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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef January 7th 2008

Right, The start of my australian adventure was a rather wet one in more ways than is obvious form the photos. We flew into Cairns after a stop over in Darwin (meaning we couldn't take advantage of the ridiculously cheap booze at the duty free in Singapore -not a good start Oz, not good at all). When we finally arrived in cairns we thought we were part of an australian iniitiative to give all visiting brits a taste of their history -in that we were treated live convicts. For the simple fact that we were brits, travelling to Oz with absolutely no intention of working and staying for 3 months we were subjected to the deep and probing force of the Cairns customs officials... welcome to the land down under. Being interrogated by an australian official ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef January 2nd 2008

3 jours sur un bateau a plonger! Les photos que vous voyez sont les miennes. On a fait notre stage de plongeur avance et il a fallut faire des photos sous-marines. C'etait trop bien pendant ces 3 jours. Et meme pas malades sur le bateau!!! Quelle experience. 11 plongees, dont 2 de nuits et 4 pour notre stage. Et une plongee a 30 metres de fond!! We did our live-aboard for 3 days on a boat and also our advanced open water (11 dives, 4 for the course, 2 at night, 1 at 30 metres, 1 taking underwater photos - the ones you will see are mine!! ...). What an experience.... read more
notre cabine
L'ocean pacifique

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 20th 2007

Alrighty then, our day of diving has come and is now coming to an end. It was spectacular. Since Daniel was snorkeling we spent a lot of this trip doing our separate things but I'm still gonna say "we" about everything. We got on our boat a little after 8 this morning and this part was really hectic because we had to get our rental gear organized on the boat. This meant getting everything we needed ready along with the other 30 or so people who were also planning to dive. It was pretty early for us and I haven't done much diving in a while plus everything is measured differently here so all I could do was hope that I had all the right stuff for me (which I did). It took about 90 minutes ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 20th 2007

Efter en lang tur op ad kysten så vi frem til at par dage på revet. Vi havde købt en tur hvor vi skulle overnatte på båden ude på det ydre rev, med 7 snorkel ture på turen. Det var en fantastisk tur som vi virkelig nød. Alene det at slappe af ombord på båden, og blot nyde vejret ude på havet. Det var møgvejr i Cairns, men som snart vi nåede ud på havet klarede det op og blev super vejr. Bespisningen fejlede ikke noget ombord, så vi nød det virkelig. Vores første tur i vandet var super, og vi var vildt imponeret over det fantastiske rev. Vi havde jo snorklet i Key West 1½ år tidligere, men det kunne på ingen måde leve op til Great Barrier Reef. På vores anden tur svømmede en ... read more
SÃ¥ er vi klar
Photo 3
Photo 4

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 19th 2007

After leaving Ayers Rock I spent the best part of two hours peering down from 35,000 feet on the barren expanse that is Australia's 'outback'. The parched red soil continued as far as the eye could see, before the view was eventually interrupted by a layer of dense cloud. We broke through that cloud with half an hour of the flight left to reveal that the terracotta soil had been replaced by a new emerald world of rivers, lakes and farmland surrounded by dense rainforest. We were descending into Cairns, and the Tropics...... Getting off the plane, once again the humidity hit us like a bucket of water, and as we moved from the cool interior of the fuselage to the warm and sticky climate of Queensland the moisture instantly formed on our exposed skin making ... read more
Rainforests of Cape Tribulation.
It's a spider
Flying foxes (fruit bats)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 17th 2007

Am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! Today we are going via boat to the Great Barrier Reef - and I'm going to try diving again aswell! We head out to the boat jetty for our 7.30am start (getting earlier again!) and get on board the Ocean Freedom boat. We paid a bit extra for this trip as there were cheaper ones available, but this boat has quite low numbers so the boat is more spread out and also the diving ratio is 2 people to 1 instructor which I like as am quite nervous! We head out to the reef and at first we think that the water is not that clear and are worried that the visability will be poor. However as we reach our first stop at the Upolu Cay it all suddenly becomes clear. The cay ... read more
The Cay
Di looking good on the Reef
Us and the crew of Ocean Freedom

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 10th 2007

Awesome! I finally have some underwater photos to share! I got out to the GBR over a week ago and was fortunate enough to go diving 3 days - 8 dives! As you can imagine from the title, the totally awesome barrier reef was all about the reef and coral and VASTNESS and AWE of it all! I saw quite a few turtles, a handful of sharks, and some HUGE fishes! There were plenty of moral eels (love those creepy guys!) tiny nudibrachs and shrimp, and the schools of fish were overwhelming - in every direction - sometimes completely surrounding us! I have finally found my absolute weightless zen (neutral buoyancy) and have been super enjoying the feeling of complete weightlessness as an observer of this incredible underwater world! I did 5 dives in Port Douglas ... read more
Hi Mom!
Merry Christmas!
And a Happy New Year!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 6th 2007

So its been 6 weeks since I landed on the beautiful Heron Island .....and this time has flown by but also as intense as island life is - working living working working and then living ...all with the same people,,,,, is a soap opera in itself so 6 weeks feels like 6 months but still appreciating the beautiful nature and reef. Im not going to go into detail about working on the resort as i think resort work is pretty much 'resort work' wherever you go but the island itself with the baby noddys and the crying muttin birds and the thiefing rails is a world in itself.... Turtles are starting to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches , on your days off you can snorkel with reef sharks, sting rays , shovel nosed rays....go ... read more
Boat over to Heron Island
First day on the beach.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef December 4th 2007

Day 252 (04.12.07) Continuing our fun-filled Cairns style action holiday, today we would be taken beneath the waves to visit the famous Great Barrier Reef. We only had a day to see the reef and wanted to do a three dive day, only offered by about 3 of the seemingly hundreds of dive companies in Cairns. We went with another recommendation from Raging Thunder as everything had been great with them so far. Having had a bit of a nightmare with communication between various tour companies - it became apparent that our planned tour (kindly paid for by Ryan for our wedding prezzie) to Cape Tribulation had been booked and unbenown to us cancelled. This news came as a bit of a shock to us, however instead of our Cape Tribulation trip Ryan, we are thrilled ... read more
Diving the GBR
Diving the Barrier Reef
Diving the Barrier Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef November 19th 2007

Another early start, but this time we had to get to the reef terminal under our own steam; but we did have enough time for a quick brecky before departing at 8.00am for the reef. We went with an outfit called Sea Star in a very fast boat for 40, but there were only 12 of us aboard which made it ever so roomy. On the way out, around 8.30, we passed the van Gogh on the way in to Cairns from Darwin and M videoed them, just as they videoed us! At about 9.15 we arrived at Michaelmas Cay a small sandy island in the middle reef containing a bird sanctuary and limited island access (piccy attached) Sea Star are one of only 3 companies with a commercial permit to visit this island and we ... read more
Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef - D Snorkelling
Great Barrier Reef - M on the Quay

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