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Flying into Darwin we noticed it’s a lot greener and thankfully hotter. As we were walking through the airport to claim our luggage there were cameras everywhere. I started wondering how they knew we were arriving today .... then the cameramen started to get excited as we were walking towards them but they weren’t looking at us, the bloody Parramatta Eels football team were behind us ... 🙄 After getting our bags we hopped into a taxi so we could pick up our traveling home for the next week ... a Maui 2 berth Camper. I was a little shocked by the size of the camper and worried it would be to hard to drive. After a lesson on all the vans features I was let loose on the roads. We started easy and headed for ... read more

Days 20 and 21 - Tennant Creek to Home The final days are here. We have travelled over 8,000kms. Seen more crocodiles than we have ever seen in our life time, swum in natural pools found only in postcards, fished and caught Barramundi in a sea of crocs and spent all of this time with our family. Wow what a time away. Katherine, Darwin and Kakadu thank you for taking the time to welcome our little family. We enjoyed every single minute and did not want to leave such a majestic part of the world. Until next time.... read more

Day 18 - Jabiru last full day Today we had booked to go on a morning cruise on the East Alligator River. Now this was about 40mins away from our camp and was very close to Cahill’s crossing. We left early enough to allow us to find the place, have a cup of coffee and also cross Cahill’s crossing and still have time to spare. Paul reckons if we had of been any earlier we would catch yesterday’s tour. Anyhow they don’t appreciate my organisational skills. That is my story. The tour nearly didn’t start off at all. The tour is run by the Local Aboriginal council and the aboriginals had two deaths in the last week. This means they need to attend all of the sorry time rituals irrespective of whether they have jobs or ... read more
3 or 4 crocs on the river bank.
A view looking down a small section of the East Alligator river.
 A view from Arnhem land

Day 17 - Jabiru Today was a mixed day. A few activities to explain. Firstly my sister and I were booked on a Scenic Flight over parts of Kakadu. Now I like to have control on how I die and getting into a 6 seater plane, hitting my head on the way in and doing a contortion act to get into the back seat was a little unnerving, particularly given this plane looked like it was born before me. Anyhow there was no returning from my little buckled seat. There were four passengers on the flight. My wife and the others were at the fence ready to wave us off. The problem is I noticed Paul standing on the fence doing the sign of the cross repeatedly. OMG does he make one feel really good (not). ... read more
Inside the cockpit
The town of Kakadu
The Ranger Uranium mine

Day 16 - Jabiru Today we decided we would take a trip to Jim Jim Falls. Now we were told by the caravan park receptionist and by the visitor centre staff that the road into Jim Jim Falls was corrugated and that the 50km Trip would be slow. Well they didn’t tell us everything did they. Firstly the road was graded for half the way, the first half, the rest of the way was heavily corrugated. They were so bad they shake your eyeballs out of their sockets. Going slow was worst so we travelled at an average of about 80km going in. I found that going back it was much smoother if I drove at 100km to 110km remembering this was loose gravel. Let me just say my car lived up to its reputation of ... read more
Jim Jim upper pool
The Noodle man
Jim Jim Falls

Day 14 - Darwin to Jabiru. / Kakadu TrIp This morning was our last morning in Darwin. We have seen a lot of Darwin and probably could have seen more but I am confident we have seen all of the major attractions to be seen. We left Darwin mid morning, had our mandatory coffee and cream bun at the local Bakers Delight and headed off for our 220km journey. This is a short trip compared to other drives so we stopped at the local aboriginal art centre on the way and took some photos at the Welcome Kakadu sign. We now have proof that we have been here. We arrived in our camping spot at lunchtime dropped off the campers at the camping site and headed to Jabiru which is the main town in the middle ... read more

We started with an early morning drive before sunrise to get to a large wetland called Yellow Waters for a sunrise boat cruise. My aunt wasn’t very keen on the drive because she doesn’t want to drive at night, but this had already been planning and booked in advance. I wasn’t complaining though, it gave me a good chance to look for some nocturnal things and there were quite a few Agile Wallabies by the side of the road, one in the middle of the road, as well as a Northern Brown Bandicoot by the side of the road. The cruise at Yellow Waters is quite well known and one of the must-do things for tourists generally at Kakadu. It is also a good opportunity to get great views of wetland birds, mostly common species, but ... read more
Nankeen Night-heron
Plumed Whistling Ducks

We started a little bit later than I would have done on my own, having breakfast etc. in the room before heading out, but obviously I would never make it anywhere without a car anyway! We headed to a site in the North with a long a difficult to spell aboriginal name, though that doesn’t narrow it down much. Once you’ve got your head around the spelling they’re easy to pronounce though (Bardedjilidji). The rocks and scenery there really are amazing with the fantastic escarpment landscape and I managed to get a couple of the Kakadu speciality birds including the Sandstone Shrike Thrush. On the drive in though (just on the small road up to the car park) was the most amazing sighting of the morning: a Dingo right by the road! It didn’t recognise the ... read more
Rainbow Bee-eaters and Escarpment

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As I stepped off the plane in Darwin, the instant gush of hot breeze hit my face and the sound of the crickets in the palm trees filled the air. I knew I had arrived in a tropical paradise! We picked up our SUV and headed out from Darwin passing suburbs called Coconut Grove and Humpty Doo on the way. I found this rather amusing - can you imagine writing either of those down as your address!We drove the 286km journey east along the Arnhem Highway, the straight road was lined either side with rust coloured rubble, the colour I had imagined would depict the northern territory! There were lush green mango trees as far as the eye ... read more

At first we thought we were only going to do one of Kakadu National Park or Litchfield. We then realized it would indeed be very unlikely that we would visit Darwin ever again, so we booked both. Today is Kakadu. It’s a 4-hour ride through some pretty desolate and dangerous country, so we decided we should not drive and take a tour bus. AAT Kings are a big and very good outfit so we booked with them. While Darwin has some very nice shoreline and beaches, swimming is prohibited because of the large number of salties and the presence of box jelly fish, both deadly. OK, no problem there! On the way to Kakadu we drive through wetland areas that will be several meters under water in 2-3 weeks once The Wet gets going full bore, ... read more
Jesus Bird
The Yellow Water River

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