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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes October 9th 2019

Setting moon and rising sun, blue sky above. It was to be an early start to what would be another big day of driving through the Riverina to NSW/Vic border at Tocumwal. Driving south along the Newell Highway the dramatic effects of the prevalent drought is really biting into the landscape. Months of low rainfall has seen the precious top soil of the dry dusty paddocks being blown on the hot westerly winds. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, meaning new methods of dry farming need to be implemented. Crop and stock selections more resistant to drought impact need to be considered. Emu and Kangaroos have withstood drought for millennia in this dry brown land, they could be farmed with the appropriate infrastructure. Native grasses such as Kangaroo grass can be harvested for ... read more
Sunrise at Parkes Rest Area
Entry to Forbes
Hungry Bovines on Hot Tarmac

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes March 27th 2019

After a good nights sleep we awoke under the watchful eye and protection of the ""Big Moonbi Chook", cruising into road life we were relaxed as we enjoyed our fruit and yoghurt breakfast in the early autumnal sun as we planned the charts for the days travel. We were up for a big day of road trip, first south to Tamworth, head west via the Warrumbungles along the western plains to Gilgandra, turn south, roll the dice and find out where we end up for the night. Travelling west along the plains it was evident the crippling effects the drought was having on the western foodbowl. Hungry underfed cattle and sheep, massive dust storms blowing precious topsoil to who knows where. The effects of a changing climate puts Dorothy Mackellars "A sunburnt country on steroids! Just ... read more
Breakfast Day 2, in Big Chook Park
Tamworths Golden Guitar on top of my car. !!
Western Plains Horizon

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes October 20th 2015

From Tamworth we drove to Dubbo and then on to West Wyalong, but on the way we stopped off near Parks to visit the Parks Radio Telescope. We had driven past on a few other occasions and seen the big dish in the distance but this time we decided that an actual visit was called for. We really had no expectations of what to expect; would we stop by a high security fence for a photo or would there be more? The sign said ‘visitor centre’ so that sounded promising. We left the caravan in a huge car-park and entered the landscaped grounds. Immediately we were diverted to educational science displays in the gardens. Of particular interest were two parabolic dishes located about 200 metres apart. The sign said they were whispering dishes so Joan trotted ... read more
Being a science fan Greg had to be in a photo with the telescope
Most farmers would be green with envy over these crops
This is the first parabolic dish that you faced and talked into.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes June 4th 2014

Got up early today and put on 2 loads of washing (they only have 2 machines) to do while I had breakfast and then hung it up. We then set off for the CSIRO’s Parkes Radio Telescope, otherwise known as “The Dish” after the movie made in 2000, in which it featured. (The movie told the slightly fictionalised story of Parkes telescope receiving pictures of the Apollo 11 first Moon landing. And no, they didn’t play cricket on the dish, although the actors did for the movie – using a tennis ball only). As we pulled up in the car park we were bombarded with a lot of chattering, which turned out to be coming from a squabbling group of Apostle Birds. There were also 3 White Winged Choughs with their easily identifiable red eyes. Signs ... read more
CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope
A Grey Butcherbird
A White-Winged Chough

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes September 30th 2012

30TH September 2012, Departed the Stein's house about 12 noon (a little later than planned). It was hard saying goodbye as we were having such a great time. Kylie baked me a scrumptious baked cheesecake for my upcoming birthday. Arrived at Parkes at 4pm, just in time before they closed at 5pm. "The Dish" was amazing to see. The girls had fun exploring the wonders of the satelite. Headed off to Dubbo to spend the night and visit the zoo the following day. Onroute to Dubbo, about half an hour into the trip Daniel says, "I think I lost a wheel!" "What do you mean you lost a wheel?" I said. Shortly after those words, we saw the tyre steadily rolling past us at 90 km, up a hill. Pulled over as safely as we could, ... read more
"The girls"
"The Dish" at Parkes
"The Dish"

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes January 14th 2012

Happy Birthday Elvis! I had always wanted to go to one of those zany festivals - so when I heard Parkes, NSW had the Elvis Festival, I had to check it out. I arrived in time for the parade on the second Saturday of January - and was treated to some wonderful sights and sounds. Elvises and Priscillas in all shapes and sizes, singing contests, an antique car show - and a buck's party full of Elvis impersonators. And a ride in the 1943 Jeep with Army Elvis and several of the Elvises from the buck's party. It made for a very fun Saturday! Enjoy the photos! And Follow that dream!... read more
Time warp
Young and Old
1943 Jeep Elvis

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes October 9th 2011

Blog Day 1068 Citizenship Countdown 32 Days We were ready to go, today was Friday 7th October the long weekend was here and we both had a week off ahead of us. The truck was packed, and the TVAN we had hired was down in the garage waiting to be hitched up and towed with us. We were heading up to Parkes for the 50th Anniversary of the Parkes Radio Telescope, (The Dish), regular readers will know that we have been to the dish before and it had become a bit of an icon for us, we have been looking forward to this particular weekend for ages and with Les and Sue Briggs’s, enthusiasm had put together an ACT 4 wheel drive club trip, to attend this special weekend. Our arrangement was to meet at the ... read more
Clem and Leslie Toser
Misty Morning
So Shy

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes October 8th 2011

A Night at the Opera We had our showers and made up the picnic bag of goodies to take for the evening’s entertainment (The Opera at The Dish). What we found most strange, and I suppose it comes from this ambulance chasing society is that, absolutely no alcohol was to be taken in, along with no umbrellas, no metal knives and forks, etc. Back home, when we used to go to Highclere Castle for the Battle Proms or Middle Wallop for Music in the Air, we always used to take a good bottle of bubbles and all the cutlery to eat our dinner, anyway, those were the rules and we had to abide by them. We all set off from Camp and travelled in together, we had been concerned about the weather for this evening after ... read more
The Town Cryer, Announcing the evening
The Orchestra
Listening to the Opera

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes January 23rd 2009

DAY 77 (Week 11) We left Dubbo this morning, and had the option to go to Dubbo jail and have a look around, then on to have our challenge match of mini golf. We decided to skip the jail as we do need to ensure that we work within the budget we have set ourselves, it is easy to get carried away, so instead headed straight out of town to the mini golf course that is sited on the same piece of land as Dubbo Observatory, the tourist brochure said both were open, Friday Saturday and Sunday every week. We were both psyched resorting to our usual tactics of abuse and intimidation, neither was going to show any weakness, neither was prepared to loose. We arrived at the mini golf course and it was closed! I ... read more
The Old Control Panel
The Dish
Engineering Excellence

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes January 10th 2009

I apologise for not updating this. Well, sort of. I have just been having too much fun and also dealing with the flu on Thursday. Thank goodness, for those pills that you have to show your license for at the chemist. It is just as well we did not get tickets to the crowning of Miss Priscilla as I spent 18 hours in bed on Thursday. This left poor Chad to wander around Peak Hill. Excitingly, the other club was open and offered, yet again, the stunning combination of Chinese/Australian cuisine. We are blessednwith an incredible culinary heritage in our country. Which reminds me, on Thursday I had a lamb roast at the Broadway Hotel (this is my favourite Parkes Pub). The simple addition of two pieces of butter white bread transported me back to my ... read more
A sky worth having
Everything is Normal in Parkes
The Parade

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