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10th August 2009

Ant Mound people
Go for it Shelley :)
10th August 2009

Flying birdman calling Noel
Rod said you had better look out, or we might catch you - just as I was reading your second comment about the flying birdman. Rod says "Do you travel slower as you get older???"
25th July 2009

hi from the Nielsen family
Hi Everyone, sorry we havent emailed earlier , but we have been enjoying following your trip and the kids love the photos esp. the lizard and Eleanor loved Katie's hair and now wants hers plaited like that!!!! Well its freezing cold down here, Jill, Nathaniel finally fits into Alex's home knitted jumpers and that they are keeping him lovely and warm and as cute as a button, he turns 3 next Tuesday , amazing how fast the time flies, Thomas is crawling now and Eleanor is keeping us all in line!!! Bye for now keep safe and have a wonderfull time. P.S Mike delivered the possum boxs a few weeks ago. Lots of love the Nielsens.
26th June 2009

We've slowed down now!!!
Pinched a tyre on the way out of Birdsville. Having to stay at Longreach for 4 to 5 days. Gasp.

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