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Follow me-Muse I bought my bike in Boise a week and a half before the beginning of my trip. I have to say; I have work in sales before, and it’s a dirty, manipulative form of art; it gets on my nerves. But bike guys, man, those guys only want your best and will call any other store for it. They are all just so nice and attentive; they want to know what your plan is, will probably get excited for you, will tell you their personal point of view based on personal experience and tell you what you should be looking for. The kind of salesman who doesn’t care about the sale, but about the customer and the use they’ll make of their buyings. If only the whole retail world was like this, about quality ... read more
Karl's back and Dave's leg at Lone Star Geyser
New boot laces at firelake drive
Right before the storm, grand canyon of Yellowstone

This morning it is raining/snowing, so it is a good time to upload some photos and do this update. Poor Jack has to crawl around under buildings today. The rain/snow should stop around noon I think. I was planning to drive into West Yellowstone today to pick up some things at the grocery. Not sure now that I will do that if the weather is not good. I may ask Megan if she would like to go. Her husband Jake works in maintenance, and she is home, in an rv, with 2 adorable small children and some cats. This young family from…Wisconsin maybe, has been full timing for a year or so. They don’t know where they will head after this season, but prefer somewhere warm! There are a lot of full timers here, mostly retired ... read more
Artists paintpots
Paint pots
Gibbon Falls

Yellowstone Day17. West Yellowstone to Lake Lodge. It was as well we went to the Running Bear Pancake House at 7am because people were pouring in to what is an excellent breakfast venue. The choice was good from the traditional egg, bacon, hash browns and toast to the delightful pancakes with boison or maple sauce. Great start for a day in the saddle. A half mile out of town and we were into Yellowstone Park again heading along the Madison River. This was a pleasant ride along fairly level terrain until we hit Madison Junction, where the climbing started and reached 8% at Gibbon Falls then varied up and down to over 2000 metres and to Norris Basin, where we had called two weeks ago. We seemed to be in better shape today, despite the hills, ... read more
Lake Lodge
Next year's transport

Day 5 Old Faithful is the name of the geyser at the location of our overnight stay. It gets its name from the fact that it shoots out hot water 100 feet into the air at regular intervals approximately 90 minutes apart. There are more spectacular ones but they erupt at random and are difficult to predict. After an early breakfast we dashed outside to see when it was going to erupt only to miss it by 30 minutes so we went around all the other smaller spectacular geysers and fumaroles close by until it erupted big style at 8.45 am. Just before it erupted a young bull Bison kept coming closer to us making us back up and move around the basin out of its way. After the big blow we could then get on ... read more
Rock colours
Blue Star Spring

Big full day today! Started out early with breakfast at the hotel again. Plan for the day was to head into the park straight to Norris Geyser Basin, then back track and check out the Canyon area. Picnic lunch somewhere. Stop at Fishing Bridge then out of the park again. Head back to Cody stopping at the Buffalo Bill Dam. Then time permitting a choice of things to do in Cody. 6pm reservations at Cody Cattle Company for dinner and song. Finally Cody Night Rodeo. Drove straight through to Artist Paint Pots & Norris Geyser Basin very cool to see bubbling mud and steam. Very stinky too from the sulfur. Next we checked out The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Spectacular! Saw the Upper and lower falls. It was ... read more
dave and falls
view above dam

Hi folks, Well, our rodeo in Dubois was ace. Proper rural, all the competitors were from local ranches and there was a range of races, catching coos and staying on coos, to savour. Also, lots of kiddy races with the highlight being about 200 kids under 8 chasing a poor calf around the arena and trying to grab a ribbon from his tail, quality banter, I'd have loved that as a kid!! The next day we headed up to Grand Teton national park. I've seen photos and been told that this was beautiful but the real thing was stunning. I'm pretty sure the most spectacular range of mountains I've ever seen - will let the photos show you, we've got about a million so hopefully we've picked some good highlights. It's prime summer season here so ... read more
The Teton mountains
Up close and personal with a grizzly
Big daddy moose getting a little too close for comfort

Sorry for the missed post, but we stayed at Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone last night and had no cell phone, no Internet, no connectivity of any kind. Totally unplugged. Really missed being able to post at night, too! The drive from Cody to Yellowstone National Park was filled with twists and turns through valleys and gorges lined with enormous mountains of varying composition, from rock and clay to evergreen forests. As we weaved our way through them, I couldn’t help seeing them as sleeping giants, completely oblivious and undisturbed by the temporary and pesky existence of humans. Despite only having one day here, Yellowstone completely lived up to its reputation. We began with Old Faithful, watching the geyser from the balcony of the Inn, which in itself was a sight to see. The towering lobby, ... read more
Four story chimney
Inn Lobby
Inn Balcony

Per usual, a brimming bladder and the exctiement of adventures-to-be extracted me from the warmth of my sleeping bag. And Tuesday morning was a nippy one. Odd calls from the lake—a bird, I suspected—punctuated the silence. Outside the tent I paused to mimic the call and commit it to memory, but it didn't hold until Canyon where I hoped to identify it. The forest floor crackled underfoot as I made my way to the bear bag: everything was intact and I spotted no signs of nocturnal mischievousness. I then veered left, took care of business, and paid a visit to eleven-acre Ribbon Lake where I stood shivering in the sedge meadow for some time. I scanned the forest edges with my binoculars; small frogs hopped toward a sea of lily pads hugging the lake's perimeter; a ... read more
Prelude to Silver Cord Cascade
Lower Falls
Mist of Lower Falls

Monday's dawn at 1A1 was chilly, albeit comfortable, and it was the warmest Yellowstone morning we would have. Night had come and gone from the valley without a peep from wind, water, or wildlife—unlike nights to come!—and left nothing but a light dew in its wake. Margaret isn't a morning person, yet she (thankfully) handled my eagerness well; I'm not always a go-getter in the morning, but the great outdoors generally fills me with vigor. A full bladder doesn't hurt either. We cooked up url= House's Scrambled Eggs (of which we both approved), gathered camp, and hiked back to the trailhead without incident or animal, save one distant bison. Monday's plan was ambitious, but we made it, and down to the wire at that. We continued west to Mamm... read more
Wading Killdeer
Devils Thumb and Palette Spring
Orange Spring Mound

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