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Published: September 11th 2014
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Day 5

Old Faithful is the name of the geyser at the location of our overnight stay. It gets its name from the fact that it shoots out hot water 100 feet into the air at regular intervals approximately 90 minutes apart. There are more spectacular ones but they erupt at random and are difficult to predict. After an early breakfast we dashed outside to see when it was going to erupt only to miss it by 30 minutes so we went around all the other smaller spectacular geysers and fumaroles close by until it erupted big style at 8.45 am. Just before it erupted a young bull Bison kept coming closer to us making us back up and move around the basin out of its way. After the big blow we could then get on our way cycling to Canyon Lodge 46 miles away, with much to see on the way. We had gone no further than 1/2 mile along a cycle path than we saw two Elks sat in between some trees not 20 yds away and willing to be photographed. Bill H will be envious. The geysers, mudpots and fumaroles are so numerous in this area that we were overwhelmed and took loads of photos all the way to Norris Geyser Basin. Many geysers squirted water in the air as expected whilst others just bubbled away waiting for us to turn out backs before exploding at unprecedented pressure and volume. The temperature was under 10 degrees today and at one point down to 6 so a lot of steam was present which often created clouds obscuring the vision. Norris Geyser Basin as very impressive with its many colours of rock due to growth of algae which thrives on such hot conditions. On leaving Norris we took a minor road by Virginia Cascade, which was quite an impressive waterfall. At this point it started spitting and we were prepared for the worst but luckily the rain stayed away. There was a long climb to over 2,500 metres before the descent to Canyon Lodge and a nice bed for the night. This is again a very popular place with several hundreds of people staying. Forecast cold and maybe snow tomorrow.

Dist 47 m. Ave. 11.2. Elev now 2418 Max Elev 2510. Temp 6-10 centigrade Ascent 748m

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Overflow from Geysers to river

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