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Salt Lake City (SLC) – Mormon Capital of the World Having said god bye to the RV we’re once again in Hostel-land. Camelot Inn & Hostel is in a good location to walk into Downtown, it’s reasonably priced but has a unique self - registration and checking out service which operates on their systems online which is confusing for many and rather impersonal. (Their notices promote this as the way top hotels do things; we’re not so sure). The room is really small and can just about hold our stuff but its probably a good discipline as we’ll be living out of a car and camping for the next few weeks. We now begin the next chapter of our ‘US Road Trip’. We make our way into town to explore the delights of SLC. We have ... read more
M in front of The Assembley Hall, The Mormon Temple Complex - SLC
Colter Bay Grand Teton
Blueberry Ice Cream - Garden City

Tuesday 6.17.14 Up to drive early, off to Yellowstone. It was cool to watch the scenery change and the Rockiest eat bigger and bigger. Drove the scenic byway 16, through big Horn Canyon which was stunning. Sadly a an empty road, as most travelers miss the scenery and sped past into Yellowstone on I90. Stopped at a small town for a bathroom/gas break. Big Horn National Forest was stunning. We also secured a cabin/tent for the night in Grand Teton. A wall tent, if you will; we hav no idea what to expect, but I am excited to be on a spring 'box spring' with 'mattress' off of the ground. Gorgeous scenery, we saw some curling horn sheep almost immediately upon entering the park. We ascending up into the snow capped peaks, and we amazed at ... read more

See "Great American Road Trip Part 2: The Redwoods to Boise" for the prequel to this story I wake up Friday morning with a throbbing hangover. I used to never get hangovers, but at this age no matter how much water I chug before bed I still get hangovers. And this isn't exactly the best day to have a hangover. I have almost 400 miles to go to reach my final destination for the day: Grant Teton National Park. But first I am taking a slight detour to a unique geological site in bumfuck, Idaho. Craters of the Moon National Monument is about 170 miles from Boise down Highway 20. I turn off I-84 in Mountain Home and I'm one of the loneliest roads in America. It's me and a few bikers and we are going ... read more

Hiking the Tetons Today began with ice on our windshield so it was a chilly start to our morning. This was our last day at Flagg Ranch, so we packed up and headed to the dining room for breakfast. And it was delicious. Their breakfast menu was so much better than their dinner menu. After checking out we headed south back to the Grand Tetons. We took it slow still searching for that moose, but he apparently already had his breakfast and was hiding deep in the forest. We stopped at Oxbow Bend which is very picturesque and famous for animals. We only saw a deer but the view of the majestic Tetons reflecting in the river was amazing - no animals needed to enjoy that spot. We traveled further around the park and stopped again ... read more

It was a short 61 mile drive from Yellowstone to Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons National Park. We had hoped to see some wildlife on the way, but there was absolutely nothing to see along the road. After we set up camp we headed out to explore the Tetons. It was overcast most of the day but the Teton Mountains were still beautiful. We stopped at several turnouts to take pictures before we reached Jenny Lake. It was a gorgeous lake and river that flowed from it. Next we headed down to Teton Village. This is a big ski resort in the winter. We took the tram to the top of the mountain where the temperature dropped 20 degrees. After checking out the top and having some hot beverages to warm up we headed back ... read more
Grand Teton Mountains 1
Grand Teton Mountains 2
Grand Teton Mountains 3

Touring the Tetons Wyoming trip day 2 We woke to rain this morning, but knew to not worry for the weather in Jackson, WY is always changing. We partook of the breakfast the hotel was so gracious to provide joining the entire tour group from the large bus who was apparently staying at our same hotel. It was crowded and the group was certainly not from the south for they lacked a bit of 'southern hospitality' or common decency - they were just rude. We checked out of the hotel and went back to the store for a little more shopping (still replenishing the essentials that were in the suitcase that did not make it on the plane). We also grabbed a sandwich for lunch later on. Then we were off to explore. We stopped in ... read more

After two days of general laziness, we are back on our A game and ready to check out the sites. First up, we drove out towards Moose, Wyoming to have breakfast at Dornan’s Chuckwagon. All outdoors. Picnic tables. Classic ranch style cooking facilities with a big open grill and fire pit. We were here specifically for the famed sourdough pancakes and what we were hoping would be a taste sensation. It wasn’t. They were pretty much like any other pancakes. With our bellies full, we head over to Jenny Lake. It was a beautiful clear, sunny, hot day and we were ready for a bit of a hike up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point for some fresh air and stunning vistas. That was until we were about half way up and both of us were ... read more
Jenny Lake
A Magic Moment

We decided to do some kayaking today on Jackson Lake. Had planned to go longer but after an hour the clouds moved in and the rain started. We were able to kayak across to an island where we went along the coastline looking at some great rocks and just relaxing. Felt some wave action from a few motor boats going past. Stopped for lunch at the Jackson Lake Lodge (our 3rd time this week) at their grill which is more like an old deli counter that snakes around an entire room. Good food. The clouds and rain passed and we went to the top of Signal Mountain where you get great views of the Tetons and Jackson Lake as well as the Snake River on the other side. Got back to our cabin just in time ... read more
A peaceful moment for Drew
Sean chillin on the lake
Mary Ann crossing the lake

It was sad saying goodbye to Yellowstone but we were 100% ready to be at the same place for a few nights in a row and looking forward to checking into the Jackson Lake Lodge. Three nights people! We’ve complained about roadside signage before, it’s true. But, the Rockefeller Parkway has given us hope for roadway signs everywhere. Imagine traveling along at 60 mph and seeing a row of signs every 100-200 yards or so... We saw wildlife from afar until we hit them with our car. Slow down! Quality. It was also amazing watching the landscape change. The biggest noticeable difference were the wildflowers. The Grand Teton National Park is so close and still so different to Yellowstone. It was amazing to experience the change and drive up ... read more
The Grand Tetons
Chillaxing on our veranda

It was cold this morning. So cold we had to turn on the heater to bring the RV up to a comfortable temperature. We all slept late for a change. Our typical morning has begun between 6:30 - 7:00. Today we languished in bed until 8:30 - a real treat for those of us who savor sleeping in late! After booking an evening lake cruise and perusing the gift shop for Grand Teton mementos, we moseyed down the road for yet another horseback riding adventure. Only we didn't realize when we set off that we'd be going back country, practically off-roading in our 30-foot vehicle for the last 5 miles of the trip! Billy kept lamenting that we were too noisy and bound to scare off any wildlife we might otherwise encounter. We arrived at the ... read more
Backdrop for horseback riding
Grand Tetons
Flowering meadows

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