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July 14th 2010
Published: August 3rd 2010
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We had a few drinking sessions whilst in werombi, Craig having more than me. It was Emmas biurthday whilst we were there and we headed out for a meal and a drink in the "The Crown" pub. We ended up having lots to drink and dancing crazily on the dancefloor. Again craig more wildly than myself. Lucky for us we had the next day off and slept til midday when Shane knocked us up wanting Craig to go play golf.

We completed many interesting jobs whilst here and until now i did not know that Craig did not like heights. so of course Shane had him on top of the stables taking guttering down and sorting out the drainage on the buildings. Sometimes i would glance at him and he would have a worried look on his face and i would have to hold the ladder for him to get down. Craig has now developed his welding skills, mentored by Shane. He has built a fence and a gate that is the straightest on the property. We have designed and painted show jump poles, which look very professional if i do say so myself. Craig also broke a sledgehammer whilst smashing the poles for the fence, he thought it was sheer strength but i know it was the dodgy hammer head.

One of craigs most memorable moments was when he was cutting down a Tree which was located next to the areas power lines. Shane was pushing the tree and craig was directing him. Shane asked if he would miss the power lines if he pushed it a certain way and craig replied yes IF it falls that way if not then they are in trouble. Well, they decided to go ahead and of course the tree fell the wriong way and took out the power lines. As sparks flew craig ran out of the way and all power was lost on the property. The girls went running to the paddock to see what was happening and all the boys had to say was oops.

The most exciting thing i got to do whilst working was get onto Rachels horse mullet and she led me around on him. i have never been on a horse in my life so iwas very nervous. Craig was full of confidence as usual and he was so comfortable on him. I went first and was on for only 10 mins but craig was on longer. Rachel walked around the track with craig and mullet and he was very good.

Many Australians do not need an excuse to have a bbq and a drink. Since we started working Shane had been building a bonfire in paddock 1 and the week before we left he decided to set it alite. Lee and Jamie (shane and nikkis friends) came round and made an awsome tea followed by plenty of drinks. The boys went down to the bottom paddock and started to lite the bonfire. Armed with gerry cans full of petrol and diesle shane climbed on the burning bonfire and helped the bonfire along. After it was fully on fire Shane then proceeded to move it about with his bobcat. We were slightly worried as the bobcat was low on fuel and we had visions of it stopping whilst in the fire, luckily it didnt.

On our last day everyone got in their glad rags and we headed into the city for a good bye tea at Lee and Jamies restaurant "Fratelli Fresh". The food was great and the dessert even better. We got to meet Shanes brother and say our goodbyes to everyone. Rachel drew the short straw and had to drop us off at the hotel near the airport. We had booked the formular 1 hotel for $65 and it was pretty good for a quick stopover before our flight the next day. So we waved Rache and Laure off and looked forward to the next travelling adventure.

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