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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama March 4th 2016

Well, well, well. We have been "not so patiently" waiting a long time to announce that we have once again given up our secure full time jobs and are well and truly ready to hit the road again. It has been a long time coming but as much as we love Darwin and will definitely miss it we do have itchy feet again and more than ready to commence exploring once more. Our plans that have taken shape so far are: 01/05/16 Darwin to Bangkok 02/05/16 Dubai for 2 nights 04/05/16 Italy for 8 nights 13/05/16 London for 4 nights 17/05/16 Motorhome swap for 8 weeks exploring the South of England 13/07/16 Manchester for 6 nights 19/07/16 Bangkok for 3 nights 22/07/16 Darwin for 7 days before heading for Perth via Brisbane! 29/07/16 Darwin to Perth ... read more
Darwin sunset
Huge scrub fire directly behind our park
Fire continued to burn during the night

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama July 12th 2015

Amazing, it is six months since my last blog and hard to believe that it has taken me so long to, once more, put words to type. Working full time again certainly makes time fly by exceptionally fast but I think maybe it helps that I am still enjoying my job as assistant manager at the book store. The job as manager did arise but I turned it down as I am happy to just cruise these days and leave the responsibility to someone else. Pete has been working in Darwin and also WA as a fly in fly out sheetmetal fabricator and cryogenic insulator (ability to work on hot and cold pipes) and is currently back working in Darwin at the Gas Plant here and still making ridiculously high wages so we are certainly not ... read more
Adelaide River War Memorial cemetry
Litchfield Park termite mound
Hotel bar - Towel art

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama December 19th 2014

This will be my last blog for 2014 and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone and how much Pete and I have packed into it. What with living in Perth and then leaving to cross the Nullabor and then up the centre to Darwin and now living and working in Darwin, with Pete being offered full time work at the gas plant, it has been all go but we wouldn’t have it any other way, (apart from maybe if we had won Lotto and then we would definitely not be working)! Anyway Darwin is now truly into the build up time of the year with the humidity high and with everyone looking forward to more rain falling to cool things down. I love working in the air conditioning at the shopping centre and ... read more
Magpie geese eating Weetbix
Magpie geese in palm trees in park!

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama June 15th 2014

After setting off from Alice with trustworthy tyres we continued blissfully to Darwin in a much more relaxed mood, even stopping at Mataranka for an amazing soak in the natural springs there where the gentle current enables you to swim downstream before emerging at a bridge further down. If you can avoid looking up at the incredibly enormous spiders, dangling in their webs from the overhanging trees above, then it is amazing but if like me and you look out for each and every spider then it is with incredible relief that you arrive at the destination without screaming in terror. What a wuss I am! We really enjoyed our second trip up the centre just as much as the first time as we stopped at different camp sites on the way up. We had a ... read more
Edith Falls
Cute parrot!
Jumping crocodile

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama July 7th 2013

We are now truly settled in Darwin and just loving the lifestyle and fantastic weather. Pete and I were very fortunate to be offered the first jobs that we applied for so Pete is working at the local supermarket as a shelf filler and I am a sales consultant for Travelex at Darwin Int'l Airport. It is wonderful to receive payslips after so long and see our bank account climb upwards instead of always dipping downwards! We are in with a great bunch of fellow permanent dry season campers and share a laugh with them most nights during our happy hours! We are both biking to work and feeling fitter because of it. Darwin is very flat so it is not difficult to bike anywhere and have even biked to the city which took an hour ... read more
Darwin water front wave pool
Remains of the old Darwin Town Hall after Cyclone Tracy in 1974
Our humble abode in Darwin with ensuite facilities.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama August 29th 2009

Hi all, what a long trip! 13 hours flight plus 5 hours in airport plus 5 hours on arrive in Darwin at find the hostel wouldn't let me in before 1pm! So I spent some time wandering around very hot and unshowered, went for breakfast with some Dutch girls, I'm sure they have melted salt instead of butter on toast, not so good! Anyway, Darwin city is pretty cool! I'm about 10 mins walk from the "heart" and 15 the other way from the beach...which I've been informed has a no-go ocean due to box jellifish and crocs! Hmmm! Its ok tho, my hostel has a pool. Already reunited with my favourite biscuity friends- chewy caramel tim tams :) It's very hot and I rather stupidly went to sleep for a few now ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama August 23rd 2009

As August was coming to an end, things were getting even busier. John had taken the Monday off as a Rec day, but when Tuesday came along he was too sick to come in to work. Turned out he had caught a pretty bad bug, and wasn’t able to come in the rest of the week! Hill and I must have had just gotten a bit of it too, because neither of us were at 100% the week after John’s birthday either. I worked the full week alone though. Any job needing two people, I scheduled for the following week. This was a bit different from earlier in the month (when John had taken a week’s holidays) because it wasn’t scheduled, so it was a bit more of a challenge. But I’m happy to say that ... read more
Sunset Markets - 1
Sunset Markets - 2

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama July 12th 2009

Hillary and I had been using the Northern Territory Reference Library quite a bit for the free wireless internet. Unfortunately’ one day issues arose with their hardware and it was taken away from the lower levels of the library (the quiet areas). This left only the main level which was crowded with other backpackers and therefore had a very slow and unreliable connection. So we stopped going. But the Darwin City Libraries had internet too (though no wireless), so we became temporary members. Talk about a good find! It never occurred to us at first, but this would be a great way to borrow movies and books to keep us busy here in Darwin too. Since we were travelers, we’d have to put down a deposit, but it was worth it for the convenience. Not only ... read more
Karama Library
Casuarina Library

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama June 22nd 2009

By the time late June rolled around, we were getting pretty comfortable living in Darwin (Karama to be exact). Hillary and I had gotten into a traditional work routine, and were saving as much as we could so that we could have just as much fun on the west coast as we had had on the east coast. I was lucky enough to have basically been guaranteed work at CDU for the few months I’d be in Darwin. This stemmed from a job where I was just being renewed every other week, so I was really happy with that. And Hillary decided to keep working with ITEC, even though she wasn’t always thrilled with the amount of work coming her way. One luxury we kept active was watching movies. Now that we were making money, we ... read more
Bug - 2
Moon - 2

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » Karama June 9th 2009

Hi, it’s Hillary! That’s right, I’m doing a blog entry! I thought I’d write a short entry on my work experiences here in Darwin. As Kevin mentioned in an earlier entry, I ultimately had no problem finding employment. Initially, after arriving in Darwin, my plan was to find a job outside of health care. You know, for a change of scenery. I quickly learned, however, that employers in the hospitality field will only hire people (especially travelers looking for short-term employment) with hospitality experience. Well, that counted me out! And so, with my only experience being health care, I quickly found a job at ITEC Health, an agency, as a Personal Care Assistant. I couldn’t work as an RN here in Australia because I do not have an Aussie nursing licence, but I thought working for ... read more

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