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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden February 19th 2014

Here is the latest on our travels. As you may have seen, there haven't been many updates for a week or two as we have been spending some time with friends and family. Last week we were in Hamlyn Terrace with friends and catching up on old times as we may not be back this way for a while. This week we have been at Camden / Blair Athol visiting our son Mark and his lovely family Mel, Tahlee and Kiara. It is great to catch up with them and just spend some time with our two grand daughters. What a bundle of joy they both are and growing up way too quick. See attached photo. It is also great to help Mark doing a bit of work around the house and get my dose of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden July 14th 2010

We had a few drinking sessions whilst in werombi, Craig having more than me. It was Emmas biurthday whilst we were there and we headed out for a meal and a drink in the "The Crown" pub. We ended up having lots to drink and dancing crazily on the dancefloor. Again craig more wildly than myself. Lucky for us we had the next day off and slept til midday when Shane knocked us up wanting Craig to go play golf. We completed many interesting jobs whilst here and until now i did not know that Craig did not like heights. so of course Shane had him on top of the stables taking guttering down and sorting out the drainage on the buildings. Sometimes i would glance at him and he would have a worried look on ... read more
Welding his fence
Me on Mullet
Craig on mullet

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden July 13th 2010

The weeks started to fly by and we worked our five days then had 2 days off. the first few days off we did not do much as we wanted to save our money but we window shopped at Penrith, Nerellan and cambletown and also baked lots of cakes and cookies. We learnt of "tightarse tuesdays" from the girls and we would go to the cinema for $10. Most nights we would cook in, Myself and Craig taking it in turns to cook and do the dishes. Towards the end of our time i do beleive io did most of the cooking and the girls did most of the dishes for Craig. Craigs philosophy was to leave the dirty dishes as long he could and hoipe they would clean themselves and he got away with that ... read more
me n Caz

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden October 5th 2009

Finally - we are here.... the end (nearly!*) of my first ever - and depending on more feedback - possibly the last blog too! We awake about 7.30am. The great thing about being out on a farm in a rural area is the tranquility - that is until the frogs start croaking, and the dogs jump in and out of the flap sending it crashing on the door and stirring us... never mind, just great to be out in such a lovely place with fine people. We arise and put down a quick breakfast - denying Geoff the chance to whip up some eggs and bacon opting for fruit toast. We take in the final photographs of the place that is looking particularly stunning today as guess what - the day we're off the sun is ... read more
Weather 1
Weather 2

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden January 4th 2009

Geo: -34.0546, 150.696... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Camden November 14th 2008

Soon andrew and i will be heading off to see some of south america. We will be wandering Peru and Brazil (hopefully with the aid of a donkey to carry our bags). We head off in twelve days and tomorrow i plan to start learning some spanish. The dirty australian dollar is lying drunk in the gutter today and so, as a result, we will have to make this trip with half the funding we originally envisaged. The flights have all been booked, brazilian visas wrangled and vaccinations injected. There has been some half hearted reserving of hostels including Loki in Cusco and Lu Cupula in Copacobana. Many new experiences await us and I hope we are linguistically and financially prepared. Hopefully we will be able to find whatever it is we are looking for out ... read more

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