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October 5th 2009
Published: October 7th 2009
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Geoff & JeansGeoff & JeansGeoff & Jeans

House from one side... lovely weather
Finally - we are here.... the end (nearly!*) of my first ever - and depending on more feedback - possibly the last blog too!

We awake about 7.30am. The great thing about being out on a farm in a rural area is the tranquility - that is until the frogs start croaking, and the dogs jump in and out of the flap sending it crashing on the door and stirring us... never mind, just great to be out in such a lovely place with fine people.

We arise and put down a quick breakfast - denying Geoff the chance to whip up some eggs and bacon opting for fruit toast. We take in the final photographs of the place that is looking particularly stunning today as guess what - the day we're off the sun is BEAMING down. Never mind, I'll just have to work on maintaining my suntan at home somewhere!

We head out at back of 9 for basically a big looping drive that will take in the country, the coast and back to the airport. We start the drive and stop first at Balgenny Farm - the home of Australian agriculture. Here, we view the buildings and read about some history of this younger nation and in particular, the Macarthur family whose legacy is here. This quick tour included a couple of short DVD's which we watched and had a quick cup of tea & coffee whilst doing so. We head outside and whilst the girls spend in the shop - Geoff in particular was marched to the car for more money so Jean could stock up!

Geoff and I eventually prize them out - on the way past we see the peacock but it refuses to play ball and show us its wonderful tail in full bloom. From here, we snake through the countryside towards the coast. We eventually hit the coast at Sublime point. Sublime by name, Sublime by nature! The views down the coast towards Woollangong were amazing, the ocean gently stroking the beaches compared to the Great Ocean Road of the weekend.

We stop further up the coast to watch some paragliding - up on the hill, a cool breeze is evident and the spot is packed with about 4 hangliders and as many if not more paragliders - no jobs for them????

We head on up to the airport, winding in past Paul & Lisa's house in Como, and past where Jean spent time growing up. Eventually we arrive at the airport where I'm doing this. We're sat in the lounge after exhuasting the buffett - myself taking a record 4 side plates.... well if its free.

Thats all for now - I'll come back to correct the spelling and errors from London - 24 hours in steel tube - good job we got exit row seats. Thanks again to all for hosting and following us....

*One more date from London potentially

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Claire & Jean

Geoff & Jean

Outlook from Sublime Point
Coast IIICoast III
Coast III

Claire & Jean at sublime point
Coast IVCoast IV
Coast IV

Paraglider swoops over the ocean
ancient churchancient church
ancient church

An old church - but I've forgot where - oops

One of the dogs - Tia.

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