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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 12th 2015

Hey Bloggers, Our plan today was to ride to the famous Byron lighthouse, bikes were free to hire in our hostel and you only had to put down a $20 dollar deposit. (Good deal) We started off and soon found out the bikes only had one gear so we knew the hills were going to be hard work!!! The ride there was really nice, Byron really is very scenic and a beautiful!! It took us about 20-25 mins to ride to the stop off point before having to lock up the bikes and walk the rest. We walked up a hill and then down into Wategos beach, there was a surf competition going on for the OAP’s, this was fun to watch but they made our surfing skills look poor. We walked about 2km more up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 11th 2015

Hey Everyone, We woke up at 8am, for a hostel pickup at 9am from the surf company we had booked to take us to the beach. The surf lesson was free, part of the compensation we received as well as three free nights in Byron from the Fraser Island tour that was a major disappointment. But after getting $170 of compensation back we weren’t so bitter. The surf company was called ‘Style Surf Byron Bay’, we would recommend as we had a really good morning. Although when it says 3.5 hours surf lesson this included half an hour each side for pick-up and drop offs, an hour messing around on the sand practicing ‘banana stand ups’ and then finally just over an hour in the water. It was great though as we were both catching the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 10th 2015

Hello People, We woke up early so we could have a swim before packing up our stuff up and getting our bus to Byron. We loved Surfers Paradise however we could not wait to get to Byron; it’s the only place in Australia that nobody has had a bad word to say about. We had a quick breakfast of yogurt and fruit, had our last swim then caught the 705 bus right outside the unit to the main transit center (its what they call the bus depot in Oz). It was only a 5 min journey but we were starving when we got there so grabbed a subway for $5 (Bargain), the bus station was located on beach road, and easy to find, we checked in and it wasn’t too long before the bus turned up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 2nd 2015

So we’ve bought the new van and we aren’t due to head off for another 2 months – best we take it on a road trip then. I did with my son Daniel, just the two of us and we had a great time. Byron Bay is as good as anywhere ……… so Byron it is. Dan and I have been there together twice, the first time in January 2002 and then a couple of years later. On the first occasion he was 17 but in Australia you need to be 18 to consume liquor on licensed premises, this meant he could not “party” with me at night. So after we had dined on a delicious evening meal and checked out just some of the abundant talented street buskers performing he retired to the motel while ... read more
Views from Cape Byron
Cape Byron lighthouse
Bandy Bandy snake - deceased

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 26th 2015

Yesterday was pretty much a day of relaxing. I had a look around the shops and then chilled at the beach for a while. I bumped into Vicky and Felicity in town so we got some lunch together and then I went back to the hostel. Felicity picked me up later that afternoon to go back to their campsite so we could go to the beach by there which was so much quieter than the main beach which was better. The sun had gone behind a load of clouds by now so we just let chatting for a while until it started to get a bit cold. Fliss had to drop me back to my hostel so she came to cheeky monkeys for dinner while she was in town because it was $5 for a meal. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 25th 2015

My first day in Byron Bay has been so good! I arrived last night about 9 after a 4 and a half hour coach journey which felt so short compared to the other trips I've done so far. When I got to the hostel I was showed to my room which is a little apartment that I share with 6 other people. At first I was worried that I'd booked the wrong thing and was going to pay a fortune but I found out later on that its only $1 more a night and we have a living room/kitchen area, a bathroom and a balcony- how cool! I went down to the outdoor common area for a bit and got talking to people so just sat chatting with them all evening because I didn't feel like ... read more
Vicky, me and felicity
Cheeky monkeys traffic light party
Felicity and I

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 16th 2015

19th January-So today we decided to chuck the gross mats out onto the veranda to air as they probably haven't been hoovered for about a year and then cleaned for a little bit before going out to pick up the rest of the horse poop. I did Duke's feet today to give Malou's back a break and she helped me...she doesn't have that much patience with me and I felt really stupid when she showed me how to make a horse pick up it's foot for you instead of you picking it up yourself. But I want to learn so I'll persevere. When Sam arrived this afternoon I don't think he could get away with not saying thank you as we got ALL the poo....I can tell he still finds it really hard to be nice ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 3rd 2015

Quick update! After 22 hours of time in the air we made it, well except for Scott's luggage (which is getting delivered today!). We flew Toronto - LA - Brisbane which was 19 hours of time in the air and 3 hours lay over in LA. We had an Amazing Race moment running through LAX as we had to change terminals. We ran one way then back again to make a shuttle to get to our gate. We made it with good time to spare :) The flights themselves were alright. We had some turbulence and were able to catch a couple ZZZ's along the way between viewing movies. We arrived safely in Brisbane with a warm welcome of hugs and smiles. We made the 2 hours drive south to Byron Bay to crash for a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay January 31st 2015

The most easterly point in Australia. Lighthouse and awesome views of Byron Bay, New South Wales. fabulous beaches. Busy place popular with backpackers from all over the world and a few old hippies! Had breakfast in Kingscliffe, a much more relaxed and chic small town with nice coffee shops and boutiques. Had amazing weather but it broke on the way north and we had another torrential downpour. Hopefully it will pass soon, unlike the storms last Saturday which resulted in flash floods. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay December 1st 2014

Last day in Brisbane was spent at the market on the pier and trying out reflexology. I bumped into a couple I met on the Whitsundays sailing trip while waiting for the bus, so spent some time chatting to them. General consensus was that Boomerang was brilliant and none of us had heard anything really positive about other boats. 5 hours later (a relatively short trip for here) I arrived in Byron Bay and checked in to Nomads hostel. Much better than the Brisbane one, although am in an 8 bed mixed sex dorm. I've changed states and time zones so am now in New South Wales, 11 hours ahead of UK. Byron is nice, fairly small with just a couple of main streets although busy with schoolies on their break. Nowhere near as much Christmas ... read more

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