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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 12th 2015

Trash-tastic!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong - it's not that I am tired of the beach, oh my no, but there are so many other things that this country has to offer, and I hope to see, do, experience, savour and soak up as much as possible before my time here runs out. Not long after arriving here in Hervey Bay, my bro and I were chatting about this and that. He and his wife have been living here for over 25 years, so have been able to introduce me to many aspects of day-to-day life Down Under - you know, the kind of stuff you don't find in the travel brochures. After touring my brother's workshop, discussing his projects and telling him about my renos and projects back home, the talk, naturally turned to garbage. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 5th 2015

After all the excitement of feeding the dolphins, I needed some quiet time. The last couple of weeks I have been with my brother and is wife in a small city called Hervey Bay, about 3 and a half hours north of Brisbane. I have enjoyed wandering around the neighbourhood, snapping pics of a variety of beautiful flowers, so omnipresent as to be taken for granted by the locals, but eliciting endless squeals of delight and unabashed hand-clapping from any Canadian who is fortunate to have escaped The Extreme North-American Deep Freeze, as I have. img= read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay December 27th 2014

The gap between my blog entries could mean many things. Perhaps I have not done, or seen, anything blog-worthy for weeks now. Possibly, I have been dashing around in an insane non-stop whirl-wind of extreme experiences, producing such an intense sensorial over-load and delirium as to render me incapable of even attempting to condense it all into a form that could be assimilated by Mere Mortals. Or maybe my computer fell out of the basket during my hot-air balloon ride over Sydney Harbour.........or was swallowed by a shark or a gator.....or was trampled by a stampede of 'roos in a mosh pit. But I have recovered from my sun-stroke and am back at the keyboard. Rather than try and recap the past few weeks chronologically, I have plucked photos here and there of things that caught ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay November 25th 2014

Hooroo Emerald it was 0615 and we were looking forward to tonight’s stop as it was to be coastal at our good friend Bobs place in Burrum Heads about 640 km down the track. We’d not been to this area before and we were definitely looking forward to getting a break from the hot Australian interior. Burrum Heads is a small town located at the mouth of the Burrum River and you get to enjoy views of Hervey Bay and the top end of Fraser Island. It is only a tad over a hundred k’s south of Bundaberg. Not much development happening so it has the look and feel of a destination that is relishing its opportunity to live in the past, not rocket in to the future like many other quaint villages have and are ... read more
Old cars on display
Burrum Heads
Old car

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay July 16th 2014

We woke early, 6.30am, to make sure we had enough time to have breakfast and pack everything up as we’d told the Council lady we would. We don’t want to risk getting a fine! The drive to Hervey Bay was quite quick, despite being during peak period and we got to the Marina half an hour early. We were asked to wait while they set the boat up and Andrew, one of the staff, gave some kids the left over bread from yesterday to feed the fish at the back of the boat. They had a lovely time and lots of small fish appeared from nowhere and quickly snapped up all the pieces. This kept us all entertained until we were given permission to board. The vessel was a catamaran named “Whalesong” which could hold about ... read more
The "Whalesong" Catamaran
A Tail Flick
An Offshore Bottle-nosed Dolphin

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay July 15th 2014

I was up early today and made porridge for breakfast and some sandwiches for lunch. We then drove to Hervey Bay and went into the Information Centre, where we were shown some scenic drives to take and told about a long pier that was interesting. While we were looking around, I heard someone booking a whale watching cruise with “Whalesong Cruises”. The clerk said that the cruises were on (despite what we’d been told at Noosa) and there were 10 pods in the bay so operators were giving guarantees of sightings, or you get another free trip. The cruise was for 5 ½ hours and included morning tea and a lunch buffet and cost $95 for Seniors. Although we’d seen two whales on the last cruise at Noosa, I still didn’t feel that I’d been up ... read more
Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay
The view from part way along Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay.
Crested Terns on Urangan Pier

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay December 28th 2013

This is my first blog, testing it before I leave home and sending to my other email adress... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay » Fraser Island December 15th 2013

Was waren wir inspiriert von Crocodile Dundee, Australien Open, Steve Irwin und vorallem den Erzählungen all derer, die vor uns schon in Down Under waren. Am 15.12. war es endlich soweit und wir durften die lange Reise antreten. Basel - Paris - Shanghai - Sydney - Brisbane. Nach langen aber angenehmen 37 Stunden sind wir am 17.12. in Brisbane angekommen und haben uns mit unseren Freunden, der Latzer Family, getroffen. Am nächsten Tag kam noch Dani Egli dazu und gemeinsam machten wir uns mit unseren Mobilehomes auf, die Ostküste zu erkunden. Der erste Halt führte uns nach Pialba bei Hervey Bay, von wo aus wir Fraser Island erkunden wollten. Dazu haben wir einen eignen 4WD Offroader gemietet, um die grösste Sandinsel der Welt mal so richtig umzupflügen. Da es tagelang nicht mehr geregnet hatte, war die ... read more
Welcome to Fraser
My beloved ones
Out of the Mahona Wreck

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay November 8th 2013

Being just 30 minutes off shore seems enough to keep Great Keppel Island off the tourist track. There were just a couple of dozen people on the ferry. As the boat pulled in to Fisherman's beach we were met by a battered 4x4 - it's there to take our bags not us! We walked with Jo up the beach to find our room, a permanent tent, set on a wooden base and under a wooden roof. The island is very unspoilt. All around are trees and the sound of bird song. Rainbow lorikeets join us at every meal and Jo explained how to keep our food secure from the possums who watch from the trees in the evenIng and then run around on the tent roof in the night. At breakfast a knee high bush plover ... read more
Great Keppel tent
Gill aka Beach bum
Rainbow lorikeets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay » Fraser Island July 15th 2013

Thank god our numerous per-trip lists are slowly but surely reducing. There are still a couple of issues (phone & pool filter) which are causing more grief than necessary ;) we've still got "a cupala days" to sort them though. Not only will we be celebrating the Blues after their win on Wednesday but also Pete's big six oh birthday - double celebration with Jen, Pete, Aby, Dan & Leny :D Thursday is dedicated to packing (love leaving that until the last minute) then fish & chip dinner at the Nursing Home with Os....then up, up and away Friday lunchtime to Sydney for an overnight stay at Rydges @ the airport - meet Lyn & Brian Saturday morning to check in, have breckie then a 10am departure to Johannesburg........ Only 5 sleeps......excited much... read more

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