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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay June 21st 2023

Before heading out for the day we wandered out the back gate of our motel and over to the beach on a cool, but sunny morning. Unfortunately we encountered a bit of garbage in the dunes behind the beach. It looked like someone had been camping there, but the campsite was abandoned and scattered about all over the place. The beach itself looked glorious and was popular with dog walkers and surfers alike. We watched the surfers for a while and then walked back to the motel. As we drove up into the hinterland Syri told us that we needed to turn right onto Possum Shoot Road. Yup, that‘s the name of the road BUT when Syri said it both of us thought that she was calling it Possum, another word that begins with S and ... read more
Byron Main Beach
View from Possum Shoot Road
Tracey in the Dragon Egg

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay June 20th 2023

Before heading for the coast we drove downtown to photograph some of Grafton’s heritage buildings – the Post Office (c.1877), the Court House (c.1877) and Sheriff’s Office (c.1862), the Commercial Bank of Sydney (c.1890s) and the Clock Tower (c.1909). Leaving Grafton behind us we drove over the Grafton Bridge and onto the Big River Road heading for Yamba. There were kookaburras galore at the start of our journey. We saw four in as many minutes just out of Grafton perched once again on the electricity lines. Before lunchtime we had spotted a total of eight kookaburras. It is great to see that they are thriving up here. We arrived in Yamba and found our way to the lighthouse. The Yamba Light/Clarence River Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on Pilot Hill in Wooli Park. There has ... read more
Commercial Bank of Sydney
Yamba Lighthouse
Clarence River Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay July 11th 2021

Travel is two thirds attitude and one third luck. It's our choice whether serendipity or disaster implodes to advantage or cruels. Two days to get there from home collected from Mullumbimby...we'd set up for 5 days of music and meeting the neighbours. A marshall walks up at 4pm, "There is one positive Covid case in Byron Bay. The government has pulled the pin. Bluesfest has been cancelled. You must pack up and be out by sunset." "You've gotta be kidding" buzzing around. Bluesfest cancelled due to Covid for the second year running. The Day the Music Died 'Yet Again'. Will this be the death of live music in Oz? If they had taken a risk and there was an outbreak...many fear it would have been. Many mobiles to ears...NO RECEPTION!!! 40,000 looking for alternative accommodation. ... read more
Yamba Oyster Co-op
Wild king tides...trees ripped out

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay November 4th 2020

I arrived in Byron Bay late on Monday afternoon and ran into the heavy traffic locals complain about. Thankfully, my B&B was on the edge of town, so I didn’t have to spend long stuck in traffic. After squeezing my car into a small parking space, I took my suitcase to my room and had a chat with the owners. A few people had warned me about restaurants in Byron Bay not allowing people from Sydney due to covid, so I asked them. They assured me it wasn’t an issue. In fact, he had just returned from Sydney and they were about to go out for Thai. I felt that wasn’t quite the same, as they are not residents of Sydney but I didn’t press it. I figured I would have to find out for myself. ... read more
Waiting for sunrise
Protestor Falls
Sunset attempt #1

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay July 5th 2019

From the first note he grabs me by the hair...twists me in his fingers and swings me around...taking me on a journey to the heart and soul of black America...falsetto to base vocals...drums stamping...keys sharpening then caressing...the crowd joining in singing...not because we know the words but 'cos he owns us. Fantastic Negrito is his name...his plaited mohawk in sync with his lead guitarist's a breathless chainsaw cutting the air. Lyrics flashing images like a newsreel cranking...a train rattling...up to the summit where the altiplano is crisp and clear...mind sharp...adoration skidding every which way. It has taken us 30 years to finally get here...always thought Bluesfest was too large...but now I know that the Dancing Duo are meant to be here. As Skip McDonald (Little Axe) says, "Sisters and brothers ride on...ride on...ride on." Yeh! ... read more
Papa Elliott
Mavis Staples
St Paul & the Broken Bones

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 21st 2018

Between the Blue Mountains and The Gold Coast is 570 miles (roughly 10h drIve) of basically just coast. This drive took us a week and we stopped in three different towns along the way. The first place we stopped was Newcastle. This area was discovered by accident when in 1797 John Shortland was sent to search for a number of convicts who had seized HMS Cumberland as she was sailing out of Sydney. The town became a big coal mining area. Newcastle gained a reputation as a "hellhole" as it was a place where the most dangerous convicts were sent to dig in the coal mines as harsh punishment for their crimes. When we first arrived in Newcastle we went straight to the beach and spent the afternoon reading, sunbathing and swimming. The next day ... read more
Laurent going for a swim
Happy Hour!!
Byron Bay beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 5th 2018

After yet another bus ride on the Greyhound, I arrived in Byron Bay. According to a website from a hostel I looked at, there are 3 types of people in Byron Bay: backpackers, surfers and hippies. And indeed, from the first day onwards I've spotted loads of people that meet this stereotype. Some people really look as if they just walked out of That '70s Show. I immediately met a nice Dutch girl in my dorm room, and at the BBQ that night I joined 2 Irish and 2 Swiss girls. We talked and played card games all evening and the next day we all went on the same kayaking tour (which promised that we would see dolphins, or we could go again for free). And they did not lie: we saw so many dolphins, so ... read more
Open mic night in Byron
Posing in our sexy kayak outfit
Kayaking was so much fun!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 28th 2018

To think we are almost done with our Contiki trip in Australia is crazy. That past two weeks have gone so fast and I think it has been catching up to me. We finally made it to Sydney. Our last city. The past 2 days we have been at Byron bay and surf camp near Coff Harbor. Byron Bay was my favorite city next to Brisbane. It is a very eclectic town with neat coffee shops and a beautiful beach. Once we got to town we headed up to the light house for a few of the town and to spot stingrays and turtles. Apparently during mating season you can see hundreds of whales traveling the ocean from the lighthouse. We spent our night at beach hotel listening to raggae music and hanging out. This town ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 3rd 2017

Today I am writing my blog from Byron Bay. But let me first write about the last couple of days in Coffs Harbour. So I spent the last 3 days in Coffs Harbour at some park right next to the beach. While driving up to Coffs Harbour the first thing I started seeing on signs was “The Big Banana” which in the wrong context is probably not a place I would normally go to, still I decided to take the turn and low and behold there was a huge banana just sitting in front of some cafe. I parked in the parking area to make some photos of this huge banana. While walking around it I noticed a little gift shop where they have everything banana related, from T-Shirts to Key Rings and even Banana Butter ... read more
Banana Car
Banana Trees
Radio Tower Art

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 3rd 2016

Saturday the 23rd of Januari we arrived at Byron bay around 1 in the afternoon. We checked in into our hostel, and I got a room with 3 other people from surfcamp: Roos, Stephanie and Dez. Actually I met Roos and Stephanie already in the first hostel back in Sydney, so it was pretty nice to be in the same room as them. We wanted to go surfing after we checked in but they told us not go out as the waves were to big for beginners. But as we just came of the 14 hour bus ride me and dez wanted to do something, so we rented mountainbikes and explored the area of Byron bay. The lady at the reception told us about an good bike tour, along a beautiful lake and some nice beaches ... read more

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