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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree June 18th 2023

Last night I forgot to record the sights that we saw during dinner last night in the Italian restaurant. Bernie was looking over my shoulder at a woman with eyelashes that he kept telling me looked like bannister brushes on her eyelids. I had to wait until we left, so as not to look conspicuous checking them out, but I have to agree with Bernie that her eyelashes were ridiculously HUGE! I, on the other hand, was looking over Bernie’s shoulder straight at a guy whose shirt had ridden up and trousers ridden down to reveal the band of his underwear and his bum crack! Some things you just cannot un-see, ha, ha, ha. This morning we went in search of the Big Golden Guitar despite the fact that we already photographed it when we drove ... read more
Central Hotel - Tamworth
Smokey Dawson and some random bloke
Barraba Silos

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree May 13th 2022

Following our hikes in the Warrumbungles, our muscles were aching and we looked forward to the hot artesian springs of Moree to recuperate. Gwydir Caravan Park did not disappoint, with five thermal pools ranging from 28 degrees through to 39 degrees celsius, all with reputed healing qualities. The bore feeding the pools taps into the Great Artesian Basin, and reaches down some 953 metres. The water contains many key minerals good for the body, including sodium carbonate, magnesium, sulphate, calcium, iron, alumina, silica ammonias and nitrates. Although it was raining a good deal of the time we stayed in Moree, it did not affect us as we were happy just to relax and soak in the thermal pools. Moree is surrounded by endless flat plains of rich back soils, which grows cotton, pecans and olives in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree November 16th 2017

October into November with changes in directions. We head across from Winton to Boulia 364 kilometres away, so we can go up to Mount Isa then across NT to west Australia. On the way is Middleton population 3. You can stay opposite the hotel for the night, Its an old Cobb & Co horse change stop , back when there were no cars. 1915. All thats left of small town is the hotel, we pull up but dod not stay , we go on to a rest stop in the middle of no where and it had flushing toilets , big surprise. Between Winton and Boulia was 9 horse change stations and the 364 kilometres back then would take 4 days . In 1895-1915 they carried mail and passengers. Off course we were alone all along ... read more
DSCN6085. road train JPG camp Georgina river  outside Camowea JPG
DSCN6248. Boulia to Mt Isa road JPG

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree August 3rd 2014

Last night was cold. We didn't know how cold until we got up this morning and discovered we had no water because the pipes (hose) were frozen. I thought it was prudent to bypass the shower to get dressed and into the warmth of the car as soon as possible. Frank checked the fridge (because we are obsessive about the fridge - see previous entries) when he got up and commented that it wasn't very cold. That might have been because it was 3 degrees in the fridge and -3.9 degree on the outside. We felt sorry for the people camping next to us in their tent. I hope they survived. The caravan park we stayed at was small and clean. We were both impressed with it until Frank came back from the toilets and asked ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree June 23rd 2014

We were picked up from outside the Showgrounds for our Cotton Tour, although the bus was rather late and I started worrying that he’d forgotten us. There were already 9 other people on the small bus and as we were the last, our guide, Scott, started to give us a run down on what the tour would entail. Unfortunately, all the cotton had been picked in the local area so we wouldn’t be able to see the harvesting, but he had organised for us to see the machine up close on one of the farms. We drove right into one of the huge fields and got out to see the denuded plants (well almost – they miss a lot of the lint!) and watch the machine that pulls the rest of the plant out of the ... read more
Cotton Fields Irrigation
The Cotton Harvester
Round Bales

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree June 22nd 2014

It was a cold night for me without the heater but the morning was sunny so we started warming up. After breakfast, we set off, through Collarenabri towards Moree. Again everything was very flat but as we got closer to Moree we started to see much more green in the bush and beside the road. Some of the fields had been planted with crops and some were obviously recently harvested cotton crops, with the white stubble still in visible. There was also water in some of the creeks. Just a few hundred kilometres can make a huge difference to the climate. A wallaby jumped out of the bush and hopped along beside us for a few metres. We were lucky he didn’t try to cross the road, as he’d intended. I think our large size changed ... read more
Quilt at Tourism Moree
Jellicoe Park, Moree
The Dining Room at the Victoria Hotel, Moree

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree October 19th 2011

Tuesday 18th October - the poor weather didn’t materialise overnight but, the advanced preparations Graham had done just in case, stood us in good stead. Without really trying we were ready to leave Goondiwindi soon after 8:30am. As we left ‘Gundy’ we felt a tinge of sadness as we were about to leave Queensland after meandering around the state for the last 2 ½ months. It’s a state with an incredible range of climates, flora and fauna and we have loved all of it. Our journey to Moree, our next destination, was only about 130 kilometers so we weren’t in any hurry. However, we had to allow for a change in the clocks as, unlike Queensland, New South Wales, just across the river from Goondiwindi, adopts a “daylight saving” strategy, a bit like our British Summer ... read more
As we approached Moree we came across dozens of huge farm machines on the road
Safely out of harms way this magpie lark's nest overhangs the lagoon
Beautiful turquoise parrot but we're not sure what variety it is as it doesn't seem to fit the description for a 'Turquoise Parrot'

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree September 24th 2011

For the last two months, I've been working in the outback. I've enjoyed it a lot. I was picked up from the bus station in Moree, which really isnt a bus station. It was more of a bus stop. I was picked up by the owner's wife named Roz, who was probably about 55 years of age. She took me to the store as I would only get to go to the store about every 10 days or so. We started driving to our destination and there was a GPS in the vehicle we were driving. After about half an hour, there were no roads on the GPS. I was like where are we going? She said it was a dot on the map. We were going there on dirt roads all the way. They ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree July 7th 2011

Day 5 Thursday 7th July 2011 Nyngan to Moree Today we travelled through the Macquarie Marshes and stopped at Willie Station, an eco tourism type facility (and a working station). Our drive from Willie Station included our first water crossing, about 50 metres long and 0.3 metres deep. We all came through without any problems! Not far beyond the crossing was a large viewing platform, looking across an area of the Macquarie Marshes where many birds came and went. Somewhere on the dirt road today we shed a wheel trim, which ultimately turned out to be not a bad thing (but more of that later). We arrived at our night’s stop, Moree, in time for Nigel to enjoy a dip in the thermal springs at the caravan park (but not me, I’m not a fan of ... read more
Macquarie Marshes
Macquarie Marshes
Macquarie Marshes

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree July 3rd 2010

Hi all Thanks for the emails received this week, we love getting news. We ended up having 2 more days at Lightening Ridge - one day it rained, and the next we drove out west to the Grawn and Glengarry opal mining area, and did some fossicking there. There are two huge piles of rocks (tailings) that individual claim holders use as a dumping area, when they sink their bores. We saw several old trucks come in and dump rocks there. The public can fossick these areas, and we found some more rocks with small amounts of opal. We left Lorne Station, up the "dry weather road" (after the rain it was still a bit sticky), and headed south east. We arrived at the freepark at Burren Junction Artesian Baths to find at least 25 other ... read more
Moree park
dress of the day here at Moree CP
opal mine claims at Glengarry

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