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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 18th 2015

What an awesome place but a fair old way from civilisation, that however is one of many reasons for its great appeal. For those not in the know Adels Grove is located in North West Queensland. It is about 340 k’s NW of Mt Isa and about 160 k’s SW of Burketown, the Northern Territory border is maybe 80 k’s to the West. See We arrived just before mid April and had expected to be there until probably late September. The turnoff from the Barkly Highway at Julia Creek was only one lane wide most of the way, every now and then they had 2 or 3 kilometres of double lanes for overtaking purposes. The road was in reasonable nick but a bit bumpy but that’s no surprise hey? The bitumen ends about 30 k’s ... read more
Boodjamulla NP gorge
Upper gorge lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 18th 2015

As I mentioned in my Adels Grove blog I was going to do a small and separate blog for the birds of Adels Grove and surrounds, this is it. The pick in this lot is the elusive Purple Crowned Fairy Wren. Only the male gets the purple crown and this is around mating time – Spring time. Boodjamulla National Park is definitely one of the most popular spots to see these wrens. Because of this many birders come specifically to this area in the hope of capturing a view. Birders and I reckon I can safely say are very passionate, all of them, about their hobby/interest. I only managed to see and photograph just the one a week before finishing work there. To say I was pleased is a massive understatement. I am pretty happy with ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park October 16th 2012

As I type this, we are sitting in our roasting van awaiting help. Miles from civilisation, our van decided to spill oil and stop. For the mechanically minded out there, the drive end bearing on the rear differential has dropped out. Or, as Dean explained it to me, our two-wheel-drive vehicle is now a no-wheel-drive vehicle. With no mobile coverage, we were very lucky that a local came by within 5 minutes of our breakdown and gave Dean a lift to his house. Apparently the closest mechanic is 120km away so we’ve got a three hour wait. This doesn’t bode well… and on top of that, the inside of the van is covered in dust from the off-road driving, our side door will no longer open from the outside, and our tyres are looking very sorry ... read more
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121016 28
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Adel’s Grove/Lawn Hill National Park Leaving our camp outside of Doomadgee we headed towards Elizabeth Creek on a back road heading towards Lawn Hill and Adel’s Grove. After about 30klm we were wondering about the brilliance of this decision to head ‘off the beaten track’ as we seemed to be just travelling on station tracks. There were also plenty of turn offs where we could have just flipped a coin to decide which way to go. No, there were no signs! At about 44 klm we came to a T intersection (I use that term loosely, very loosely in fact), and as luck would have it there was a sign suggesting that Lawn Hill was 62klm to the left, so after a few sighs of relief we set off to find it. The tracks we followed ... read more
Lawn Hill Station country
Elizabeth Creek
Lawn Hill Station

31stJuly 2012 We left our campsite at about 8:30am. We fuelled up at Doomadgee roadhouse in the morning, then had morning tea near the Gregory River crossing. Mum and Dad have decided to go to Burketown to see if they can get repairs or parts for their van suspension, and then camp at Leichardt Lagoon until we rejoin them after our trip to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park in about 5 days. Mum and Dad were at Boodjamulla last year. So we parted ways just after 11am. We had lunch at a stopping point near Gregory Downs, and continued on to Adels Grove camp, arriving at about 3pm. We saw a flock of cattle egrets sitting among cattle on the way in, and also a wedge tailed eagle. Located in the remote north west highlands of ... read more
Indarri Falls
Lawnn Hill Gorge
Lawn Hill Gorge

Monday 25 June - Wed 27 June Leaving the beautiful environs of Gregory Downs and our camp on the Leichardt River, we headed West the 90 odd k’s to Adele’s Grove our home for the next 3 days. The initial part of the trip was a dust filled environment as we competed on the road with the three trailer road trains of the Century Zinc Mine, but thankfully we have made some inroads into reducing dust ingress into the trailer due to some more sealing of holes and cracks at Gregory Downs. Adele’s Grove is a beautiful camp site just 11 kilometres from Lawn Hill National Park and is an oasis in the dry and dusty surrounds. The cool waters of Lawn Hill Creek meander through the park, producing refreshing swimming holes and the myriad of ... read more
Island Stack Boodjamulla NP
From Wild Dog Dreaming walk track.
Walking to Wild Dog Dreaming with Richard, Kirsten and Boyd

Off we drove to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) a National Park in the very north west of Queensland. The road was rough with lots of corrugations and wash outs from the recent rain. We were going to take the shortest route which was a 4 x 4 track but 35km into it we came across the O’shanassy River which was not too high but flowing very fast and when Peter walked across to test the depth it was extremely slippery. Another factor which helped us decide against going across was that the backpackers who were tagging along with us would have surely followed and they were in a two wheel drive!? We did point out that it was a 4 x 4 track but they either didn’t understand English or didn’t care. So we turned around and ... read more
Cute Catch
Adel's Grove Camp
Canoeing the Lawn Hill Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 12th 2011

9-9-11 Went to Lawn Hill today & we all kayaked up the Lawn Hill Gorge. Even Margy made it, with a lot of pain in her rib, but she was not going to miss out. It was just beautiful; the waterfalls at the end were great. If anyone is going we suggest that you hire a canoe if you don’t take your own. They are $20 for 2 people for an hour. We had a picnic lunch & then headed back to Adel’s Grove. We did some packing up in the arvo, ready to go to Gregory Downs tomorrow. We had booked in for a Kingfish dinner at the tavern & it was delicious. 10-9-11 Off to Gregory Downs & this time we camped on the river, it was cooler today & was breezy, but not ... read more
3a   9-9-11  Kayaking up Lawn Hill Gorge
4   9-9-11  Kayaking up Lawn Hill Gorge
8   9-9-11  Kayaking up Lawn Hill Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 11th 2011

7-9-11 happy Birthday Merry, have a great day. We left Gregory Downs being told the road was good & sealed a lot of the way (NOT). It was rough & bumpy but better than the last time we went to Adel’s Grove. We got the vans through ok, with no trouble. We set up & all had a swim in the creek as it was very hot. Poor Margy, we hope she has not cracked a rib as she is very sore. It cooled down at night though. 8-9-11 today we kayaked up Adel’s Grove River & had a fish, no luck, even though another couple caught fish. Margy is still not well, so they had a lazy day. After lunch we went for another swim in the creek, very refreshing as it is 35 degrees. ... read more
28   7-9-11   Adels Grove
29   7-9-11   Adels Grove
30   7-9-11   Adels Grove

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park October 11th 2009

5th October - 11th October 2009 Lawn Hill National Park What can I say, I love this place. Never again do I want to go back into civilisation. Yes it's hot and dry and dusty.... but only a 2 minute walk from your campsite and you are by the river, the temperature drops by 5 degrees and you feel like you are in a true desert oasis (and you really are I guess). For miles around there is not a drop of water, no greenery, just sand and rock, then you come to the magical emerald waters of the Lawn Hill Creek. The Lawn Hill Gorge is formed by the Lawn Hill Creek which is fed by numerous freshwater springs from the limestone plateau to the west. It is truly a visual delight! I could swim ... read more
Indarri Falls
Croc bait
Ta ta lizard

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