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December 25th 2006
Published: September 30th 2017
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Sunrise on our first morning aboard.
Geo: 24.7412, -84.7194

Though we slept in a little bit, I didn't have the greatest sleep. Off to the buffet breakfast - not the greatest selection (severely lacking in the fruit department - where's the pineapple and papaya?) and the food was pretty mediocre. The omelettes were decent but they used WAY too much oil. But the pastries are pretty good, I must say. Didn't try the croissants - they looked pretty bad to me, though Tam seemed to like them.

Carnival leaves a little basket of sample toiletries in the bathroom - including a variety of flavoured toothpaste. Have you ever had lemon curd? The lemon toothpaste tastes EXACTLY like it. I wanted to eat it on its own, but realized that only a savage would do that. So instead, I took it up to breakfast and spread it on my toast using my toothbrush. I received a lot of strange looks from everyone- what's the deal, people? Combining eating with oral hygiene - have you never seen someone multi-task before?

It was pretty windy out today - the weather wasn't that great. Tried going to the gym but it was pretty small and packed with people. I didn't want all

The wine tasting - coincidentally, the older of the hottie latina sisters was there with her father. After that chance encounter, I knew that it was meant to be ... fate wanted us to stalk those two sisters ....
those people seeing me struggle to bench press 35 lbs. One of these days, I'm going to be strong enough to actually put weights on to the bar!

Went to the purser's desk to check on the luggage - we waited for an hour and they didn't even give us any help. All they did was hand us the phone and dial the number for us. Thanks! But it could have been worse - the lady in front of us didn't have any electricity in her room since they boarded and it's pitch black in the inside cabins.

After a quick lunch (the lunch buffet is also forgettable, but the seafood station is decent) we went to a wine tasting.

Stalking update #1: 2:02:45 PM - Caught a glimpse of the older (but still younger than us!) of the hottie Latina sisters at the wine tasting. At least we know that she is over 21. Our day is complete. Those darn Spanish/Latina women ... why do they have to be so hot??? In Toledo, I found love at first sight. And here on the ship, Tam and I have found lust at first sight! Both with the hottie Latina sisters,

At the second of the Captain's cocktail parties. They hold two separate ones so that guests from each dinner seating can attend. Being the cheap, pathetic Asians that we are, we went to both parties to score some free booze.
and with each other!

We sat with a newlywed American couple from Baltimore and an East Indian brother and sister. Went to the Pilates class after but the class was full and we were turned away. Probably a good thing as we were both a little tipsy after the wine tasting.

Tam has run out of underwear. He'll have to go commando now. A nasty thought - I just lost my appetite. Up to the pool after discovering this nasty development. Not much happening there. Possibly because Tam was walking around commando-style.

Stalking update #2: 5:03:21 PM - Off to the Captain's cocktail for some free drinks. No sign of "The Family" (to keep things simple, the "hottie Latina sisters" will herein be referred to as "HLS" and their family simply as "The Family"😉. Had some freeze booze and stuffed our faces with appetizers. Life is good.

Stalking update #3: 6:58:03 PM - Off to the second of the Captain's cocktail parties (they hold one for each dinner seating). Walked through the greeting line a second time, but nobody suspected that us cheap Asians were once again taking advantage of the free booze. They didn't recognize us, probably because us Asians

The first of the towel animals that our cabin steward folded for us. I requested that he fold me two life-sized hottie latina sisters, but he declined.
all look the same. Tam took full advantage and was a little tipsy after. Sadly, once again there was no sighting of the HLS. We both shed a tear ....

Another disturbing development - have you ever heard how women living together will eventually find their menstrual cycles to be in sync? Well, apparently that's true of bathroom cycles and Asian guys on cruises. We seem to have to pee at exactly the same time. I bet that that's more than you needed to know, isn't it?

Dinner - chestnut veloute with duck. Not so good. "Jumbo" scallops - tiny, rubbery, and over-cooked, served with risotto and string beans. A sub-par meal. Dessert - yule log. Crap! We all ordered it, though we should have known better - we arrived early for dinner and there were plates piled high with leftover logs from the earlier dinner seating. I expected more for a Christmas dinner. Service has been disappointing, too - our waitress forgets things and confuses orders. Plus, the dining room never seems to be ready on time - people always have to wait outside for several minutes before being seated.

Back to the room to chill for a bit.

The show for that night - some dancers were dressed up as the Village People. Tam was inspired and hopped up onto the stage in his Avril Lavigne outfit.
Tam is as bad as John - he's out cold as soon as his head hits the pillow. I was in the bathroom for less than a minute, but when I walked out Tam was out cold on the bed.

Off to the show - there was a decent comedian. Off to the Gala buffet after - disappointing. Only three ice sculptures and a very small food selection. Maybe it's a new trend in cruising, but they used to have spectacular buffets.

The ship is dead again this evening (those blasted families!). Watched the adults-only comedy show at midnight. Very dirty, very raunchy, and therefore very good!


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