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After a very long drive and an overnight stay near Montana’s capital; Helena, we finally made it to Yellowstone and again although the journey was tiresome it was a beautiful one. We arrived at the Mammoth Springs entrance into Yellowstone and it was cool to see all the Elk sunbathing right next to the visitors centre! We had a brief look around Mammoth Springs and it was nice but to be honest we were both tired out so we headed straight to the campsite at Slough Creek. On the way in we stopped to see what several people were gawping at and were pleased to see a Bear; it was a bit in the distance but through the binoculars we could see him really clearly; this was amazing to see a bear in the wild WOW! ... read more
Taking a bath!!
Dim = Pyromaniac!
mmm corn...

Yellowstone Geysers Today I venture into the most popular and crowded part of Yellowstone, the geyser basins. In parts of it I felt like I was at a theme park, even more than yesterday (see ). Thankfully, even here there are areas that attract relatively few people. Everyone likes to see and talk about the big geysers. Veteran visitors prefer more obscure ones, simply because so fewer people see them. I spent my time wandering around finding what I could see. I saw quite a lot. Geyser watching is enhanced with background. Geysers come in two main types, cones and fo... read more
Grand Geyser
Vent and Turban

We did arrive in Yellowstone but not when we wanted, it was late in the evening and the park campgrounds were full. I should have guessed that the campgrounds would be full before leaving but I had no time to think about this trip so I was just hoping that our luck would hold out. We looked for a campground in West Yellowstone but everything was full so ended up driving back west to something a little further out where we snagged the last site. Looked like lots of people were in the same situation. It was Christabel’s turn to make dinner and she had chosen to make French toast and crumbled sausage. We’d found some fresh gluten free bread at Whole Foods so I was able to eat with everyone. By the time we’d parked ... read more
Traveling Bison
Mammoth Falls, Yellowstone

On our first full day in West Yellowstone, we drove into Yellowstone National Park and headed to Old Faithful. Stopped along the way to see the amazing sights. We stopped at Black Sand Geyser, saw some animals - not sure if it was a mule deer or a female moose. We also stopped at Midway Geyser Basin. That received its name because it's midway between the West Entrance and Old Faithful. While at Black Sand Geyser, there was a very big crow, I think it could be called a raven, and he was sitting right in the parking lot and Dean fell in love with this bird. He took about a minute worth of video of it while talking to the bird. We stopped at everything! I took so many photos that I filled up my ... read more
Mule Deer or Moose
The raven that Dean loved.
Dean & raven

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