending the night in a Motel in Casino, NSW we set off on our trip to Toowoomba where Rob and Marge live and then on to Crows Nest to Yvonne's home. Instead of taking the most direct route, the plan was to go the scenic route along the Lions Road Border Loop and through the National Parks, Rain Forests and beautiful scenery of mountains and lowlands. It was a full day's drive which proved to be most spectacular and rewarding as we enjoyed the beauty of the rain forests and the variety of the animal and bird life. Rain forests cover less the 1% of Australia yet contain half of all Australian plant families and a third of their mammal and bird species. On our journey we were rewarded with a look at many varieties ... read more
Narrow bridges across the creeks.
A beautiful place for a picnic.
Picnic shelter

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba January 26th 2014

Just made it back from walking to Table Top Mountain and couldn't wait to post a few of the photo's. The views were as fantastic as ever and the walk was just as strenuous as Lyn remembers. As you will see from the photos, there isn't much, if any, flat track to walk on. It is all steep up or down and all rock from boulders to cliffs to large base ball size gravel, but that is half the fun. As it is the Australia Day holiday today, there was a lot of fellow walkers on the trail with a few of them piking out half way. Must be scared of heights. Any way, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we had tasking them and doing the walk. For the rest of the ... read more
01a The trail to Table Top Mountain (2)
02 Lyn the Mountain Climber
02a The trail to Table Top Mountain

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Toowoomba January 26th 2014

Australia Day in Toowoomba. Yesterday we decided to spend the day at the Australia Day celebrations at the Highfields Pioneer Village. What a great day it was. A lot of the exhibitions certainly took me back to when I was a kid growing up on a Dairy farm. They had a working dairy that was exactly the same as ours was back in the late 50's early 60's. Right down to the cream separator. See Photo. The weather was perfect with a large crowd turning up to celebrate Australia Day and see the historic village and all the exhibitions. They had everything you could have expected to see back 50 to 100 years ago on a farm or in a small town. Right down to the old butchers, post office, bank (included getting robbed by Ned ... read more

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