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December 10th 2007
Published: December 12th 2007
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Awesome! I finally have some underwater photos to share! I got out to the GBR over a week ago and was fortunate enough to go diving 3 days - 8 dives! As you can imagine from the title, the totally awesome barrier reef was all about the reef and coral and VASTNESS and AWE of it all! I saw quite a few turtles, a handful of sharks, and some HUGE fishes! There were plenty of moral eels (love those creepy guys!) tiny nudibrachs and shrimp, and the schools of fish were overwhelming - in every direction - sometimes completely surrounding us! I have finally found my absolute weightless zen (neutral buoyancy) and have been super enjoying the feeling of complete weightlessness as an observer of this incredible underwater world!

I did 5 dives in Port Douglas (about an hour north of Cairnes) and got to experience a few new things! One was a very very fun swim through cave - basically its two very tall walls of reef that start to converge near the top and a sliver of light shines through to light up the awesomeness of your surroundings and little fishes darting in and out of the crevasses! I also saw the biggest fish I've seen so far, a double headed parrotfish - HUGE with a HUGE bump on it's head! Crazy! I got all these pictures from my last dive, there are a few pics of me as well as fun things i saw over the last week! They are, as you can tell, professional photos = but i'd rather pay them to take pictures for me so that I enjoy my dive to the max!

Additional photos below
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Blue spotted manta!Blue spotted manta!
Blue spotted manta!

kind of cheating - i didn't see this on the GBR (it came on the photo disc from my dive boat!) but saw a few of these in borneo and they were my favorite!

12th December 2007

Awesome pic's
Hey Steph, thanks for the awesome underwater photos! You are certainly living your dream - live some for me, as well! I think I would pass out if I came that close to an eel - you're such a tomboy!!
12th December 2007

You are amazing!
I love getting all of your blogs and postcards. What an incredible time in your life! I'm so glad we all get to experience your journeys through these blogs. Be safe. Ho Ho Ho
13th December 2007

the most awesomest
gotta love your excitement in all of your blogs - love to read them!! .... was that santa hat superimposed? toooo funneeeee. merry christmas!
25th December 2007

and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Haven't heard anything from you in a while. I'm sure you're too busy building an underwater village to live in forever. Thats what I would be doing. Miss you. Happy Holidays. Laters Lin

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