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We did not wake up early, rarely do on these trips, but, figured we’d make it to everything in the two days we had in the area. We started at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because it was close by and we wanted to see what was offered. The kids had to visit the animals right away and we signed the kids up for the Bear food hiding for 3:30 on Thursday. The wolf pups were out so we were all happy to see them. We drove on to Yellowstone. The kids mainly wanted to see Old Faithful so that is where we headed. On the way to Old Faithful there are plenty of areas of fumaroles, kids went wild seeing them. The wildflowers with the fumaroles in the background were so beautiful. We ... read more
2nd cub
Fumaroles in the background, wildflowers in the foreground
Old Faithful

Yellowstone is situated on an active volcano! Three major eruptions have occurred in the last 2.1 million years, the most recent only 650,000 years ago. Magma only 3-8 miles down provides the heat for the thermal features in Yellowstone. The Upper Geyser Basin, home of old faithful, is one of 3 large geyser basins along the Firehole River. We were there on a sunny day and we treated to eruptions from 3 other geysers in addition to Old Faithful. Along the many miles of boardwalk we passed numerous hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles (steam vents). At the north end of the park, the boiling water and steam travel to the surface through limestone, which dissolves to form a weak carbonic acid. When the hot water reaches the surface, calcium carbonate is deposited to form the ... read more
Mud pot
Morning Glory

Woke up early at 5:45 a.m. as my body clock hasn't caught up to the 2 hrs we've gained over past several days. 42degs with full sun. Plan was to meet at Old Trail Town at the edge of Cody and tour the museum before leaving for Yellowstone. The Ponderosa Campground where we stayed in Cody was a gem, with a helpful & friendly staff who told us all about Cody & things we could see. We unhooked the electric and Tom & I stopped on the way out of the campground to fill our water tanks before heading to the local gas station to fill up on propane in case we have to "hunker" down if the 6 to 10" snow alert comes to pass. We met up with Al & Sue at Old Trail ... read more
Carter Cabin built by 1st cattle ranche Wyoming Terr.

4 Jul 2016: Independence Day, Old Faithful, 100th anniversary of the National Park system. We find ourselves at the convergence of Americana today. We started out going the wrong way but soon realized our error and reversed direction. Jeanne has always been an excellent navigator and today she is using the park map with all the features identified. It's easy to tell you'Re going the wrong way when the lake that is supposed to be on your left is on your right. Since it's unlikely someone moved the lake, you are going the wrong way. First we reached the WesT Thumb Geyser Basin. This was a group of geysers connected by a series of boardwalks. It seemed a little too large a territory for Jeanne to travel so I made the rounds and returned with photos ... read more

Matt and I left our hotel this morning at 6:30 AM and began our journey to Yellowstone National Park with the Scenic Safaris tour group. There were nine other people in our group and our group leader's name was "Boone". He was very knowledgeable about the park and an excellent tour guide. We drove to the entrance of Yellowstone, had a great breakfast and picked up our snowmobiles at the Flagg Ranch at the southern entrance to the park. We entered the park around 9:30 AM and snowmobiled up to Old faithful geyser which was about 30 miles or two hours north. We stopped many times along the way to see beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous scenery. Old Faithful erupts daily at approximately 11:30 AM and we were able to witness this daily occurrence. After a quick ... read more

We had a little rain and hail for the last 6 miles last night but not half as bad as this we got today between 1 and 2 o'clock. We were cycling fromWest Thumb towards Lake and I was tolerating the light rain and hoping to ride it out when suddenly it worsened. No sooner had I got out my waterproof (laugh) jacket than the heavens opened and the hail came down the size of peas tomake the verge a carpet of white. This was in stark contrast to the morning when we set off in sunshine, though rather cool after buying sandwiches for lunch. We err soon faced with climbing up to the first ridge, ... read more
Cowboys not
Lewis River
Lewis Falls

Day 14 UPDATE: We tried Rocky Mountain oysters at the bar. (Aka deep fried bull testicles). Can cross that off the random foods list! Also, it just so happens that 80% of people in the state of Wyoming, whether living or visiting, drive a Subaru. Just an observation. Also, while we are recapping, that loud POP on day 1 of our trip turned out to be a beer in the cooler. The cooler was mostly empty except for a few warm beers so it rolled around a tad too much. Day 15- Woke up early again to get an early start on Yellowstone. We quickly packed up our site in the slight rain that had been on and off all night. We watch Old Faithful go off around 9am and spent the ... read more

Day 3 Woke to a beautiful sunny day in Jackson. Had breakfast at the local restaurant and then we’re on our way to Yellowstone – Yogi here we come! Stopped for gas and used up the rest of the Shell gas card - thanks credit union! Stopped for one last photo at the town square (at the Elk Horns) and then the Dollar Tree for another styrofoam ice chest and we were on our way! BTW – Evan is the driver! First you go through the Grand Teton National Park. I decided to ask about the Access Pass at the Ranger Station – since I didn’t get it in the mail from the Parks Service before we left – and the Ranger – seriously – no questions asked – after I showed him Tyler’s Disabled Permit ... read more

Two weeks in the Florida heat and humidity found us back in a plane headed north. Ron put together a 3 week fly/drive trip north and west. We flew to Indiana to see family and friends in Muncie, Bourbon, and Elkhart. Then, we drove west as far as Yellowstone National Park. Our big loop west included numerous stops along the way to see Americana, scenic parks, and wild animals. Best of all, when we returned to Indiana we didn't have to drive to Florida. Our flight was there to ferry us home. I have LOTS of photos, so I'll just let them tell the story. Since we returned it's been really rainy. We are totally ready for the beautiful October weather. Then, in November we're off to Tucson to see friends, hike, and hang out with ... read more
At Will's
Will and Ron on a tour of the farm
One of the many ponds

After a truly awful night of sleep, we dragged ourselves out of bed for some coffee and kicked off another day of sight seeing. Jon’s bites were bad and he was awfully uncomfortable. His elbow had swollen up and his skin was hot to the touch around two of the bites on his arm. I made two requests of him - 1) stop scratching! and 2) don’t tell your mother! We walked down to watch Old Faithful erupt again. This time we had a front row seat on the bleachers set up for viewing. We met a nice couple from Ohio traveling with their 10 year old grand daughter. What a nice thing to do together. Even better - this couple had been to Wales. Woop. Woop. The geyser erupted. People clapped... etc etc. But then, ... read more
Old Faithful
Blue Star Spring
The Grand Prismatic Spring

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