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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine April 5th 2016

Day trip to Mount Tamborine and Gold Coast - Surfer's Paradise and Main Beach.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine November 25th 2014

Sooo exhausted, and that's why I/we need a holiday! Bags are packed (since last weekend), all office is finished off left for no.1 to take over (wahhhhaaaaaa)!!! All clients will have to wait to hear the 'dulcet' tones of my sweet voice in January. This is a test email, just wanting to try things out before I take off...I have to say tho, some very funny thoughts are running through my head in terms of writing.I wonder if I will put them down, hope so, I'm having a chuckle at the thought!! We have ourselves ready for our Christmas Day train trek from Dijon to Annecy (France), and we have a surprise in store for all!..Of course we shall be having a christmas toast on the train with whoever we manage to 'intrigue' on the day, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine April 22nd 2014

Mount Tamborine is a short drive from Brisbane. The surrounding countryside is very beautiful. Mount Tamborine has a nice trail walk through a rain forest to Witches Falls. This walk was very pleasant and we enjoyed the many shades of green vegetation, the amazing trees and the forest noises. It was like visiting a different world. We came back to reality with a visit to a nearby boutique brewery and ended the day at a Thai restaurant in Brisbane.... read more
Park entrance
Val and Martin at Witches Falls
Val and myself at Witches Falls

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine September 22nd 2013

What can I say? I had very mixed feelings about coming to Australia… Ever since I was in high school I had dreams of coming to this country, a faraway land full of unusual creatures and constant sun... A massive country for that matter as well! I was wondering how it would be living there… Then with time this dream disappeared... As I grew up and became more reasonable and wiser (slightly wiser at least ;)) my attention was directed elsewhere… First of all I really love Europe! So many countries to visit, each of them very unique in its own way… Not to mention that you can lead a very comfortable life in Europe as well… When it comes to travelling my attention was directed a bit further away though… After watching movies, reading books ... read more
gorgeous sleepyhead at Daisy Hill
another incredible species of birds - rainbow lorikeets!
enjoying our skywalk experience at O'Reilly's! :)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine January 1st 2013

So the first day of 2013 and I find myself helping collect the eggs from the chickens and geese, being given a grand tour of the Mount Tambourine estate, with detailed descriptions and tasting of the majority of the fruit trees and vegetation on the land, and a quick hit at tennis on the court they have…all in my pyjamas (luckily they were shorts and tshirt!) Peter is a very enthusiastic about the land and everything on the property and apparently I didn’t have enough time to change….the chickens wait for no-one! After an hour or so and several rather large insect bites later I am finally rescued from the tour my Matt and Rowena who heard tennis being played and wanted to join in. We all headed back up to the house however and decided ... read more
Brisbane in the distance
In the den
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine May 12th 2011

I have just packed up my things after spending 4days enjoying the comfort of a full-length bed, sleeping on my stomach because I could fit and having a shower that didn't require me to wear thongs to prevent tinea or any other random health complaint known to travellers. I am now leaving the progressive city of Brisbane where I have been staying with good friends of mine I lived with in Port Douglas way back when. Before Brisbane I had the good sense to make my way up to Tamborine Mountains in QLD and take in the beauty of this area. Likened to Handorf by some, I can see some resemblence, although I think this area is a little quieter and rustic than the Adelaide Hills. Fortune was upon me in the mountains as the weather ... read more

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