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Day 113 - Lawn Hill National Park Considering it was the first time in about ten years that we’d slept in the back of a car, it wasn’t too bad at all! In fact we both agree that once you’d found a position where you could stretch out it was pretty darn good!! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not going to abandon the caravan or anything silly! Barry and Kath kindly offered Dar some hot water for a coffee to start the day and then we went for a shower. Surprisingly we didn’t wake up until five to eight so it was already too late for any of the big walks as we wanted to be able to do a bit of canoeing this morning too. The trick is to avoid doing strenuous things during the ... read more
That's the way to start the morning, a good climb up a stack
Great walking country
Stunning views from the Island Stack walk

Day 112 - Burke & Wills Roadhouse to Lawn Hill Unsurprisingly the party mood went on long into the night, the cowboys n cowgals were certainly making the most of their well earned time off! There were some strange noises outside in the early hours but you just needed to push it to the back of your mind and nod back off to sleep! The alarm went off at 7am so we finished getting ready for the road trip then went to grab a shower. Late last night I decided to put half a load of washing on and to my delight it’s a) still hanging on the line in one piece and b) bone dry already! The dribble in the showers was hard work but we figured it was just getting us ready for ‘roughing ... read more
The McAdams with BED51T
Beautiful Brother
The camp drafters were up and at it early

DAY 270 This morning Andy has a little lie in, he did not sleep too well so while he sleeps I get up and put the kettle on, the birds are tweeting broken up by the occasional squawk, it is cool this morning, in a way just right. The tea is made and Andy surfaces, I did offer him the cup of tea in bed but he declined. We sit at the table and discuss our plans while we drink tea, the maps are out, the calculator is out so that we can calculate mileage and fuel useage to Normanton via the Burke and Wills Roadhouse (mainly bitumen) or take the dirt road up to Burke Town and continue the Savannah Way. Should we stay and relax for another day or do we take a slow ... read more
Savannah Highway
Kenworth Roadtrain
Savannah Highway

DAY 269 We awoke fairly early it was still dark, we could hear barking in the distance, we listened, it is not the normal barking of a dog and dingo’s don’t bark, they howl, we think that what we can hear are Barking Owls. If you listen one barks then the other one barks, we have been told that they come in pairs, we are definitely listening to a pair of Barking Owls. Andy is restless and he is keeping me awake but finally he says at 6.30 that he is going for a shower and a shave, great I can have a bit longer in bed and some peace and quiet, if I was being a really good wife, then I would get out of bed and put the kettle on so that Andy has ... read more
Fantastic water
Return through the Gorge
Our shady spot

DAY 268 We awoke fortunately where we had gone to sleep last night which was at Kingfisher Camp, we had gone to bed at around 9.00 I was tired from the off road driving all day, but Caroline wanted to do some “Brain Training”, I’m sure its like trying to teach a walnut how to play the Saxophone. The night was cool so it was on with the extra blanket, but again the moon and stars where just spectacular. Still without any gas, we surfaced, and as soon as we emerged from the trailer our neighbours were putting their Billy on and asked us if we wanted some hot water for our morning tea. We thank them profusely. See what goes around comes around, we used to boil our kettle for Jo and Laurie, the ... read more
Donkey Boiler
The track to Lawn Hill
Following our neighbours

Fuelled up and drove to Winton, stopped for a hat pin for Alex and while Kate was trying to choose a glass heart keyring, bumped into Richard and Di (the Ulty owners from Townsville). They are camped out at Bladensburg NP right by the river. Followed them out of town and set up - beautiful. There were other kids swinging on a river and jumping in the river. Kate and Alex looked on dubiously until Alex finally plucked up the courage. He loved it. Kate decided to swing, but not go in the water, so only had her t-shirt and shorts on. She let go of the stick to readjust, and fell like a stone into the water. Screamed her head off, it was pretty cold and she didn’t want to get wet. I was so ... read more
View of Mt Isa
Mt Isa Campsite
Ibis in Gregory River

We arrived in Winton and we bumped into Richard & Di, people that own an Ultimate Camper. We camped out at Bladensburg National Park where they were camped. We saw some kids swinging off a rope with a stick into the river. We wanted to have a go, but we were too chicken to. When some of the kids left, we had a go. I was the first to have a go, out of Kate and I. I did a backflip into the water from the rope - it was fun. Went through Cloncurry and camped outside Mt. Isa. In the morning drove to Lawn Hill National Park. We saw some fossils and went on a walk there. On the way down from the gorge walk, I slipped off a rock and grazed the top of ... read more
Snake running off road in Lawn Hill NP
Lawn Hill Gorge
Savannah Way

On Saturday we headed out fairly early as we had a long drive to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park via Burketown, Gregory Downs, and Adels Grove. About 30 kilometres out of Normanton, we stopped to have a look at the Burke and Wills - Camp 119, the most northerly camp of the fateful Burke and Wills expedition of 1860/61, which we found very interesting. Further along The Savannah Way , we also stopped to have a look at Leichardt Falls. The gravel road from Normanton to here was in good nick as it had recently been graded. To view Leichardt Falls we had to take a short track along Leichardt Creek, but it was only a couple of hundred metres off the main road - the falls weren't visible from the main road so it would ... read more
Burke & Wills Camp 119
Indarri Falls
Sunset at Constance Range

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