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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay October 24th 2022

Throughout our six month caravan odyssey, we have clearly been looked after. Despite the weather having smashed Eastern Australia this year, we have only experienced around one week of rain in total, none of it torrential, even though places we have just been to or places we were planning to travel to have received significant rain totals, high winds and large hail stones. An example is the rainfall total for nearby Tin Can Bay for the last week has been 368 mm. We were originally planning to stay at a farm outside of Maryborough for a few days, however, the rain forecasts made it unwise to proceed with this plan. We changed our destination to Hervey Bay for three nights. On our way to Hervey Bay, we stopped off in Childers for lunch and a coffee, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay September 12th 2018

Since circumnavigating Australia I have taken a rest from the keyboard and detailing notes of our travels. This has been due to pure laziness and lack of drive to put pen to paper as it were. After returning to NZ in Jan 2018 Pete and I have done several house sits around NZ and explored the South Island for 2 months in a motorhome which was fantastic. We then had a beautiful holiday in Phuket, Thailand with our 3 kids which we all thoroughly enjoyed after not being together for 6 years! We are now back in Australia on a 4 month house sit in Hervey Bay, caring for a dog, cat and 4 chickens on 6 acres and having a great time what with 2 regular Trivia nights, line dancing for me and snooker for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay August 30th 2016

rWe have been visiting Hervey Bay off and on for over 20 years and have been amazed at its growth. Both the local population has grown, as has the tourist trade. The city has over 50,000 population, and at anytime, this sheltered bay attracts many visitors. Number one attraction during August to October is whale watching. The Southern Hump Back Whales migrate from Antarctic waters north as far as New Guinea for the birth of their young, and then head south from August. The north bound migration uses currents that by pass Hervey bay, where as the currents on the south bound leg bring these not so beautiful mammals into the bay. Mothers and their young seem to spend more time as they fatten up the young before heading into icy waters. The babies put on ... read more
Boys Toys - Hervey Bay Marina
Heading east to Fraser Island
Fraser fore shore

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay August 14th 2016

Geo: -25.2836, 152.836It was an early start for the drive up to Hervey Bay for our all day Whale watching trip, whilst we waited on the pontoon for everyone to assemble we were given buns to feed the Pelicans who had gathered obviously knowing a free meal was on hand. Hervey Bay is the Humpback Whale's nursery they come each year between July and November to give birth in these safe warm waters, so expectations are high. having set off we were given a briefing about what to expect the history of the area and what Whales we could possibly see, the vast majority being Humpbacks. The skipper and his wife put on a magnificent mid-morning spread of tea, coffee, scones, jam, and profiteroles. Shortly afterwards we were in amongst the Whales, it's difficult to describe ... read more
Breakfast for the Penguins
No you can't come with us
Hervey Bay Marina

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 5th 2016

Hervey bay has a moderate climate year round, but it can get hot mid summer as we experienced some years back. So, on hot days the Botanical Gardens always give a very pleasant cool and shady spot to enjoy. There are ponds with fountains, a quaint Bush Chapel, a Japanese Water Garden, a variety of birds to spot in and around the water ways, and many flowering trees and shrubs to enjoy. Probably, from our perspective, the best feature is the orchid display. On any day, you will see maybe 200 varieties of plants making this a very worthwhile spot to spend an hour or so. To keep this display fully up to scratch, it is backed up by green houses holding around 20,000 plants. Interspersed with the orchids are many unusual foliage plants, and we ... read more
The Orchid House
What put a smile on Marg's face?
Tiny Orchid

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 3rd 2016

It is a number of years since Marg and I visited Hervey Bay. This coastal city has a well earned reputation as the Whale Watching capital of the world - but not at this time of year. However, there were two new attractions that started this weekend in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast. Marg and I went down to the pier where the whale watching boats depart from to get some information from the Info Centre we had visited some years back. That had been relocated and instead we walked in on an opening ceremony of a new Art and Craft shop being run more or less as a co-operative amongst several local artisans. In fact, we ended up being their first official customers on the day, buying an original painting. I must say we ... read more
The official opening

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 26th 2016

As it's been a while since our last visit, we thought that we would whip over to Oz to see the family in Hervey Bay before Dave & Karen take off in their caravan again. Dave drove the 4 hours down to Brisbane to pick us up from the airport and Kaye & Geoff kindly moved out of their house and stayed on their boat in the nearby marina so that we could have their place all to ourselves. We felt very lucky. As the trip was basically a chance for Steve to spend maximum time with his brother and sister, the girls and I often grabbed the bikes and headed off to the pool for Jordan to train or we headed down to the waterfront for a coffee. On one of the first days, Mike ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 3rd 2016

The bus was almost empty when it picked us up and we were able to sit on the front seats again, which was great as it allowed us to see the views from all angles. We'd been lucky with the seats, generally. If space allows, some drivers don't like people to sit on the front four seats, to allow them a bit of 'personal space'. Others welcome the company and the price you have to pay for the best seats is usually that you have to chat with the driver. We didn't mind that at all, as we learned all sorts from them that we wouldn't have done if sitting elsewhere. Thankfully, Mr Grumpy was in a much better mood and was quite interesting to chat to. The bus seemed really ancient, with no bells or ... read more
Old Greyhound bus
En route to Hervey Bay
Maryborough, Queensland

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 23rd 2015

Arriving in the early morning in Hervey Bay, we went for a walk through this town known as the jewel of Queensland crown, which we didn't really understand. We thought it was a cosy town with a beautiful beach, but a town without a centre or nice bars along the beach, which is a shame. It is also a spot known for its best whale watching views. Unfortunately, we were there a few weeks too early, but we did get the chance to see a little possum in the tree! We were super excited seeing this cute little animal and coulnd't stop staring at it. Our stop in Hervey Bay was mainly to explore Fraser Island, which is the largest sand island in the world and the only one where a rainforest actually grows on sand. ... read more
Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay - Man with cockatoo on leash

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay January 12th 2015

Trash-tastic!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong - it's not that I am tired of the beach, oh my no, but there are so many other things that this country has to offer, and I hope to see, do, experience, savour and soak up as much as possible before my time here runs out. Not long after arriving here in Hervey Bay, my bro and I were chatting about this and that. He and his wife have been living here for over 25 years, so have been able to introduce me to many aspects of day-to-day life Down Under - you know, the kind of stuff you don't find in the travel brochures. After touring my brother's workshop, discussing his projects and telling him about my renos and projects back home, the talk, naturally turned to garbage. We ... read more

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