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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 21st 2015

Brooms head is the final destination on our return trip from Brisbane to Perth. As you will have read (?) in our last blog, Tom Tom tried to get us here by a secret entrance via the sugar cane fields, but we were having no part of that. I have been told that Brooms Head and the beach gained their name after a ship, the Eureka, sunk off the coast here in 1870. Apparently a broom from the ship washed up on the rocks. Do you believe that story? Love to hear your explanation! Locals just refer to the township as 'The Broom'. The head is not a major promontory, but the rocky reef and shore line make for interesting photography along with the ever changing varieties of birds that visit the shore line. We arrived ... read more
White Sea Eagle
Sunrise Brooms Head 3
My rock of gold

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 6th 2014

So our next stop was Yamba! We headed off early morning again and got there for afternoon and arrived to sunshine yay!!!! We stayed in a cute resort with little lodges, we shared with Kerry and Dave and opposite our room was a huge hot tub, so yup as you can imagine brad was first in with me not far behind! We made a little, well maybe not so little friend too...a huge lizard!! I had to check with owner if it was harmful but apparently not and was part of the resort, they fed it and it was more scared if us than us of it....not so sure of that but we went with it! Kerry, Dave, Margaret and Keith went for a walk when we got there and me and brad chilled at the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba July 18th 2012

Sunday 17th June 2012. Today we were off to Yamba which is a sea side town (about 150 km north of Coffs Harbor), the drive was easy but we were starting to notice the change in scenery and vegetation, especially so when we saw our first sugar cane plantation, we missed a turn off and made a wrong turn, I think Kevin (our GPS) had a big night the night before, well at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. It is a bit of a pain to try and turn around when your about 12 metres long, when we missed the turnoff I had drive down a side road and do three-point turn however it ended up being about a twenty point turn, with Mandy standing in the middle of the road guiding ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba May 5th 2012

On our way to Yamba, only about an hour’s drive from Grafton, we stopped in at Maclean. This town has a strong Scottish heritage which is apparent from the moment you arrive. The power poles are painted with all the different Scottish tartans, there is a Cairn with plaques displaying clans’ mottos, the street names are written in English as well as Gaelic and there is a Highland Gathering each Easter! Neither of us had expected to find such a place in Australia and I felt strange ‘rediscovering’ my own Scottish roots.Sadly the Maclean Historical Society, housed in a quaint 1879 stone cottage, was closed while we were there but we admired the view from the lookout and drove around the town checking out the tartans on the power poles. This part of NSW is the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba January 1st 2012

The trip continues and we are enjoying every moment. The north coast has so many great places to stay and fantastic food. We just spent a few days near Yamba. We found a lovely freshwater wetland in a tidal lagoon near the beach. It’s called Wooleweyah Lagoon. It was a perfect spot for fishing and we feasted on frogs, molluscs and insects. We took a day trip to Yamba and had some beer battered grasshoppers at the Bird Club on the hill over looking the beach. We are flying again today. We were heading for Lismore but it is too far for a day’s travel so we will stop in the canefields tonight. I am quite relieved about that as we have eaten a lot of frogs on this trip and it will be nice to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba April 22nd 2011

With the prospect of a five day holiday weekend this Easter. including Anzac Day we booked a pitch at the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park at Yamba on the coast, at the mouth of the River Clarence, in Northern New South Wales with our good friends Anne Marie and Mark. We set off early keen to avoid any traffic jams leaving Brisbane on the Pacific High Way and found ourselves enjoying breakfast at our favourite restaurant at Twisted Sistas in Byron. We love Byron and never tire of its shops and boutiques, book shops and galleries and always welcome an excuse to pay it a visit. We decided to take the coastal road down to Lennox Head and enjoy the different views along the way before joining the highway again and driving down to Ballina. The ... read more
Sunsets and silhouettes
Lennox Head

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba May 31st 2009

Yamba was a pretty cool little fishing town. In the morning we walked up the hill to check out the beaches and despite the foul weather there were a few people out for a surf. We left Yamba with no plans other than south. The Pacific Highway still resembled a lake so we headed inland towards Maclean. Maclean has a strong scottish heritage and still looks like a scottish country town. We wished we could have spent some time there but we were dead set on getting around the flood. We got on a road that was still technically closed (signs were still up) but we saw local traffic was travelling on it. We passed lots of flooded houses with piles of wrecked carpets and furniture out front. It was quite sad to see. We eventually ... read more
Dorrigo National Park
Dorrigo National Park
Dorrigo National Park

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba February 27th 2009

Our Greyhound bus on Friday left Coffs Harbour around 6am, which meant getting up much earlier to take a cab down to the bus stop. Very early day. But the bus ride was short, and we were in Yamba before we knew it. Yamba was a really nice little town. The YHA hostel there seemed really new, which was awesome! And it was located right on the main street, rather than out of town like some other towns we had visited. The other thing was that it was pretty quiet too. You feel a little bad when a nice place isn’t getting very much business, but on the flipside it’s awfully nice when everything is super clean because it’s not very busy. Lol When we checked in that morning, we went back to bed and napped ... read more
Bus Ride
Hostel - 2

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba October 15th 2008

Hello! Thought we were off air? Well, we had a spell for a month on the Gold Coast and now we are back on the road headed for home. Should arrive around mid November. We will be travelling around the coast with mainly four night stays. For the numerates, we have now done over 10,000 klm at 14 litres per hundred . Some #@!!*??!! has taken duco off the front and just driven off! I was paying for petrol at the time. Oh well ... it takes all types! TALLEBUDGERA (Palm Beach) Because we stayed in one area for so long, we didn't want to bore you with our every move. The drive down from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast on the 16th September was less than two hours. On the 17th we flew ... read more
Rhonda and entwined rock
Regent Bower bird

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba August 25th 2008

Er, HELLO?? Has nobody noticed my massive hair???? Yes, I had to embrace my curls as its hard enough getting a shower every day, there is no way that I could manage to straighten it! Anyway, I take great comfort in the fact that nobody knows me here. Just a brief note, as we've not really been up to much, as we ended up in the most boring place ever! On some old couple's recommendation (obviously, that Steve was talking to - they all love him!) we ened up in some strange place called Yamba, maybe it was because it was sunday, or maybe we missed the place of action, but we couldn't find anything and all the shops/restaurants were closed. So after fish and chips for tea (no other option) we had an early night ... read more

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