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Thankfully, the temperature cooled down significantly overnight and we were able to get a pretty good night’s sleep in that hot box. We were up and at it early and ready for food having skipped dinner the night before. On our way to breakfast, we saw the evidence of the elk that roam the valley. The evidence was in the lawn, on the sidewalks and nearly stuck to our shoes. Nearly. Breakfast in the US is both amazing and a total scam in equal measure. Amazing in the sense that you get so many choices. Today, Jon had trout benedict. How’s that for a different choice? The scam part is the cost of it. You can easily drop $30 plus on breakfast for two. And basically, you’ve ultimately had some coffee, toast and an egg cooked ... read more
Yellowstone Grand Canyon
View of Lower Falls from Inspiration Point
Just another kiddie disco day

Spent the whole day exploring Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful erupt twice while we were there (really fortunate because it happens every 90 minutes or so). We walked around many pathways to see other geysers and "pools" of boiling water. Really an incredible sight and amazing to think that magma 5 miles below the surface is causing it. We posed for a picture at the Old Faithful sign (a repeat of us from about 10 years ago when we last visited Yellowstone). As we looped around and headed south again it was just the right time to see the Bison moving toward the river. Wow, the first one was strolling down the side of the road and then many dozens more were either at the waters edge, swimming across the river, or lounging in the meadows ... read more
Old Faithful
One of the Pools
Mineral Bacteria from one of the Geyser Pools

7/9/13 - Woke up to a beautiful day, went to see Old Faithful and many other geysers and geothermal features. Old Faithful erupts on a pretty consistent schedule within like 10 minutes either way. I think it is like every 70 minutes. Did a lot of walking around geyser basin on the boardwalks. All the features were very interesting and brought home the realization that we were walking in the caldera of a volcano right under our feet. Had lunch at the small store right by Old Faithful Inn. All had burgers and they were really good. For supper Aleta fixed porkchops, turnip greens, rice and gravy, and a salad. Jack fried his cornbread cakes.... read more

Thursday's dawn was heralded by an alarm clock rather than the sun's warming rays and we had slept soundly, devoid of the sporadic re-situating that came with camping. Down at the Lake House restaurant we rallied empty plates for the breakfast buffet and took in the now-lit lakeside view that had their large, plentiful panes full up. The food was warm and generous, the early atmosphere sleepily subdued, and our server—the same from our evening visit—carried a kind smile. We enjoyed our ready-made and varied breakfast while discussing the possibilities along our southbound route. Afterward, we gathered our things from the hotel and I happily withdrew from its walls and halls, eager to return to the outdoors. The plan was to drive twenty-one miles to the southern entrance, stopping along the way to hike, see waterfalls, ... read more
Fishing Cone
Abyss Pool

The sign at the start of the walking trail told us to “Carry Bear Spray at all Times...” After 1 nights rest in Idaho Falls we were up at 6am ready for our drive through Yellowstone National Park. A continental breakfast and a coffee and we were raring to get the 3 hour drive to the entrance done so we could explore the world’s first National Park. We entered through the North West corner in Wyoming where the majority of the park is found although overall the park is spread over 3 states. This would be the second time using our annual National Park Pass. After reading that 3.4 million people visited the park in 2011 we knew we would be part of a big crowd and noticed this when the traffic stopped to watch 2 ... read more

This inn resembles of Scandinavian or Viking architecture. I was amazed by its massive structure. It didn't feel like this was a hotel. It was more like a historic site whom the Vikings built this here.... read more

Standing before the Old Faithful Geyser, I was amazed by the existence of its active volcanic activity underneath where I was standing. It could be any moment that these beautiful park can covered in volcanic ashes and magma. It reminded me of the end of the world scenario movies.... read more

I know it was a road trip, but really we didn't feel that excited about pseudomountains in the east. A gazillion acres of golden corn fields in the midwest, though can be quite attractive in the morning and late afternoon sun, just didn't have enough grip to draw us. Why bother taking pictures then, so we didn't. All you'll see in this entry is Yellowstone. Yes, there were a lot to see there and we didn't even have time to do some real hiking. The greatest extent of hiking we did was hiking down to lower Yellowstone Falls. Distance wasn't an issue, but boy! steepness was a whole different story. One third of the way down, the trail was made of metal staircase leading way down to the canyon. When I got jello legs and knees ... read more
Grand Teton, Jackson, WY
Grand Teton
Yellowstone River

As soon as I became a little conscious in the morning I felt the warmth of Oscar next to me and the covers were over my head. It was a cold night! The temp was 39 outside but a warm 52 inside, the gas heater had kicked on during the night to save us from freezing. Remember there is no electric at this campground so no electric heater, not even the computer works now, the battery is so low. After coffee and a walk we headed out for the geyser region and Old Faithful. It was an early start for us 8:40am. Remember when I said don’t visit the geysers on a cold day, all you see is steam. Well that is still true. The day was cloudy, cool and finally started raining. I stopped at ... read more
thermal features everywhere
blue pool
Fountain Paint Pot--bubbling mud

We left Drigg for another long day of travel which was broken up by visiting Teton and Yellowstone. Teton was an area of soaring mountain peaks, another truly beautiful lake (but nothing compared to Crater Lake) only spoilt by all the boats and yachts that were moored there. In a way it was a shame as this park seemed to be used just as a cut through to Yellowstone mainly, rather than being enjoyed in it’s own right. However as it led straight into Yellowstone Park I guess this is to be expected in a way. We were only visiting the West Yellowstone area today as the road we needed to take to our camp site led out from there, but it was the geyser area with Old Faithfull in it so we were quite excited ... read more
Teton Lake
Old Faithful

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