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The Royal National Park is the second oldest National Park in the world and was the first to have the title National Park. It was founded by Sir John Robertson on 26th April 1879. The park is 18 miles (29k) from Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District) and is 58 sq. miles. It was originally named National Park and wasn’t until 1955 that it became the Royal National Park when Queen Elizabeth II passed by in the train. In 2006 the park was added to the Australian National Heritage List. We only spent one night and day in the Park, but it was amazing. We arrived late so just parked in a carpark and spent the night there. The next day we got up early and started our hike. The first part of the hike was ... read more
Laurent about to jump
Our own private beach
Rock Pool

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Royal National Park October 26th 2015

Having arrived in Royal National Park and spent the previous night in Bonnie Vale campground on the outskirts of Bundeena, Monday 19thOctober saw Linda and I setting out on the famed 26km Coast Track along the shoreline of the national park. Generally done as an overnight trek, we had decided to tackle it as a day-hike, before taking the train to Cronulla and then a ferry back to Bundeena; but with the final ferry of the day leaving Cronulla at 6:30pm this meant that we would need to complete the trek and be at Otford train station by 4:52pm in order to make it back to the campground for the night. As we made our way through the backstreets of Bundeena under leaden skies and with light rain steadily falling, we couldn't help but question the ... read more
Rugged Coastline
Mirror Still

The sun was shining so we decided to take on a bush walk with Anthea, Dave and a couple of their friends. We met at Cronulla for breakfast – stocking up on fried breakfasts and coffee before embarking on our bush walk!! As Will had indulged in pancakes before even leaving the house and made us late he opted for healthier Eggs Benedict and an apple juice as he had a guilty conscious, although the apple juice resembled pond scum We caught the ferry from Gunnamatta Bay in Cronulla across to Bundeena Bay and Bundeena National Park, where Dave took charge as ‘Camp Dad’ and led the group into the National Park with his trusty guide We passed some beautiful scenery – isolated beaches, coastal cliffs with views across the Tasman Sea, views of the Sydney ... read more
Waves crashing against the coast
Inland paths
Angry ant!

After leaving Cronulla we headed off to the shops to kit out the van, now we are ready with torches and sheets and all the camping stuff we need. The Royal National Park is only about half an hour away but as we enter it seems like a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. The only thing that remindes me we are close to a city are the planes flying overhead every now and again. The hut is at a place called Garie Beach which when we arrive is iddlyic. There are only a few people around and so we follow the directions to the hut which seem to suggest a short walk over the beach and up some stairs into the forest. Half an hour later we are exhausted after carrying ... read more
Flaming palms beach
Figure of eight pool

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Royal National Park November 1st 2009

These are some of my pics from my first month in Australia. The pictures range from our first national park trip which was gorgeous but painful on the mind and body. I guess that's what happens when you don't eat for 36 hours and carrying a 70 pound pack up steep slopes. Some more of the pics are from other national parks and the city of Melbourne and Sydney. Hope you all enjoy!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Royal National Park September 6th 2009

We haven't been able to update since we've been so busy but we're forcing ourselves to relax tonight, so we'll catch up now :) Friday Ursula took us to the Royal National Park, which is the oldest national park in the world. We had the slowest breakfast EVER at this cute little cafe and then set off on our hike down a beautiful stretch of beach called Jibbon Beach which was pretty pristine and warm. Erin found a trowel and dug a little bit...Jessa took pics. The path led us around up into the woods and then out on some rocks that led down to the ocean. So beautiful and peaceful, we'll let the pictures do the talking. We started to go up this fire road to get back to the town and it ended up ... read more
Zipping off the was hot
Photo 3
Photo 4

From Kangaroo Valley we drove out via Macquarie Pass through Wollongong and northwards along the coast across the Sea Cliff Bridge. We stopped at Bald Hill in Stanwell Park, home of the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre. It had superb views but the wind was offshore so there were no gliders. We drove into Royal National Park and camped at Bonnie Vale camp ground in Bundeena. It was a lovely spot nestled on the shores of Simpsons Bay in Port Hacking, with great views towards Cronulla and the southern suburbs of Sydney. Despite the cold, Annelies and Thomas had great fun frolicking in the mud and shallows of Cabbage Tree Basin and Simpsons Bay. On Wednesday, we drove through Bundeena to Jibbon Beach (too cold to swim) and then walked part of the Coast Track to The ... read more
Sea Cliff Bridge
Marley Head
Bonnie Vale camp ground

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