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July 13th 2010
Published: September 1st 2010
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The weeks started to fly by and we worked our five days then had 2 days off. the first few days off we did not do much as we wanted to save our money but we window shopped at Penrith, Nerellan and cambletown and also baked lots of cakes and cookies. We learnt of "tightarse tuesdays" from the girls and we would go to the cinema for $10. Most nights we would cook in, Myself and Craig taking it in turns to cook and do the dishes. Towards the end of our time i do beleive io did most of the cooking and the girls did most of the dishes for Craig. Craigs philosophy was to leave the dirty dishes as long he could and hoipe they would clean themselves and he got away with that quite a few times much to my annoyance. Caz decided we needed a night out so we went to camden hotel for $5 pizza and pasta and then to Bar Enz for dessert. It was nice socialising with them outside of work and we got to meet Hinnerk and Penny as well as the hilarious shauno.

When we could be bothered to sightsee on our days off we went to the Blue Mountains to see the three sisters and walked to Echo point lookout. The weather was fab so we took the cable car down the mountain and walked the 1000fumur steps back to the top. After such a strenuous workout we treated our selve to a slice of chocolate mud cake and caramel cheesecake. The peices were so big we could not
finsh them, imagine that. Our next set of days off we drove to Bathurst to drive on Mount Panarama race circuit. Luckily Shane let us use his Huit and we had a mint time. Craig drove round 5 times alternating different directions. We spent a good few hours looking in the museum after and Craig took a million pictures of the bikes and cars. We nearly went ice skating but decided not to as it was full of teenages. Towards the end of our stay we decided to take a quick trip into the city to see a little bit of Sydney.
We had clear blue skies so we drove the white ute into Kings cross and got the train down to circular Key. It was a sunday and the place was busy busy with tourists, buskers and locals. We walked around to the Opera House and took photos of the Harbour Bridge (a bigger version of the Tyne Bridge). We had lunch and headed back to our flat which by this point i was calling home. Craig would also play golf with Shane on his days off and i would go shopping or chill out.

After 2 months of working we got the opportunity to experience our very first Horsey event. Nikki invited us to the Sydney International Eventing Centre (SIEC). They were not competing as this event was just dressage but we did get to see the top competitors in this field. It was a great night out and we really enjoyed ourselves. The dressage was good but we really wanted to get the cahnce to watch shane
and nikki and the girls in action. A few weeks last a three day event was being held at SIEC and we finished work early and caught shane and Emma competing in the dressage. Shane usually has a few horses in the same level so that night we got to see him compete on Mritz novalis and Jake. unfortunatly we didnt see the cross country or show jumping but we soon got our chance when we were ropped into working the Camden event by Shane. Craig was ginen a cool job of being a pole man, so when the show jumping was on he replaced any pole that ha been knocked down. I however got the job of supervising the bouncy castle. I know i like kids but not that much. Can i just say the dora the explora bouncy castle was occupied from the moment it was blown up til the guy came to take it away. I think i had the hardest job. That day we got to see the show jumping and cross country as well as shane coming 3rd on Jake.

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