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Gill Lee

We are leaving very early Friday morning to beat the City traffic. Hopefully Car & Camper will be all packed and aim to spend our first night in NSW somewhere. Yeah! See you all later when the weather is warmer. xx

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Kingscliff September 2nd 2009

We set up camp and went to get details regarding the theme parks etc. Thursday was washing day, with 2 full loads of washing while the kids did some schoolwork. Relaxed, went to the shop for a street directory, theme park tickets and groceries. Had an appointment on Friday, lunch at the park and met with a friend for coffee in the afternoon. The kids were up early Saturday morning for Dreamworld and White Water World. 5.30am Alex woke, but waited until 6am to wake us. We had a countdown to when we could leave. It was quite amusing to watch then get frustrated when we wouldn’t hurry to get ready. We arrived to find the queue still rather small and an attendant saw our RACQ ticket and ushered us to a side entry for early ... read more
Dreamworld - Kate & Rod - The Cyclone
Dreamworld - let me out??
Dreamworld - Kate Wanted!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast » Upper Coomera August 26th 2009

We made sure we were up early to catch the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful and we took many photos at each stage. The beach is so calm early in the morning, especially near high tide. The hire cars aren’t allowed on the beach 2hrs either side of high tide. This morning high tide was supposed to be 10.50am, obviously people weren’t up and about before 9am - except for a few fishermen to travel along the beach, so we had it mainly to ourselves. Alex asked for the shovel to dig and Rod ended up digging his own hole, then Alex watched whilst Rod buried his legs. They then progressed to the water line. I watched for traffic, and called out when there was a car. The soft sand was hard work as the ... read more
Digging at the Beach
Digging at the Beach - Watch out for that bus!
Rod half buried - leaning on a angle

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 23rd 2009

Got up early to see the sunrise over the ocean. Eventually the kids got up and we went for a walk along the beach before many cars were about. Back to camp and the kids were digging holes in the sand bank and got Rod to stand on top and laughed as the bank collapsed from under him. Rod and I sat on chair to watch the passing parade while the kids ran in and out of the waves. Kate got changed into her bathers and pretty soon Alex stripped off his shirt, laughing and jumping the waves. Next they were started digging, making sand volcanoes. High tide wasn’t that high - compared to previous high tides, so we got some bread from the bakery and headed off to Lake McKenzie before too many people were ... read more
Sunrise at Fraser
Campsite - Rod falling for Kate's hole in the sandbank
Eastern Beach Campsite - chairs out front

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 22nd 2009

Got up, had breakfast and headed down to check out what campsite we would move to. Our original site is available, so we left a chair to hold the site and headed back to Central Station to pack up and move the camper. There is usually someone stuck on a track all the time, and this time was no different. Luckily we had followed a group of 3 travelling from NSW who were also going to beach camp and as they had no trailer, pulled the car out. Continued on and parked the camper. All was good until as I went to sweep the steps, noticed we had lost a leg for the steps somewhere between the beach and our last camp - 25minutes drive away. Used a block of wood and Rod will design a ... read more
Central Station - Kate on a log over the creek
Central Station - Kookaburra
Central Station - Blue wing Kookaburra

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 21st 2009

Drove to beach & checked emails at Eurong. Up past Eli Creek to Woralie Road to see Knifeblade Sandblow lookout then on to Lake Allom. We walked around the lake and then stopped at the steps to see the turtles. When Rod & I were on Fraser 15 years ago we only saw a few turtles. There must have been 40 or 50 that we could see. The kids tried standing in the water to see if they would come up to them, but the turtles were too scared of them and stayed about 1m away. We had a ball there, probably spent 2 hours walking around the walk and watching turtles - some up close and personal. Alex was asking if he could have a pet turtle when we get home, he had enjoyed himself ... read more
Trouble & Trouble caught in action
Rod, Alex & Kate looking for turtles
A turtle up close and personal

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 20th 2009

Left camp and headed for Eurong and saw a big yellow tractor (the Caterpillar brand) on the road. When there was a pull-off at the side of the road he let us get past him. Along the beach and checked out the campsite at One Tree Rocks - still empty. We just can’t give up the toilets and showers yet! Along further to Cornwells Break Road and came across a stuck Suzuki on the track. The French guys we rescued the other day were helping to dig them out. Matthew & Victor are their names. They are both unit students, one in medicine and the other engeering. Suzuki gave up on the track and went back to the beach, we kept on and made sure the French guys got up. They were headed to Lake McKenzie ... read more
Lake McKenzie
Irish & English Backpackers we met
Goanna in tree

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 19th 2009

Drove into the back of Eurong and out to the beach. The entrance has a grid with electrified wires running over them and is a pedestrian gate to allow people to walk through, but keeps the dingoes out. A lot of campgrounds have these or gates which have to be closed to keep them dingo proof. The signs are everywhere to remind campers to clean up their campsites or be fined. They hand out recycling bags and there are dump sites for rubbish and recyclables (fenced off) at various sites around the island. We had another look for a beach campsite. The hardest trouble will be after setting up and driving off, is finding the camper again. As we all know the beach looks very much the same over a 75 mile stretch. Called in to ... read more
Champagne Pools Stairs
Champagne Pools - Piggyback time
Champagne Pools - Alex

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 18th 2009

Did the Southern Lakes scenic drive and stopped to look at Lake Birrabeen and Boomanjin. A Nissan had pulled to the side of the track to let someone past and slid off into the scrub. A 4WD hire car, full of backpackers had stopped to try to assist him when we turned up. Not having much luck. Rod said we could winch him out if they couldn’t “snatch” him out. They kept on trying and Rod stood back and watched. Finally I got him talking and he said there were too many cooks for him to interfere. I explained to the French tourists that were stuck to manouvere their car at right angles to the track and to try and to have a go at getting up themselves. When I explained why (translating from Rod’s murmurs), ... read more
2nd Vehicle breakdown at Dilli Village bridge
Keep Right Sign !!
Our first view  of Eastern Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 17th 2009

Tried to do the walk at Water Creek Park before leaving, but we were mobbed by mozzies going from the carpark across the grass, so gave up. Looked around Yeppoon on the way out to Rockhampton and drove down and into Gladstone. Not much to see in Gladstone, except the coal loading facilities at the wharf and the alumina smelters. Drove out to Agnes Waters and the Town of 1770 - very nice views with a caravan park right on the beach at 1770. Continued on to Deepwater National Park, it is right on the ocean. One camp (Wreck Rock) had toilets, but a long way off the beach. Had to book by phone or online before camping, so we drove out towards Bundaberg and camped at Sharon Nature Park at the side of the Gin ... read more
Middle Rock Beach (Deepwater NP)
Deepwater Creek
Mystery Craters - South Kolan

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton August 14th 2009

Rod and the kids had a swim in the heated pool at Proserpine, right next to the caravan park, while I uploaded the travelblogs and recharged the computer at the camp kitchen. Drove out to Dingo Beach, a little secluded beach town with its own stinger net for swimming in the summer. On the way to Airlie Beach, we drove through Cannonvale, well it is positively huge compared to Proserpine. It has 2 shopping complexes and it’s own industrial area, as well as a beach. At Airlie Beach we found a park for the car and camper (no easy feat) and wandered around the shops. Kate & I got a headband each, Kate a vase and Alex his hatpin. Down towards Mackay and turned off at Marian, through Finch Hatton (a cute little town) to Eungella. ... read more
Eungella Dam - Alex going for a swim
Eungella Dam - Rod relaxing
Eungella Dam - Reflections

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